Remembering to Practice Self-Care

Remembering to Practice Self-Care
April 10, 2020

Self-care should always be practiced regularly, but that’s especially true right now. The uncertainty and routine changes that have accompanied COVID-19 have the capacity to take quite the physical and emotional toll on a person which is why it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. 

Stay at home mandate or not, here are several ways you can practice self-care:

Get Up and Get Active 

Getting up and exercising, even just the tiniest bit, will help you maintain your physical health. It doesn’t matter if you have access to a gym or not. You can work out at home, go for a stroll (as long as you maintain a solid six feet away from anyone else), or even count household chores as your physical activity. After all, vacuuming, yard work, and doing laundry are all tasks that require you to get up and move. And don’t forget to participate in the Activity Challenge, so you can earn some Wellbeing Rewards Points for your work.

Unplug from Technology

In this day and age, we’re hyper connected to technology. That connectivity makes it easy for us to stay in touch with friends and family, get information exactly when we need it, and follow current events while they unfold. While that’s great, it’s important for us to take periodic breaks from our tech, especially during times of crisis or turmoil. A constant stream of stress isn’t going to improve your emotional wellbeing, so ditch it for a little bit.

Do Something You Enjoy

Now is a great time to spend some “you” time doing things you enjoy (when you’re able to, of course). While you’re unplugged, you can step away from social media and focus on other activities you enjoy like spending time with your family, reading, enjoying the outdoors, or playing games. You can also use that time to relax - whether that means going for a bath, taking a nap, listening to music, or working on a personal project. 

Foster Your Emotional Wellbeing

Your emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical wellbeing. Right now, you’re probably stressed and maybe anxious or more on edge than usual. Those feelings are normal but it’s essential to learn how to continue forward in spite of them. There’s a lot you can do to foster your emotional wellbeing. What it looks like for you will depend on your preferences but you can journal, practice mindfulness, complete gratitude exercises, meditate, or just step away from your responsibilities for a few minutes to take a break.

Practicing self-care isn’t always easy but, once you get into the habit, you’ll notice your perspective shift and (hopefully) feel better both physically and emotionally. Keep track of your self-care routine using this self-care Bingo worksheet