Pet Moms Share Their Fur-Babies

Pet Moms Share Their Fur-Babies

May 16, 2023

This Mother’s Day we got to hear what makes our team members so happy, excited, and proud to be moms to their fur-babies. Their pets are a part of their family and they wouldn’t want it any other way.


Fisherville Animal HospitalFisherville Animal Hospital - Concord, New Hampshire
At Fisherville Animal Hospital, Hospital Manager, Carina, feels it is a privilege to be a mom to her 19 and half year old buddy. She has been his parent since he was three weeks old. When she worked in a shelter, she fostered a litter and he stuck around. They have been through thick and thin together. “l can always count on him to be by my side for a snuggle when I needed it or when I didn’t!”


Advantage Veterinary CenterAdvantage Veterinary Center - High Ridge, Missouri
Barrett makes his mom, Jenna’s, day, every day! As a technician at Advantage Veterinary Center she sees a lot of good boys, but Barrett is her best friend. They have been together for 6 years and she couldn’t live without him. It is extra special that he is up for all her wild photoshoot ideas, like this one with colored powder, she adds, “just as long as there are treats involved.”


South Side Animal HospitalSouth Side Animal Hospital - Indianapolis, Indiana
This dynamic duo fills their mom Haley with overwhelming joy. Haley is a vet assistant at South Side Animal Hospital and she is mom to Linus and Lucy. They each have their special skills. Linus is her first dog and is an absolute pleasure to be around. He is sweet, gentle with babies and kids, and can be the best snuggler. Lucy is super playful and sassy, and will give kisses to just about everyone, but she can get into trouble, too. Haley says these two are the best dogs she could have asked for.


Bear Branch Animal Hospital Bear Branch Animal Hospital - Magnolia, Texas
Liz, Client Care Specialist at Bear Branch Animal Hospital, lovingly calls Dumpling the best worst decision she’s ever made. Dumpling is her soul dog, “She fills a hole I didn't even know I had.” She is a happy pup, except during storms, and she loves hoses and bubbles. Liz feels lucky to have her.


Pet Partners Animal ClinicPet Partners Animal Clinic - Sussex, Wisconsin
Erica, CVT at Pet Partners Animal Clinic, shares that her fur babies Icicle, Dottie, Fluffy, and Mittens give her unconditional love. There is one caveat—if you break their treat in half they will give you the cold shoulder. She goes on to say that, “All the animals I get to see at work have no idea how much they help me as [much as] I help them.”


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