Thankful Thursday: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Thankful Thursday: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

April 15, 2021

When you work with so many amazing individuals, it's difficult to choose just one of them to recognize. In this edition of Thankful Thursday, we'll demonstrate exactly how true it is when people say teamwork makes the dream work.

Enjoy April's VetCor family shout outs below:

Deborah Parry from Veterinary Services of Aiken, Aiken, SC, wants to recognize Lynn Nelson: "As lead technician she helps keep the hospital team running efficiently, her attention to detail is second to none. She is able to keep the team calm in moments of chaos and is such an incredible asset to the Veterinary Services team."

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize Gerri Zimmermann, lead receptionist, Amanda Krzak, receptionist, Dawn Clawson, RVT and receptionist, and Jillian Baker, receptionist: "This group of ladies does an amazing job at our front desk handling all the incoming calls, getting our clients and pets scheduled and checked in and out, communicating with other hospitals for records, communicating with the rest of our team with information for our patients, and coming up with great ideas to help our work flow improve during these challenging times."

Jenny Driscoll from the VetCor home office wants to recognize Martine Salamone: "Just wanted to give a shout out to Martine for always being willing to help! She is a true team-player!"

Regional Manager, Cesar Molina, wants to recognize Jocelyn Alcantara, registered veterinary technician at Southern California Veterinary Hospital & Animal Skin Clinic: "Jocelyn is a great person and coworker. She strives to learn and brings a positive attitude to work every day. She is fun to work with and also a great tech! Did I mention she just passed her RVT?!?? She is an amazing person and continues to work hard and always has a smile on her face!"

Kurt Rossebo from Kaukauna Veterinary Clinic, Kaukauna, WI, wants to recognize his entire staff: "Our entire staff has worked together through the past year as a team. We've all had to persevere through the changes with the pandemic, but I am especially proud of all our crew and their devotion and loyalty to their job. Kudos!!!"

Alyson Evans from Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO, wants to recognize RJ Balquin, veterinary assistant: "Myself and Katie, his supervisor, want to give a shout out to RJ for working his way up the roles in our beautiful hospital. RJ started out as a kennel attendant and has now completed the first level and testing to become a certified veterinary assistant. He is about to complete Levels 2 and 3 and then will be working on going to veterinary technician School to become a CVT. RJ exemplifies dedication, care and hard work. We are so proud of his accomplishments and can't wait to support him in his continued path in this industry."

Jillian Mesa from Valley Animal Hospital, Merced, CA, wants to recognize Abbie-Leigh Meneses: "Abbie-Leigh is always going above and beyond to help everyone! She's recently helped with our IT issues. Her knowledge and helpfulness has been a lifesaver for the practice over the last couple weeks with replacing some of the computers and getting them all ready to go! She's recently been accepted to vet school and leaves in the fall. We are beyond excited/proud/and happy for her, but will miss her dearly! Huge thank you to Abbie!! =)"

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize Riley Bland: "Riley just started with us as our boarding dramatically increased in occupancy with the Easter holiday and spring break vacations and people being more comfortable with traveling. She jumped in and was a super fast learner and is doing a great job! We are so lucky to have her join our team!"

Jess Safani-Franko from Agoura Animal Clinic, Agoura Hills, CA, wants to recognize Sandy, head vet assistant: "Sandy has been such a superstar! She's been working SO hard since COVID hit, and she always tries to have a positive attitude. She cares so much about her coworkers. She is always trying to think of new ways to improve the flow of our practice, and takes initiative to help others whenever possible. I'm so thankful for her!"

Mark Allen from Good Hands Veterinary Hospital, Athens, GA, wants to recognize Brittany Grier: "I want to give a shout out to Brittany Grier for continuing to be an uplifting spirit even in difficult personal times. Her perseverance time and time again has been an inspiration to me. As well I want to thank our entire staff for continuing to grow closer and bond with our fellow coworkers. We will only be as good as we make it."

Cassie Linley from the OPS team wants to recognize Stephanie, Sean, Karen, Jim, Vicky, and Amy: "I want to take a moment to recognize our senior team, Stephanie, Sean, Karen, Jim, Vicky, and Amy. They are always available to help and lead with a positive attitude. They work countless hours to make sure operations run smooth and practices have the tools they need. Huge thank you for all you do and the wonderful support you provide to the regional managers!"

