Getting Creative with Client Communications

Getting Creative with Client Communications
September 30, 2020

Since COVID first kicked off, our practices have made a lot of changes to the way they provide care, but one of the biggest was transitioning from in-person appointments to curbside care for everyone’s health and safety. While our teams are proud of their ability to quickly adapt in the face of adversity (as they should be), they miss being able to interact with their clients the way they used to.

When it came to implementing curbside care, one of the biggest challenges that presented itself was thoughtfully communicating the curbside process to clients in a way that was easy to understand. Initially, it proved difficult but, over time, it’s gotten easier. 

Luckily, our practices are both innovative and resourceful which means they’ve come up with a variety of new and exciting ways to communicate protocols to their clients and give them a sneak peak at what goes on behind the scenes. 

Here are a few examples of VetCor practices that are crushing their communications: 

Chesterfield Veterinary Clinic gave their clients the lowdown about their curbside care appointments from the point of view of a canine patient named Sophie.

Middlebranch Veterinary took this humorous approach to communicating from a dog’s perspective.

Bogue Animal Hospital created a cute animation to remind their clients that they’re still open and ready to provide care for their patients. 

Middleton Veterinary Hospital put together a video to let their clients see how well their furry friends were being taken care of during their curbside appointments. 

Mars Hill Animal Hospital updated one of their older videos to show their clients what really matters to them.

Companion Animal Care took a moment to thank their clients and walk them through their curbside care protocol.

Glenwood Village Pet Hospital made a video to let their clients know how much they miss them and show them how hard they’re working behind the scenes. 

Good communication can be tricky but these practices have certainly mastered that skill. If you want to boost your practice’s client communications, you can find resources on SkyWorld or reach out to one of your sister practices for ideas.