Meet Dr. Wachter: Veterinarian, Author, & Mission Worker

Meet Dr. Wachter: Veterinarian, Author, & Mission Worker
January 3, 2020

Dr. Allen Wachter is a veterinarian at Wendell Veterinary Clinic.

Growing up in upstate New York, I was greatly influenced by both of my grandfathers. My mother’s father, Grandpa Gabel, was a farmer, and my father’s father, Grandpa Wachter, was a veterinary assistant and kennel attendant.

Dr. Allen Wachter, DVMWhile I was on Grandpa Gabel’s farm one day, we found a cottontail rabbit that had been hit by the mowing machine. Its back leg was broken, so I took it home, and my mom and I put a splint on it. The rabbit healed in three weeks. It was an inspiring event that first sparked my interest in veterinary medicine. When I got older, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at Saint Bonaventure University, and I eventually earned my DVM degree from Cornell.

After several years of practicing veterinary medicine, I wanted to give something back to my profession, so I took an assistant professor position at SUNY Delhi College teaching veterinary technology management. In conjunction with the faculty at SUNY Delhi, we developed the bachelor’s in veterinary technology management.

In addition to teaching, I wrote the book Dancing with the Bees as a dissertation project for my doctor of ministry degree at George Fox Seminary. I was inspired to write the book while on a missions trip in Zambia where I saw local people selling honey and mats, a honey badger attacking a beehive, and how important honey was to the local economy. In my book, I used those accounts to illustrate how one can adapt to change. It’s my dream to one day return to Africa to teach local veterinary students and farmers full-time.

My favorite part of this job is developing and celebrating the human-animal bond. As we provide excellent veterinary care to our clients, my team and I enjoy VetCor’s supportive environment without day-to-day interference. When I slow down my full-time work, I plan to do some mission work with Christian Veterinary Mission. It will give me the opportunity to teach at the Mongolian Veterinary College and teach local farmers how to provide animals with basic veterinary care.

I now live in New Hampshire with my wife, Darlene. In our free time, we enjoy outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and fishing.

About two years ago, we adopted a mixed Cairn Terrier named Hatchette after she contracted Schiff-Sherrington syndrome. At the time, she was injured and completely paralyzed. My wife took her to a physical therapist and, after doing the recommended daily exercises, she’s acting like a puppy again. You can often find her running figure eights in the lawn or enjoying a ride on the pontoon boat to watch the loons on Crescent Lake.