Our Teams Provide Comfort, Education, and Take Time Celebrate

Our Teams Provide Comfort, Education, and Take Time Celebrate

August 29, 2023

Every day our veterinary hospitals comfort, educate, and celebrate their clients, patients, and fellow team members. Let’s take a peek into what is happening at some of our locations.


Madera Veterinary CenterMadera Veterinary Center - Madera, California
For the first time in the history of Madera Veterinary Center, they had to call in the fire department for backup on a case. Bruno’s leg was stuck in a metal stand. After assessing the predicament, Dr. D and the staff realized they didn’t have the right tools to free his leg. The Madera Fire Department came with the jaws of life and were able to carefully get his leg out. He’s doing well and is recovering at home.


Hill-Dale Veterinary Care Hill-Dale Veterinary Care - Baraboo, Wisconsin
This is Seamus doing his best as the feline welcoming committee at Hill-Dale Veterinary Care. He is a one-man show, so he has to work overtime to make sure everyone gets a friendly sniff while they wait. You can’t see it, but that is Bear in her carrier. Her family was happy Seamus was there to roll out the welcome mat for her.


Salem Animal HospitalSalem Animal Hospital - Salem, New Hampshire
Earlier this month, Salem Animal Hospital welcomed Kiara back to the hospital—this time as a veterinary student at NC State University. Kiara is a long-time team member and had the chance to observe some surgeries with Dr. Brito and sit in some appointments with the team as well. Congrats, Kiara! Good luck with your second year of vet school!


Montvale Animal HospitalMontvale Animal Hospital - Montvale, New Jersey
Nothing can keep Sam from smiling on his birthday. This little man turned 11 and the team at Montvale Animal Hospital threw him a little party. His bubbly personality is unwavering even through losing an eye and having a back injury that put him in a cart to get around. He is truly an inspiration.


Northern Michigan Veterinary HospitalNorthern Michigan Veterinary Hospital - Williamsburg, Michigan
When little Pico comes in for a visit, the team at Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital can’t hold back the smiles. Aerie, a Vet Assistant on the team, got plenty of Pico snuggles. He was given the title “pet of the day” and is a very popular member of the NMVH family thanks to his abounding sweetness.



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