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, NC, wants to recognize Sally: "Sally was the best clinic cat, She greeted everyone and loved laying in the sun. She wanted to sit and watch the computer screen as you worked and when we were done, we let her watch her YouTube birds, fish, or play with her moving string and try and catch it on screen. She was a loving, wanted cuddles and lots of kisses. We celebrated her birthday on March the 19th she was 18 years old. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our girl on March 24th due to health reasons. She will be forever in our hearts and we miss her every day."

Cindy Wyma from Two Notch Road Animal Clinic, Columbia, SC, wants to recognize technician Amy Peckham: "I would like to recognize Amy and her positive, upbeat attitude. She has the gift of making others laugh when they are not feeling their best. I love her attitude and feel like she helps a great deal in keeping moral up. She also never complains about her workload. She works hard and pushes through the rough times."

She also wants to recognize her RM, Sue-Ann Gentry: "I would like to recognize Sue for all of her endless support she gives. She is a rock for me and I appreciate her so much! I am so lucky to have her as my RM. She inspires me and I love that she challenges me to improve without telling me that I need to improve! She is amazing and I am so happy she's ours."

Sean Sornsin from the OPS team wants to recognize Carla Christenson (HM at Springfield, VA) and Pam Akers (HM at West Trenton, NJ): "Carla and Pam have done an extraordinary job in their HM roles over the last few weeks. They've both tackled lots of challenging situations at their respective practices with great decision making, professionalism and a tremendous amount of grace. Just outstanding leadership as of late. Kudos and thanks to both."

Joyce Boston from Countryside Pet Hospital, Conover, NC, wants to recognize Kim Keil, veterinary assistant and receptionist: "April 1st is the perfect time to recognize Kim, the staff jokester. While she is always serious about her care for clients, patients, and coworkers, she is definitely the one we watch out for on April Fool’s Day! She has a wonderful sense of humor and we enjoy her antics. She has been at Countryside for 23 years and is a wonderful mentor to new staff members. She can be counted on to open the doors every morning and pitch in if someone is out sick. Thanks, Kim!"

Jennifer Silkworth was full of praise for members of the Inwood Animal Center, Inwood, WV, team. First, she wants to recognize Tonya Wood: "Tonya is a member of our CSR team, she has been working at the Inwood Animal Center/Big Spring Animal Hospital for one year. Tonya has been a wonderful addition. No matter how challenging a client maybe, she is able to remedy the situation at hand. Tonya has also been making special cakes for our employees to celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries."

She also sends a shout out to Dr. Pownall: "Dr. Pownall has been a member of Inwood Animal Center/Big Spring Animal Hospital for two years. Dr. Pownall is always willing to jump in and help were needed. No matter if its additional surgery needed squeezed in or a sick pet needing some extra attention. We are blessed to have Dr. Pownall as part of our team."

Finally, she wants to recognize Megan Betts: "Meg has been a wonderful addition to the Inwood Animal Center/Big Spring Animal Hospital team. Meg always is very hard working; she has a smile on her face and she is always willing to help when needed. Meg created the kudos basket for our clinic and always makes a point to do some sort of creative way to say "thank you" to our team. Meg has been a member of the Inwood Animal Center/Big Spring Animal Hospital for almost two years."

Heather Cheney from Lyncourt Veterinary Hospital, Syracuse, NY, wants to recognize Dr. Lorian Sopchak, DVM: "Throughout this whole pandemic, Dr. Lori has been our guiding light. She has had to take on a huge workload due to vet shortage, an adoption, retirement and more. Through it all, she tried hard to keep us all motivated and positive, even bribing us with baked goods she made herself. Associate Veterinarians don't always get the recognition and thanks they deserve. We are ALL so thankful we have Dr. Lori on our team. She has and continues to make working through these crazy times a pleasure."

Chris Theriault from Health and Wellness Animal Hospital, Hampton Falls, NH, wants to recognize Kaitlin Loudon: "Thank you to Katie for realizing how stressful these recent months have been for all of us, and organizing and spearheading a spirit week for all of us. We had lots of fun, and shared things so we could all participate! Katie took pictures, and shared them on our Facebook site. THANK YOU, KATIE!"

Alyson Evans from Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO, wants to recognize Carmelita, lead client care specialist: "Wanted to give a shout out to Carmen for all of her hard work during our time of shut down due to COVID as well as helping with the website transfer and setting up all of our Clovers. She continues to jump in and help with whatever she can. Thank you, Carmen, for all you do."

Chad Harris from the vet leader team wants to recognize Dr. Laura del Valle, Dr. Kaitlyn Guerrido, and the rest of the Lake Alfred team: "The entire team at Lake Alfred Animal Hospital in Lake Alfred, Florida, are such warm and welcoming people that everyone should get to know. For being a part of the VetCor family for such a short time, I feel like I have known you forever!!!"

