Week Three: Lending a Hand However They Can

Week Three: Lending a Hand However They Can
April 2, 2020

In our latest blog post, we shared some of the ways our practice teams have been inspiring positivity and kindness, both at their hospitals and throughout their communities. They’ve been serving others with a smile and keeping their own spirits high. From making custom masks to keep their coworkers safe to serving clients coffee during their curbside service appointments, they’re doing everything they can to make life a little better during this difficult time.

Here are some additional examples of how our veterinary practices are bringing joy to their clients and their communities in the midst of COVID-19:

Lake Station Pet Clinic work during COVID-19Lake Station Pet Clinic - Lake Station, Indiana
If you’ve ever wondered why veterinary teams continue to come to work in the midst of a pandemic, it’s because they’re selfless, compassionate, and kind. The Lake Station Pet Clinic team wanted to let their community know exactly why they continue showing up for them, so they posed for a picture to explain. Some of their answers included being able to get pets the food and medications they need, to allow owners to avoid a trip to the emergency animal hospital, and most importantly of all, because they love their patients. 


Tara Animal Hospital's positive messagesTara Animal Hospital - Colleyville, Texas
The current state of things can seriously put a person down in the dumps, but Tara Animal Hospital is trying to change that. To bring some cheer and inspire positivity during this difficult time, the Tara Animal Hospital team broke out their secret weapon - sidewalk chalk. They took to the sidewalk to leave messages about positivity and kindness for clients and passersby alike. We have a feeling they’re going to move others to continue spreading the love. 


Seidl Veterinary Hospital with COVID glove & mask donationsSeidl Veterinary Hospital - Hastings, Michigan
As you’ve probably heard, first responders and healthcare workers across the country are facing an extreme shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) right now. This means that the brave individuals working with COVID-19 patients are sometimes forced to put themselves at risk by reusing masks and other protective gear. Seidl Veterinary Hospital wanted to do what they could to change that, so they donated some of their own PPE to Spectrum Health Pennock Hospital.


Animal Health Care Clinic Toilet Paper COVID GiftAnimal Health Care Clinic - Clearwater, Florida
Anyone who’s been to the grocery store lately knows that toilet paper is basically the new currency of the United States. Whether you go to Target, Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens, it’s nowhere to be found. Well, Animal Health Care Clinic’s hospital manager, Heather, came across a TP stash and decided to give a roll to each of her team members to show them how much she appreciates them. If this was any other point in time, it might be a strange gift but, right now, it’s pretty much like winning the lottery.


Animal Hospital of Howard team members wearing masks made by Dr. HeenanAnimal Hospital of Howard - Green Bay, Wisconsin
To ensure her team has the proper equipment they need to keep themselves safe, Dr. Melissa Heenan of Animal Hospital of Howard took it upon herself to make them custom masks. And they’re super stylish. Here, you’ll see Olivia and Amanda wearing their masks while working with Bailey the beagle mix. We’re constantly impressed by the ways members of the VetCor family go above and beyond for one another. Truly.


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