Thankful Thursday: Summer Love

Thankful Thursday: Summer Love
August 26, 2021

As the summer draws to a close, we have the VetCor Family love to keep us warm.

Enjoy August’s VetCor family shout outs below:

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, NC, wants to recognize our great Clients and patients aka our Cozy Cat Family: "I would like to thank them all for being so patient with us in this Covid time. We were going to do a slow opening the first of August and we are holding off with the Delta Variant Surge. They have all been grateful for us sticking to the plan and making all of us safe. They understand if we close they are out as much as we are.  Hopefully we can get back to normal, whatever normal in the future will be.  But again thanks to our Cozy Cat Family."

Debbie Bigham from Northside Animal Hospital, Waco, TX, wants to recognize the entire staff at Northside: "We have been short staffed for awhile and everyone has done more than their fair share."

Sherry Thompson from County Line Animal Hospital, Ontario, NY, wants to recognize Michelle Walton: "Michelle is amazing. She comes to work every day cheerful and uplifting for all of us. She is dedicated and dependable. I know I can count on her. She often rearranges her own schedule to make it possible for her co-workers to take time off when they need to. She jumps in and does additional work when it's needed. She is super compassionate and always seems to say the right thing to make clients and co-workers feel better when they feel down. We are super lucky to have Michelle working here."

Kathleen Koprowicz from Highland Veterinary Clinic, Highland, MI, wants to recognize Dr. Kat Myer: "Thank you for going over and beyond. You are doing great sweety! We all care about you!!!!!"

Sharalyn Ezzo from Monhagen Veterinary Hospital, Middletown, NY, wants to recognize technician Jessica Rutkowski: "Jessica is a very important member of our team due to her hard work, dedication, and willingness to work extra hours whenever needed. She is always happy to create or take on projects that help aid the business with more client education and interaction along with tasks that help the crazy days run smoother for coworkers. She is on her way to becoming a licensed veterinary technician which she will one day excel in and we are very proud to have her on our team!"

Christina Spears from Park Animal Hospital, Denver, CO, wants to recognize Laura Mays, practice manager: "Laura works tirelessly for our practice running things behind the scenes, working on the floor as an exceptional technician, always able to still laugh and be gentle with a worried pet. Simply outstanding all of the time!"

Emilia Agrafojo from Linwood Animal Hospital, Lowell, MA, wants to recognize receptionist Amanda Messenger: "Amanda cohosted an amazing Celebration of Life party for a darling patient that had just had her all clear visit after going through chemotherapy at a local oncology center. Amanda brought homemade dog cookies for patients, and provided all the staff with their favorite beverages. She and the patient’s mom decorated the waiting room, and set up snacks. We all had a chance to smile and remember why we love this profession!"

Jennifer Weitzel from the OPS team wants to recognize Amy Klotz (HM), Dr. Balas (COS), and Sandy Douds (HM) from the Oberlin practice: "I am so proud of this leadership team! They rallied around each other and supported their team during a very challenging time. I am impressed with their strength and their willingness to view things from a positive perspective. I am thankful to be able to work with such kind and passionate people!"

Kayla from Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, MA, wants to recognize Lisa Adaes, Hospital Manager: "Lisa has been a great addition to our team. She is genuine and motivated to make our hospital the best it can be. She goes above and beyond for staff (celebrating birthdays and purchasing hand-picked gifts, planning team events, having rotating snack selections, helping out when they are short staffed, and more), and she stays incredibly organized and thorough for me, with a lot of attention to detail (with I REALLY appreciate)."

She also wants to recognize Associate Veterinarian Erin O'Rear: "In essentially one day, one of our doctors went on maternity leave earlier than anticipated, another was on vacation and our hospital manager was out of the office. Without complaint, she stepped up to take care of what needed taking care of and worked longer hours. We were exhausted by the end of that week, but we got through it - very thankful to have her as part of our team.

