Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

April 18, 2022

Spring is officially here and our practices are feeling it. With renewed energy, the practice teams are soaking in the longer days and continuing to provide quality care to each of their patients.


Douds Veterinary HospitalDouds Veterinary Hospital - Oberlin, Ohio

Some people get all dolled up for holiday weekends, but that is not the case for Kora and her sister Najee. Both of these ladies need a little extra help when it comes to getting pedicures. Luckily, groomer Kim at Douds Veterinary Hospital knows her patients so well she is able to make them comfortable for nail trims. They got special treats when they came out of their slings.


Merrifield Animal HospitalMerrifield Animal Hospital - Fairfax, Virginia

New faces are popping up like spring flowers. Alexis joined the team at Merrifield Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Assistant. She is currently attending school to become an LVT. Alexis has already made a positive impact on the team and their patients. We can’t wait to hear how she continues to grow in her career.


Nickel City Animal HospitalNickel City Animal Hospital - Buffalo, New York

This is the time of year when our practices go big on treats. They say the Easter Bunny came early to Nickel City. Whenever there is a large tub of cheese balls involved, it’s certain to be a popular snack table. Our practices are wonderful at finding ways to lift spirits and keep energy high.


Shenandoah Veterinary ClinicShenandoah Veterinary Clinic - College Station, Texas

With all the happy and energizing parts of spring, there is also a downside — spring allergies. Larry wasn’t saved from the pollen this year, but as soon as the team at Shenandoah took care of him, he felt much better. Here he is relaxing on some paperwork after his visit. His parents confirmed he is doing well and back to watching birds from his favorite perch.


Bright Eyes and Bush Tails Veterinary HospitalBright Eyes and Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital - Iowa City, Iowa

We can’t forget all the puppies that our practices take care of in the spring. This is little miss Ivy, who just celebrated her birthday. She was having a bit of a birthday tour with her owner and they stopped in to visit her buddies Shania and Sarah at Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails.

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