10 Things You Should Know About the Home Office

10 Things You Should Know About the Home Office
May 6, 2019

While you know that the VetCor home office is in Hingham, Massachusetts, most of you haven’t seen it in person. The home office is still probably a bit of a mystery to you, so enjoy these fun facts about it, what it’s like to work here, and where the town of Hingham is located.

Without further ado, here’s what you should know about the VetCor home office:


Hadley with Stuffed Dogs   Donnie Walhberg visits VetCor

1. You’ll definitely run into a stuffed dog

Currently, there are nine stuffed dogs hanging out around the home office. You’ll likely run into one of them when you first come into our office and several others as you roam about. Most visitors mistake them for real dogs and for that, we apologize (especially to you, UPS guy!). 

2. The Wahlbergs are our neighbors

Are you a fan of Marky Mark or New Kids on the Block? You might meet a Wahlberg when you come to visit us! We’re located across the street from the Wahlburgers' flagship restaurant and we share a building with their corporate office. We’ve spotted Mark stopping by for a visit and, a few years ago, Donnie even stopped by one of our office birthday parties for a few minutes. Every so often, a film crew turns up at Wahlburgers or uses our parking lot to shoot scenes to use in the show. Some of our teammates have even been invited to taste test or be extras in the show!

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3. We've been all over the place

We’ve been headquartered at 350 Lincoln Place for over 20 years. As VetCor has grown, we’ve occupied all of the suites in the building. Right now, we’re situated on the first floor where we have plenty of space and our own private entrance!

4. One of our conference rooms is nicknamed the War Room

We’ve seen tremendous growth at the home office which has forced us to get creative with space. A few years back, we emptied our storage room and converted it to another conference room for meetings, conference calls, and presentations. We nicknamed it the War Room after the makeshift British basement meeting rooms used during WWII.
350 Lincoln St, Hingham, MA   VetCor home office parties

5. Location, location, location

We’re lucky to be located right across from the Hingham Shipyard, a former Navy yard turned recreational hot spot. Whether you want to go shopping or grab a bite to eat on your break, all you need to do is head on over there. They even rent out docks and upscale condos! And when you get sick of suburban life, you can simply drive an hour to Cape Cod or take the passenger ferry directly to downtown Boston or Boston Logan Airport.

6. We love having fun together

The home office is made up of a very lively group of people. We love socializing and we love any excuse to bring food to work. There are a few unofficial party planners on our team who coordinate celebrations for birthdays and on-site holiday potlucks. We've even been known to cook an entire 20-pound turkey for our Thanksgiving luncheon in our kitchen... without an oven. We know you're intrigued! 
VetCor team activities   home office tenure chart

7. We walk the walk

Literally! Twice daily, the home office team takes a spin around the building to get some fresh air, clear their minds, and bond with their teammates. Our step challenge team, the Shipyard Dogs, has also ranked on the list of top performers in past challenges! Sometimes, when we're feeling daring, we even diversify our wellness activities to include candlepin bowling at the local alley (and believe us, it's a workout!).

8. We love our jobs!

There are quite a few departments working out of the home office and there are around 37 people who work in the office on any given day. When you visit us, you’ll meet VetCor team members from various departments, including marketing, legal, accounting, finance, human resources, practice support, central ops, acquisitions, benefits, and our personal favorite, payroll. And they love working here too - just check out this chart of home office tenure!
home office pets   VetCor front door

9. We're a laid back bunch

When VetCor was first founded, employees were required to wear ties and everything was a bit more formal. Today, our office is smart casual, so jeans are okay! We frequently have miniature visitors too, including team members' kids and their furry friends! You can always tell when we have visitors by the oohs and ahhs coming from around the office.

10. Our doors are always open

If you live close by or you’re in town on vacation or visiting colleges with your children, please feel free to stop by the VetCor home office. We love hosting visitors and meeting the various team members who make up the VetCor family across the country. Consider this an open invitation. Just let your favorite team member know you're coming and we'll roll out the VetCor red carpet for you.


The home office is a pretty cool place to work and we’d love for you to come to see it for yourself if you’re ever in the neighborhood.