He also wanted to send some love to RMs Andy Riddick, Sue Gentry, Cassie Linley, and Cesar Molina: "I am honored to work with such great leaders. I enjoy you guys so much!"

Candice Atkinson from Royston Animal Hospital, Royston, GA, wants to recognize the whole staff: "Our staff has gone above and beyond during COVID. A BIG thank you for all of your hard work."

Angelyn Snyder from Crossroads Animal Hospital, Bastrop, TX, wants to recognize Miriah Spotts: "Not only is Miriah a go to girl at the practice by helping everyone who needs it, but she has stepped up as a mom to her 6-week-old niece. She is a mother of a 12-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter to boot. Hooray for her and her family!"

Lynsey Mohr from Rehoboth Beach Animal Hospital, Rehoboth Beach, DE, wants to recognize Victoria Brown: "I would like to shout out RM Vicky Brown!!!! She is overall THE perfect RM for a newly acquired hospital. She makes the difficult and stressful days feel much easier to navigate through and is always willing to help no matter the time of day. She is kind, genuine and always reliable. Hopefully we can get her in Delaware soon for a beach day! We are thankful for you, VB!"

Jennifer Weitzel from the OPS team wants to recognize Dr. Gretchen Zarle from the vet leader team: "Dr. Zarle is very dedicated and hardworking! Dr. Zarle helps so many practices in the Ohio region not only as a COSA, but also as a Lend-a-Hand doctor. I have much appreciation for her and the guidance she offers practices in need. Plus, she always finds a way to smile and be positive."

She also wants to recognize the entire Massillon team: "The Massillon team has endured so many challenges over the past 60 days. I am so proud of every single staff member for working together as a team and conquering many obstacles. Your dedication, willingness to accept change, and moving forward during a difficult time has been a great example of what team work looks like! Thank you for all of your hard work!"

Sherri Krauss from Franklin County Animal Hospital, Rocky Mount, VA, wants to recognize Amanda Chattin: "Amanda joined our practice in 2006 as an enthusiastic receptionist, having no previous veterinary experience. Over the years, she has grown in her knowledge and responsibilities to become Assistant Hospital Manager. With no current COS, I couldn't imagine having faced the last year of management adversities without her help. Whereas my strengths lie in coaching and continual improvement, she leads the team with enthusiasm, humor, and being our overall positive cheerleader. She is the yin to my yang! She recently announced that she is expecting twins, which has the entire team uber excited. #bestmoraleboostever"

She also wants to highlight Drs. Janice Annis and Kimberly Jessup: "I would like to recognize Dr. Janice Annis and Dr. Kimberly Jessup for their ongoing dedication, initiative, and support of hospital management and FCAH as a whole. Although part-time, both have put in countless extra hours over the past year. Dr. Annis' love of teaching is exhibited daily with her clients as well as the team. Dr. Jessup's gentle spirit, uplifting guidance and offers of prayer during times of high anxiety have been priceless. Both set the bar high in-patient care, client service, teamwork and collaboration. Routinely offering ideas and suggestions, they actively seek out ways to better FCAH and offer grace when mistakes are made. Kumbaya comes naturally when working alongside these two, as they project positivity, exude compassion & promote team unity. The respect and gratitude I have for these two, as persons and as doctors, is immeasurable."

Michael Cooper from Portage Veterinary Clinic, Portage, WI, wants to recognize Dr. Bryan Schumacher, COS: "Shows great leadership, skill, and compassion for staff, clients, and patients."

Dr. Holly Woltz from Veterinary Services of Aiken, Aiken, SC, wants to recognize veterinary technicians Lynn Nelson and Ashton Hudson: "We take LOTS of pictures of everyone in action to put on Facebook, send to clients and include with stories. Sometimes we catch folks at a lovely moment. These are both beautiful, almost reverential, poses. They both obviously love what they do."

LeAnne from Charles, Bogart, GA, wants to recognize PCAs (kennel staff): "I would like to give thanks for our awesome patient care attendants. We have been curbside for just over a year and each day all of our cages and runs have been full. That means more work for them. Every patient must be walked, every cage must be cleaned. The laundry is nonstop, the dish washing is nonstop. No matter how busy we get, they find a way to keep our hospital clean and smelling fresh, they keep the animals well cared for, and they still find time to assist our technicians. Thank you, Teresa, Shelby, Maxine, Mandie, Tayler, and Ximena!"