Giving Thanks & Showing Gratitude

Giving Thanks & Showing Gratitude
November 26, 2020

We shared some adorable stories in our last post. Read on to keep those good vibes going and see the thanks our teams receive from both their clients and patients.


Norwich Veterinary Practice - helping kittenPet Street Station Animal Hospital - Norwich, New York
After sweet little Layla got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, she had to be seen by Dr. Sautter for an inguinal hernia. For an 8-week-old kitten, she sure is a trooper - and there’s no denying she sports her bandage with style. Her owner, Helaina, who’s equally as sweet, wrote a thank you note for the Pet Street Station team to let them know how grateful she was.


Cape Cod Veterinary Hospital - recovering dog hit by carBarnstable Animal Hospital - Hyannis, Massachusetts
This sweet moment was captured after Brownie’s post-surgical visit with Dr. Ware and the team at Barnstable Animal Hospital. This cute little fella is recovering from surgery he required after being hit by a car and we’re happy to report that he’s doing extraordinarily well. Everyone is so thankful he was able to be stabilized, especially his family, who’s surrounding him with tons of love while he recuperates.


Burke Veterinary Practice - foster care rescued by hospital managerBurke Veterinary Hospital - Burke, Virginia
This gentleman celebrated his 5th birthday looking dapper as heck. Rosie, the hospital manager at Burke Veterinary Hospital, initially intended to foster Tod before she realized they were meant to be. She often brought him to work with her to help get him socialized and the practice team decided that November 11th would be his birthday. He now holds the official clinic dog title and, as you can see, he takes his supervisory role very seriously. Happy belated birthday, Tod!


Littleton Veterinary Practice - chincilla receives dental procedureLittleton Animal Hospital - Littleton, Massachusetts
The team at Littleton Animal Hospital sees scenes like this one every day. From birds and guinea pigs to reptiles and wildlife, they care for all kinds of animals. Showcased is Mistletoe the chinchilla. She needed a little bit of encouragement and support prior to her dental procedure and, luckily, the Littleton team has that in droves. Everything went well and Mistletoe is happily back at home.


Baroda Veterinary Practice - hanging out during COVID-19Berrien Veterinary Services - Baroda, Michigan
Berrien Veterinary Services is taking advantage of the best part of curbside service - getting to hang out with patients after their exams. The Berrien team loves showering their visitors with a little extra TLC and Dr. Birney certainly doesn’t mind getting help with her medical notes.


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