Meet Emily: Vet Tech, Painter, & Published Author

Meet Emily: Vet Tech, Painter, & Published Author
August 5, 2019

Emily is a veterinary technician at Stark Animal Hospital.

I live in Canton, Ohio but I grew up in Brewster. Growing up in Brewster was quiet and honestly, that was never a bad thing. Small town living provides comfort and support through the beginning of adulthood that can sometimes be lacking in larger cities.

Veterinary technician, Emily Kimball, with a canine friendLike many people in this field are, I was drawn to the veterinary space because I love animals and wanted to help them. I worked as a veterinary assistant for two years before becoming a veterinary technician, and I graduated from Kent State University in 2012. I’ve now been a tech for almost a decade and I’ve been at Stark for over three years. My interview is what really sealed the deal for me.

Back when I was interviewing, one of the doctors had jokingly labeled everything in the office manager’s office with sticky notes the morning of my interview. She didn’t have time to take them down before I came in, so there were sticky notes on the desk, stapler, and computer - all adorned with lovely, hand-drawn pictures. It was then I knew that this was definitely the place for me!

To me, working at VetCor means stability. I feel lucky to truly enjoy the people I work with. It’s not often that you find a workplace that feels like family. As a work family, we try to bond outside of the hospital which greatly improves morale at work. We take a weekend cabin trip once a year as a retreat, go out to eat at least once a month, and occasionally have potluck lunches. Last month, we visited the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium together.

We all know that veterinary jobs aren’t always easy and doing what’s best for our patients while trying to make sure everyone is happy can be difficult. Sometimes, we don’t get the answers we want and sometimes, we have to say goodbye. I hope that everyone who works in this field knows that what we do matters and we’re making a difference. My best advice is to celebrate victories, even the little ones, and get as many puppy and kitten snuggles as you can when they come around. Find a reason to enjoy each day and just keep swimming.

Outside of work, I enjoy allowing my creativity to flow. I love writing fiction and I’m a published author. I’ve written one book, The Zephyr Gene, and I’m currently working on another. It truly is a fantastic outlet for my creative energy. I also enjoy painting with acrylic - the vibrant colors and unique beauty in painting appeals to me. Plus, it’s very relaxing to pick up a brush and have a glass of wine within reach. I’m also a fan of hiding images of cats within the finished canvases.

I’m happiest when I’m with my friends and family but quiet nights spent at home with my fur babies are just as nice. I have two wonderful cats, Zuzu and Nigel. Zuzu is my 6-year-old domestic longhair princess while Nigel is my orange domestic shorthair cuddle champion and troublemaker. Those two are completely different sides of the same coin and are so very loved.

I hope to start a family within the next few years, so I’m enjoying my alone time while it lasts!