Providing Lifetime Care

Providing Lifetime Care

August 15, 2023

When a young pet walks, flies, or swims into one of our hospitals they become part of a family for the rest of their lives. It is a privilege that our team members get to be part of so many pets' lives from day one. Thank you to all of our clients for sharing these wonderful animals with us.


Northwoods Veterinary HospitalNorthwoods Veterinary Hospital - Athol, Idaho
When we say day one, we literally mean it! The team at Northwoods Veterinary Hospital delivered these seven French bulldog pups through c-section. The pups and their momma did great. The team posted this “after” photo since they have gotten so big since they were first born. Their owner thanked the team for being the best around and for making it all possible. It’s safe to say they were in puppy heaven.


Town & Country Veterinary Clinic Town & Country Veterinary Clinic - Olney, Maryland
Sometimes it is tough not to keep all the kittens, but Dr. Rumpke is unable to share his cozy office with them. Town & Country Veterinary Clinic is putting out the word to find these kittens a home. They have had world-class care and top-notch snuggles so their new owners will have big shoes to fill.


Healthy Pets Animal HospitalHealthy Pets Animal Hospital - Olympia, Washington
In order to continue to provide lifetime care to the pets in their community, Healthy Pets Animal Hospital got a makeover. They celebrated their grand reopening of their newly renovated space by welcoming everyone to an open house. Along with the chance to connect with the team, the community joined in on raffles and gift bags, and there were coloring tables, snacks, and beverages.


Yorktown Animal HospitalYorktown Animal Hospital - Yorktown Heights, New York
Biggie is boarding with the team at Yorktown Animal Hospital and it’s his first birthday. The team couldn’t pass up the chance to celebrate and snap this group photo to commemorate his big day. Biggie gets to enjoy a large backyard with outdoor runs so when he isn’t snuggled up with someone, he is getting his exercise.


Star Meadow Animal ClinicStar Meadow Animal Clinic - Farmington, Connecticut
Chief of Staff Tanya Battiston shows off her multitasking skills at Star Meadow Animal Clinic. Dr. Battiston is an animal reiki practitioner and energy healer as well. She feels it is a privilege to be a part of the lives of so many people and their animals. They are certainly lucky to have her to look after them.




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