Compassion for All Creatures

Compassion for All Creatures

May 7, 2024

Our hospitals treat a wide range of animals from wildlife to domesticated pets. Our teams cherish every life and are devoted to supporting animals so that they can live their best lives. These are just a few of the latest examples of the quality care our hospitals provide.

Littleton Animal HospitalLittleton Animal Hospital - Littleton, Massachusetts
When it comes to wildlife care it is usually a community effort. That is the case with this young fisher. Littleton Animal Hospital recently partnered with Newhouse Wildlife Rescue to diagnose this mustelid, which is a member of the weasel family. Treated by Dr. Kalani, the team confirmed that their patient’s blood was not clotting normally (possibly due to rat poison in her system) and was showing signs of blunt force trauma. Fishers are an important link in the ecosystem chain in Massachusetts; hopefully, this juvenile will be able to live a long life.


All Care Veterinary HospitalAll Care Veterinary Hospital - Coppell, Texas
All Care Veterinary Hospital announced their kitten of the week was a loveable furball named Bear. He might look little here but he has doubled his weight since his last visit, from 1.3lbs to 2.4lbs. At just eight weeks old he has already captured the hearts of the whole team. Bear loves the attention, although he loves squeezy cheese even more. In fact, Bear wants everyone to know it's not just for dogs!


Always Compassionate Veterinary CareAlways Compassionate Veterinary Care - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Many of our hospitals not only celebrate the first visit a furbaby has but also the later-in-life visits that become more and more special each year. The team at Always Compassionate Veterinary Care considers themselves lucky to see Miss. Layla when she comes to visit. Her latest visit fell on her 13th birthday, so they gave her a big shout-out on social media and treated her like a queen.


Bartels Pet HospitalBartels Pet Hospital - Brecksville, Ohio
Veterinary assistant Allyssa from Bartels Pet Hospital stopped on the way to work when she saw something in the middle of an intersection. She quickly realized it was a very small kitten. She took her to work where the team was able to take care of her. The kitten was approximately 3-4 weeks old and weighed just 8 ounces. Allyssa has adopted the kitten and named her Dyna. Once hungry and scared, Dyna is now surrounded by love and thriving in her new home!


Highlands Animal ClinicHighlands Animal Clinic - Denver, Colorado
Meet James Dean the doggo who bears an amazing resemblance to the human James Dean when he wears his protective goggles. The fact that he exudes the same charisma as the movie star is part of why James Dean is a fan favorite at Highlands Animal Clinic. His routine laser treatment helps with the pain and inflammation in his achy joints. Not everyone can be James Dean, but any pet that is arthritic or achy post-op may find relief with laser treatment just like he does


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