Refer a Friend to Our VetCor Family

Refer a Friend to Our VetCor Family

July 12, 2018

Every time summer rolls around, doesn’t it seems like your summer bucket list gets longer and longer? The warmer weather and longer days stimulate your senses and boost your energy levels making you want to try out a new hobby like paddle boarding or sailing or maybe just a new seafood restaurant.

That social feed gets a lot more interesting and you are bound to be inspired to try something new or head out an adventure for the weekend. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some bonus money to put towards those summer bucket list activities?


As you work your way through that activity list, we want to remind all of our fun-loving team members about the VetCor Employee Referral program. This program continues to be one of our most effective sourcing channels for new talent. It’s well-documented amongst recruiters, that candidates who are referred by existing employees tend to be overall better candidates than those who simply apply to a job posting.

We are only halfway through 2018 and we are proud to announce that we have added over 100 new members to the team just this year via the Employee Referral program. Not only has VetCor benefited, but those staffers that referred those candidates were rewarded with a bonus check to put toward their fun in the sun activities - $5,000 for new Veterinarians and $1,000 for support staff. Think about all of the concerts you can attend or ice cream cones you can consume with that!

Here are some the 2018 stats of the VetCor Referral Program:

  • Veterinarians: 18 FT - 11 PT = 29 Total
  • Technicians: 23 FT - 15 PT = 38 Total
  • Support Staff: 25 FT - 21 PT = 46 Total
  • Overall Totals: 66 FT - 47 PT = 113 Total

As you are making out your list of all the things you want to do, try to think of those candidates in your network that would be interested in exploring working at VetCor at any of our practices around the country or in the corporate office.

We are grateful for all of those employees who have helped us grow our teams this year. Have a referral in mind? To learn more, contact one of our Hiring Specialists today.

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