VetLife: Supporting our DVMs

VetLife: Supporting our DVMs

August 22, 2023

As a program built to support every stage of their careers, VetLife is unique because it is created by veterinarians for veterinarians. VetLife takes into consideration all of the nuances and challenges DVMs face. Earlier this year, we checked in with two of our DVMs that participated in VetLife Days, an initiative that facilitates visiting another hospital for a day to learn a new skill or simply see how different hospitals run. Dr. Amanda Stout from Cedar Rapids Animal Hospital shared how she enhanced her ultrasound skills after spending the day with Dr. Ryan Schroeder from Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails.

Another initiative that is new this year is the COS mentorship certification, a voluntary program offered to COS who are looking to make an impact on newer veterinarians. The inaugural class in the COS Mentorship Certification Program is 50 DVMs strong. The nine-month program will help them develop leadership skills to provide superior mentoring to our newest generation of veterinarians. So far the group has had the privilege of listening to Carrie Jurney DVM, DACVIM (Neurology), President of Not One More Vet, speak on the importance of mentorship, and learned the best practices for welcoming a new grad into their hospital. They will continue their sessions monthly through the end of this year and will have an opportunity to meet in person for graduation. We are excited to see the COS Mentorship Certification Program continue to grow in the years to come. 

One of the longest-running initiatives from VetLife is the dedicated Slack channel. It continues to offer DVMs the ability to collaborate on cases. With over 600 members and active topics including “case of the week” and “exotics” it has become a great resource.

VetLife provides avenues for our veterinarians to engage in their quest for lifelong learning and connect with other veterinarians in our network. If you are a Vetcor veterinarian, reach out to your Chief of Staff or Chief of Staff Advisor for more information on VetLife.

Check out our VetLife program to learn why life is better here.