Celebrate Earth Day By Committing to Change

Celebrate Earth Day By Committing to Change
April 22, 2021

Every Earth Day, we demonstrate support for environmental protection and discuss the ways we can contribute to creating a more sustainable world. In the past, we've shared general ideas about how to go green at the practice level but, this year, one of our regional managers, Jennifer Weitzel, decided to commit to change by pledging to help all of the hospitals in her region to go paperless. Amazing, right?

If you're familiar with Jennifer, you know she's not afraid to tackle any project - no matter the size. In fact, a few years ago, she organized a mental health summit to emphasize the importance of emotional wellbeing in the workplace. Now the environmental impact she's making will leave the practices in her region more sustainable and let her and the practice teams she works with feel good about making a positive change in the world.

Here are some of Jennifer's tips for going green at your practice:

  • Email medical records, rabies certificates, invoices, and estimates
  • Utilize practice software and Demandforce to take advantage of electronic communication vs. paper reminders
  • Use "Work Lists" in AVImark to reduce Post-its and handwritten notes (and improve communication at the same time).
  • Laminate travel/triage sheets, so they can be reused with dry erase markers
  • Clean up reminders to consolidate due dates
    - Align vaccines due several weeks or months apart to be due at the same time
    - Avoid sending fecal-only reminders (due to compliance)
  • Eliminate product reminders and short-term reminders because those are best carried out as phone calls (due within 3-4 weeks of refill or service) 
  • Save paper by choosing the double-sided setting on your printer so you can print using fewer sheets.

Many of these tips will save paper, toner, postage, waste, and time. Most importantly of all, though, they'll help reduce your practice's carbon footprint which will leave you feeling good and leave the environment just a little bit healthier than it was before.