Twinning is Winning

Twinning is Winning

May 21, 2024

Our hospitals love finding ways to connect with their patients and clients. From first visit photos and snuggles to twinning and celebrating actual twins, our teams make pets’ lives better.

Ladera Ranch Animal HospitalLadera Ranch Animal Hospital - Ladera Ranch, California
It might be hard to see the little balls of fur in this photo, but the team at Ladera Ranch Animal Hospital had no issues seeing and snuggling this pair. Mischief and Mooney, who are not even old enough for their vaccines yet, were in for a wellness check. Dr. Batool (left) and Dr. Amador (right) were happy to hold these two for their photo. Special shout out to Lucero, Miyoko, and Eimillee who illustrate the hospital’s first visit signs.


Creekside Animal HospitalCreekside Animal Hospital - Tomball, Texas
For our hospital teams, it is a compliment if they are told they share a trait with their loveable patients. In this case, it was pointed out that both Figgy and Dr. Robinson proudly sport salt and pepper coloring on their crowns. The team at Creekside Animal Hospital politely asked their clients who wore it better. The diplomatic answer is, of course, both!


Beverly Hills Small Animal HospitalBeverly Hills Small Animal Hospital - Beverly Hills, California
Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital loves it when Josie comes in for a visit. It is even more special when Josie’s name twin, Jozey, is working that day. The bond Josie and Jozey, a veterinary technician on the team, share makes her vet visits comfortable and easy. This chihuahua is lucky to have found her human twin.


Kindness Animal HospitalKindness Animal Hospital - Wheaton, Maryland
Dr. Williamson at Kindness Animal Hospital had a one in a million experience when her own alpaca gave birth to twins. It was a surprise since the second embryo could not be seen on the ultrasound. Dr. Williamson says that mom is doing well and the babies are small but mighty. Everyone is cheering for these adorable twins to continue to grow and get stronger.


Columbia City Veterinary HospitalColumbia City Veterinary Hospital - Seattle, Washington
This cat sibling duo thinks they are twins and no one is going to tell them otherwise. They came in for a check-up up and Veronica, otherwise known as the #1 cat lover at Columbia City Veterinary Hospital, couldn’t get enough. Her team members could tell she was in heaven with all this fur to love.


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