Patients in Action

Patients in Action

January 12, 2022

A lot of us set new goals at the beginning of the year and one of those goals usually involves getting more exercise. The humans aren’t the only ones exercising more — we have seen our patients getting in on the workout scene, too. Take a look at how they are kicking off the new year.


Star MeadowStar Meadow Animal Clinic - Farmington, Connecticut

Briggs knows the benefits of yoga and is showing off his child's pose for the team at Star Meadow Animal Clinic. He does his yoga practice every day, as any well-balanced kitty would.


Lyncourt Veterinary HospitalLyncourt Veterinary Hospital - Syracuse, New York

Working out in the winter means you need the right gear. Gizmo and his mom knew before they went out for a walk to Lyncourt Veterinary Hospital that they would need to suit up against the bitter cold. You can’t beat a dog hoodie.


Rosenberg Veterinary ClinicRosenberg Veterinary Clinic - Rosenberg, Texas

James at Rosenberg Veterinary Clinic got his workout for the day when these puppies stopped in for their first puppy shots. These are just two of a six puppy litter that was taken care of by James and the team.


Eastside Animal Medical CenterEastside Animal Medical Center - Grayson, Georgia

Rosie, a patient at Eastside Animal Medical Center doesn’t follow the traditional yoga poses, she chooses her own way of stretching and relaxing. When she isn’t working on innovative moves, she is focused on her other favorite activity, eating.


Kentwood Cat ClinicKentwood Cat Clinic - Kentwood, Michigan

Angel looks really good at any angle, but when she isn’t modeling for the camera she is working on her physique through, you guessed it, cat yoga. The team at Kentwood Cat Clinic considers her a yoga professional.




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