Doubling Down on Patient Cuteness

Doubling Down on Patient Cuteness

December 30, 2021

To close out the year, let’s take a look at the patients that came through the doors of our practices over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes, our team members get two for one, which just means double the cuteness.


Countryside Vet ClinicCountryside Veterinary Clinic - New Richmond, Wisconsin

Colby the cat was very interested in this duo. She was either welcoming them to Countryside Veterinary Clinic or warning them not to eat all the squeeze cheese. Either way, these adorable ferrets had each other and Colby to help make their visit a little more fun.


Columbus Central Veterinary HospitalColumbus Central Veterinary Hospital - Columbus, New Jersey

Bailey and Shady rolled into Columbus Central Veterinary Hospital and right into our hearts. These siblings put on their charm and sweetness during their exams with Dr. Valente. Everything checked out for both of them, and just like that this fluffy pair was rolling back out the door.


Creve Coeur Animal HospitalCreve Coeur Animal Hospital - Saint Louis, Missouri

Though he’s not pictured here, little Daisy Mae has a Boston Terrier big brother named Bogey, who is a team favorite at Creve Coeur Animal Hospital. Eight-week-old Daisy Mae was in for her first visit and she already has that adorable head tilt down. No doubt Bogey has been teaching her a thing or two about how to get extra treats.


Gateway Animal ClinicGateway Animal Clinic - Cleveland, Ohio

When there is so much fluff that you can’t tell if they are awake or sleeping. In this case, this puppy wasn’t feeling his best at his visit at Gateway Animal Clinic and saw an open lap at reception. After settling in, he was so comfortable he took a rest right there at the desk.


Northern Michigan Vet HospitalNorthern Michigan Veterinary Hospital - Williamsburg, Michigan

We are so grateful for the dedication of all of our team members, especially during the holidays when things get a little more hectic. The team at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital shared their two high school students that came in during their break. They just couldn’t pass up snuggling with little Clark!


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