Celebrating National Mutt Day

Celebrating National Mutt Day
August 12, 2021

To commemorate National Mutt Day we put a message out on our Facebook page to capture your furry BFFs and we were not disappointed! Check out some of the beautiful mutts from across the country. If you want more stories head on over to the Facebook post, you will see a whole lot more adorable pups in the comments.

Mutt Day Kristin LakePet’s Best Friend Veterinary Hospital - Levittown, Pennsylvania
Kristin Lake from Pets Best Friend Veterinary Hospital celebrated her birthday on a mountain top with her best friend. This is Dixie, the best hiking buddy anyone could ever ask for.


Mutt Day Sabina PrevoWillowood Acres Veterinary Clinic - Romulus, Michigan
Sweet Abby was left behind at a shelter weighing just 17 pounds. She is strong, healthy, and happy with Sabina Prevo from Willowood Acres. She clocks in at 41 pounds these days!


Mutt Day Kelly LederhouseInwood Animal Center - Inwood, West Virginia
Some furry friends show their love with slurps, and that is just what Dixie the Great Pyrenees does. Even though she is covered in slobber, Kelly Lederhouse from Inwood Animal Center can’t hold back a smile.


Mutt Day Jesselyn Ozmore Animal Hospital of Gordon County - Calhoun, Georgia
Baby Juniper belongs to Jesselyn Ozmore from Animal Hospital of Gordon County. She was a parvo pup who was turned over. Safe to say she is not just surviving but thriving with Jesselyn’s love and care.


Mutt Day Tim Denial North East Animal Hospital - North East, Pennsylvania
Tim Denial of North East Animal Hospital found Gnarly eating out of a dumpster 14 years ago. Getting a second lease on life, Gnarly has traveled most of the east coast with Tim. They are the best of friends.

Mutt Day Kaylee SchaeferHighland Veterinary Hospital - Highland, Michigan
Just as loved as any other part of the family, Mello gets center stage in the engagement announcement of Kaylee Schaefer from Highland Veterinary Hospital. Kaylee says he is anything but mellow, however, you would never know it by his sweet, calm face.

Mutt Day Chelsea BoydLyme Veterinary Hospital - Lyme, NH
Our pets touch our hearts so deeply it is crushing when we have to say goodbye. Chelsea Boyd of Lyme Veterinary Hospital will forever remember her Leilah, who passed away in February. A companion like no other, she was truly the best.


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