VetCor Community Connections - January Edition

VetCor Community Connections - January Edition
January 21, 2019

As always, our practice teams are out and about in their communities, lending helping hands wherever they're needed. They collect donations for various organizations in their communities, help fundraise for good causes, get nominated for awards, win awards, offer special programs to pet owners in need, and earn new certifications to be able to provide the best care for their clients' pets. We are so proud of them for all that they do to help build and foster connections in their local communities.

Check out some of our favorite examples of Community Connections from January below!

Linwood Animal Hospital's award   Sarah and Bailey of PenBay Veterinary Associates

 Linwood Animal Hospital was named their region's #1 Veterinary Hospital of 2018 by Best of Surveys. What a well deserved win!


PenBay Veterinary Associates' technicians, Sarah and Bailey, recently earned their Low Stress Handling Silver Certifications. They both worked extremely hard for this and we're so proud of them!

Laura and Tori giving their donations to Deb   Donations collected by Riverside Animal Hospital

 Delphos Animal Hospital collected over 400 lbs. of pet food to benefit the nonprofit organization, Deb's Dogs, and Hill's Pet Nutrition decided to match it pound for pound. You guys are amazing!


Riverside Animal Hospital collected donations for the East Providence Animal Shelter. We're so proud of them for stepping up to the plate to help the animal who need it most.

Donations collected by Central Animal Hospital   Pet Street Station Animal Hospital's fundraiser

 Central Animal Hospital collected donations for Pet Peace of Mind's Nashoba Nursing Service and Hospice, an organization that helps hospice and palliative care patients keep their pets.


Pet Street Station Animal Hospital raised money via selling treats and offering entries into a Valentine's Day raffle to help fund the creation of a local dog park.

Goosepond Animal Hospital   Dr. Kinney looking over a patient's medical records

Goosepond Animal Hospital showed kindness to pet owners in need by offering deferred payments to federal employees affected by the shutdown.


Dr. Stephen Kinney of Auburn Animal Center was nominated for the Maine Veterinary Medical Association's (MVMA) Distinguished Veterinary Service Award. Good luck, Dr. Kinney!