TechLife Celebrates National Vet Tech Week

TechLife Celebrates National Vet Tech Week
October 26, 2021

We had a lot of fun celebrating National Vet Tech Week with our practices, but the good times didn’t stop there! Our TechLife Group, which has doubled in size since last year and now has an amazing 1,200 members, held their own festivities. 

While we were giving away team prizes on the VetCor Facebook page, the TechLife Facebook Group had some exciting individual prizes. From gift cards and stethoscopes to TechLife jackets and tumblers, 18 lucky TechLife members won by sharing pictures and tips from the field. 

Here are some of the photos and fun our techs shared for the VetCor TechLife social contest:

Connecting with team membersTeam bonding is a chance to have fun and get creative together. Our vet techs connect with their teams by spending time together and sometimes that looks like having a “Lion King” moment with the clinic cat, playing toss the marshmallow in the e-collar, setting up a “hissing booth”, or simply being there to support and lift each other up.

Vet Techs Sharing TipsPeanut butter is a well-known treat that is often used to help pets relax, but not all pets like it, and cats can be difficult to calm down. Our techs shared their tips and many of them swear by the magic of spray cheese (on a treat or right on the cabinets!) and a special “cat bag” that keeps cats feeling safe and serene. Some techs even sing to their patients to keep them at ease - so sweet!
Building positive teamsThere is no doubt that vet techs have a large skill set, but some of them have become the go-to person for certain areas of expertise. Some of our techs strengths include dental care, radiography, laser therapy, behavioral needs, and so much more! Beyond these skills, our techs take it upon themselves to help build positivity within their teams, ensure the upkeep of their practices, and even add a little fun with decorations. 
Vet Techs DestressingOur techs are always finding ways to de-stress and they shared some of their favorite ways to unwind when their day gets tough. Coloring breaks and cuddling with puppies, kittens, and clinic pets were the most popular ways our techs decompress. 
Colorful ScrubsScrubs make up a big part of every vet tech’s wardrobe. We got to hear all about our tech’s favorite ways to wear and care for their work attire. Some prefer solids while others love their prints. There are techs who make matching masks and techs who wear matching scrubs with their coworkers. When it comes to caring for their scrubs, many techs fold them, some hang them up, and others wear them right out of the dryer!

Taping a Catheter - Vet Tech suggestionsLast but not least, taping a catheter is a process that everyone does differently. Our techs shared their tips with each other and showed us the sweet personal touches that they add for each pet. 


We loved seeing all of our techs get involved! If you’re a tech and haven’t already, be sure to join the VetCor TechLife Group to join in the fun!