Pairing Up For a Fun Time

Pairing Up For a Fun Time
Pairing off at our practices
April 7, 2022

Two of anything cute and fluffy will make you smile that much bigger. Our practices saw some adorable pairs come through their doors this past week.


Floyd Harbor Animal HospitalFloyd Harbor Animal Hospital - Shirley, New York

The team at Floyd Harbor Animal Hospital is no stranger to adorable patients, but when Rico and Pebbles came in, they had to snap a picture to share with the world. These two are new patients at the hospital and they had a great visit. Needless to say, they quickly steal the hearts of everyone they meet.


Ramsey Veterinary HospitalRamsey Veterinary Hospital - Ramsey, New Jersey

It might be hard to tell but these two are best buddies and brothers. Dexter the rabbit flaunts his fluff whenever he can and his brother Bruno is a very dashing chihuahua in his bowtie. These two brought the sunshine on a rainy day at Ramsey Veterinary Hospital.


Tender Touch Veterinary HospitalTender Touch Veterinary Hospital - Scarborough, Maine

First kitty visits are always special and full of snuggles and pets. Willow and Malfoy really enjoyed getting first-class treatment and posed so politely in this basket. They ended up having a wonderful visit with Dr. Fritz at Tender Touch Veterinary.


Independence Equine and Small Animal ClinicIndependence Equine and Small Animal Clinic - Gainesville, Texas

The team at Independence Equine posted this adorable photo of Dr. Shope to commemorate her birthday last week. Dr. Shope is a second-generation veterinarian and enjoys competing in rodeos when she isn’t taking care of the patients at Independence Equine and Small Animal Clinic.


Tiogue Veterinary ClinicTiogue Veterinary Clinic - Coventry, Rhode Island

There was more than one staff photo with Ms. Frida, she really won everyone over. She was in for a post-dental exam and she passed with flying colors. The team at Tiogue Veterinary Clinic was so happy to have her back in the hospital.


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