Thomas Smith from Twinbrook, Erie, PA, wants to recognize Alanna Labesky: "Great leadership skills, looks after the patient, client and staff to assure optimal flow and care while in the hospital. She addresses concerns very quickly and gets resolution. She leads by example."

Marianne Hay from VetSelect Animal Hospital, Novi, MI, wants to recognize Chelsea Mugunias-Veterinary Assistant: "Chelsea is one of many unsung heroes of our practice.  Besides being an outstanding veterinary assistant. Chelsea handles our posts for Facebook and the control of the inventory.  Having someone like Chelsea that goes above her daily duties to handle these additional responsibilities is appreciative beyond words.& Our attitude of gratitude starts with one person like Chelsea and spreads to each team member."

Chad Harris, DVM from Vet Leader Team, wants to recognize Melissa Lucas - Marketing Manager: "Melissa always brightens my day with her dry humor but also sends me pictures of those wonderful kiddos just when I need to smile.  I guess she get some work done, too.  ;)"

Dani Cabaniss from Boulevard Animal Hospital, Shelby, NC, wants to recognize Morgan Barnette, Haley Cook, Janis Borders, Madison Stroup, Kassie Parker, Jacob Taylor, Jacob Wesson, Eli Roberts, Cindy White, Christian Williams, Dr. Dixon and Dr. Martin: "Thank you to the 25% of staff members who kept us OPEN and working after a COVID exposure. I cannot say enough about their dedication and amazing attitudes!"

Sue-Anne Gentry from the OPS team, wants to recognize Dani Bridges-Cabannis: "For recognizing how hard the remaining staff worked during a COVID exposure this month. Dani is so good at seeing the great things her employees do, and is really quick at letting them know how much she appreciates them. Way to go Dani! Hopefully some recognition for you too will help you understand how much we love what you are doing!"

She also wants to shout out to Kathy Currlin: "Kathy is retiring after 21 years at Atrium Animal Hospital in Charlotte NC. She has been with VetCor a very short time (Nov 2020), but what a great mark she has left on this clinic. She will be hard to follow, but has been SO appreciated in the last 9 months. Always a space for you with this NC team Kathy. Good Luck!"

Finally, Sue-Anne Gentry wants to show some love for Tierra Curry: "Tierra just returned from maternity leave and I have been blown away at how well she had her team working together to problem solve and help each other in her absence. It is always telling when a key staff member takes time off as to how well the staff appreciate and like working for said person, by how well they jump in and take care of things. This team was great, which tells me that Tierra is a phenomenal manager and deserves recognition.  (Oh, and congratulations on a baby boy!)"

Marilyn Lear from Beach Park Animal Hospital, Beach Park, IL, wants to recognize Allison Behling Lead Tech: "Always going above and beyond. Always helping where needed whether it be teching, reception, or kennel. Huge asset to our team and couldn't appreciate her any more than I do. Allie you’re the best."

Amber Hansen from the HQ team wants to recognize Vanesa Rivera, Procurement Coordinator: "Vanesa has been an absolute rockstar since day 1 of joining my team this year. She always takes things to another level in both our department and supporting our practices. THANK YOU, VANESA!"

Danielle Esplin from Indian Walk Veterinary Center, Newtown, PA, wants to recognize Kristine Smith CVT: "Diligent hard work through the summer time rush leading a team with many vacations planned staff changes and protocol developments."

She also wants to recognize Andrea Blair CVT: "A hard working surgery and appointment nurse who constantly delivers excellent care and organizational expertise."

Finally, she wants to thank Wendy Overlander, Lead CSR: "A hard working leader of the CSR team, she covered additional shifts while we interviewed new team members to add to the busy growth. She always has a smile on her face and positive vibe to the remainder of the staff!"

Nicole King from Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic, Portland, ME, wants to recognize Rebecca Hebert, Hospital Manager: "Becky is such a level head in these strange times and always keeps us looking on the bright side :) She keeps this ship sailing and we couldn't do it without her!"

