Meet Sherry: Hospital Manager, Toastmaster, & Rabbit Aficionado

Meet Sherry: Hospital Manager, Toastmaster, & Rabbit Aficionado
March 4, 2020

Sherry is the hospital manager at Finger Lakes Animal Hospital.

I’ve lived in the Finger Lakes region of New York my entire life. I currently reside in Canandaigua and work as the hospital manager (and LVT) at Finger Lakes Animal Hospital. Growing up, I attended Fairport High - I was in the class of 1987 - and graduated from St. Petersburg College’s veterinary technology program in 2004.  

Working with animals has always been a passion of mine. I’ve been working with them since 1985 and first joined Finger Lakes as a receptionist in 1992. Eight years later, I became the hospital manager and pursued my license in veterinary technology while working full-time. 

Most people who work in the veterinary field do so because they love animals. Pets are what initially drew me to working at an animal hospital and, while they’ll always be a great part of this job, I find that really enjoy taking on the challenge of effectively running a hospital. I hope to continue improving the client experience at Finger Lakes and keeping this environment one that’s positive for my team, our clients, and their pets. 

What I love most about working for VetCor is that I’m allowed to express myself and I receive fantastic guidance from upper management. At the hospital, we’ve been able to perform upgrades that never wouldn’t have been possible if we were owned privately. 

When I’m not at work, I love gardening, participating in 4-H, and improving my communication skills through Toastmasters International. I also love rabbits and, every summer, I volunteer as the superintendent of the rabbit and cavy barn at the Ontario County Fair. It's my way of giving back to the community I love.

I’ve got a menagerie of pets at home, including two dogs, Rougue and Jax, three cats, Hairball, Waterlily, and Fuzzyface, a rabbit named Nicki, and six American Satin guinea pigs, Harry, Hank, Clementine, Henrietta, CBD, and Mouse. In addition to that, my daughter breeds and shows New Zealand and Mini Rex rabbits. We use her Flemish Giant rabbit, Marshmallow, in rabbit hopping competitions. We also have ducks, chickens, and quail. The more the merrier!