Candice Atkinson from Royston Animal Hospital, Royston, GA, wants to recognize the Doctors and Staff at Royston: "The last year has been a difficult. Our doctors and staff have gone the extra mile.  While short staffed we have still met our goals and made team rewards for 4 quarters in a row!!! We are very thankful for all our doctors and staff and all of the hard work they have put in. THANK YOU!"

Keri Garland from Animal Hospital of Gordon County, Calhoun, GA, wants to recognize Misty Sutherland: "She goes above and beyond to help when needed She has a heart of gold and one of the most caring people."

Celeste Baker DVM from Eastside Animal Medical Center, Grayson, GA, wants to recognize the entire staff at Eastside: "My staff has been amazing in implementing the changes we needed when we came onboard with VetCor. They approach every day with a smile and a great attitude. We laugh and work hard. I can honestly say that this crew of people makes every stressful workday more endurable, and I always leave the practice knowing that we have made most of our clients happy, and our patients better due to our care and compassion. Of course, we will always have those clients that are never satisfied, but this crew of dedicated individuals manages to put a positive spin on even the most difficult situations. We all have our bad days and good days; for this practice, we are so heavily on the good, that on the bad days we can still find a silver lining. I am grateful for everyone here, and thank them for their positivity and enthusiasm every day!"

Wanda Denslow from Ocoee Animal Hospital, Blue Ridge, GA, wants to recognize receptionists Tama Dunn & Cookie Fussell and tech Donna Sneed, RVT: "When we had 4 of our 6 receptionists out for 2 weeks, Tama & Cookie came in on their day off to work. They made it much easier on the rest of the staff and our clients by keeping things moving smoothly. Also, Donna Sneed, one of our RVT's really stepped up to help the front desk receptionists during this two-week period. She was awesome and seemed to have a good time connecting with many of our clients! Thank you, Thank you ladies!!"

Wanda Denslow from Ocoee Animal Hospital, Blue Ridge, GA, wants to recognize her kennel team: Michael Dawes, Kennel Supervisor, Machelle Alsobrook, Kennel Assistant & Aaron Kimsey, Kennel Assistant & Cali Tuggle, Kennel Assistant: "Michael has done a fantastic job getting our boarding facility cleaned up and running smoothly for our clients and their furry family members! His team including Machelle, Aaron & Cali, work together so well and take awesome care of our boarders so their owners feel comfortable knowing their pets are in good hands."

Nicole Snyder from Elk Creek Animal Hospital, Fisherville, KY, wants to recognize Maryann Nicoulin: “Maryann has been with this practice since the beginning, she is always kind, friendly and accommodating to our clients.  She goes above and beyond to help them and their pets if they are in need. She’s a positive, upbeat and fun-loving woman with a heart of gold! She’s always busy, shares positive ideas and looks for ways to make our jobs better! I absolutely love coming in and seeing her here.  She’s compassionate beyond words, always thinking of others. I want to shout out to Maryann that I think she’s absolutely wonderful and I appreciate her more than she could ever know.

Meg Connelly (COS) and Pam Daly (HM) from Willard Veterinary Clinic, Quincy, MA wants to recognize Angela Tipton: “Thank you Angela for your amazing devotion and hard work. You are truly a shining example of a great employee. We can't imagine the place without you. We don't thank you enough.

Melanie Meyer from the OPS team wants to recognize the teams at Berlin Vet Clinic. "After a dangerous line of Thunderstorms hit their area and many team members were without power for an extensive period of time the team pulled together to adapt to the power outage. Sue Memler and Patty Battenhorst dealt with a myriad of complications and situations in the aftermath of all of that. Great job everyone putting your best foot forward and doing what you could for your clients, patients and team despite your circumstances. I am extremely grateful for this team and that no one was hurt during the storms."

Melanie also wants to thank Silver Spring Animal Wellness center. "Another Wisconsin practice compromised by the line of dangerous thunderstorms that hit our area. This team worked two days with no power, in the heat. This team is unstoppable. Thank you everyone on the Silver Spring team for your commitment to your patients and to helping one another through an unexpected and difficult situation."