Meet Some of Our Four-Legged Friends

Meet Some of Our Four-Legged Friends
July 16, 2021

This week, we’ve got puppies galore. From bulldogs and Jack Russells to our favorite mixed breeds, our practice teams are loving on them all and, in at least one case, braving tropical storms to continue providing them with care. 

Murphey Road Animal HospitalMurphy Road Animal Hospital - Sachse, Texas
Going back to work after celebrating the Fourth of July left a lot of us feeling like this handsome boy, Hugo, but nothing can slow down our practice teams. In fact, the Murphy Road team was over the moon seeing one of their favorite bulldog patients and, even if it doesn’t look like it, Hugo was excited to see them too. We promise. 


Chase Veterinary ClinicChase Veterinary Clinic - Middleboro, Massachusetts
Quite a few of our practices felt the effects of the tropical storm, Elsa, but the team at Chase Veterinary Clinic wasn’t going to let the rain bring them down. Instead, they put on their ponchos (and hopefully some rain boots), braved the weather, and continued ferrying their patients in and out of the hospital - all with a smile and a positive attitude. 


Salem Animal HospitalSalem Animal Hospital - Salem, New Hampshire
Do you know Dr. Caruso’s 2-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Teddy? This rambunctious little boy loves burning off his pent up energy by doing agility exercises with his furry brother, Lincoln. Yet somehow, he still has enough of it to keep the Salem team entertained whenever he visits the hospital. And boy, do they love him.


Oneonta Veterinary Hospital Oneonta Veterinary Clinic - Oneonta, New York
There’s nothing like being thanked for a job well done with a bunch of sloppy puppy kisses, and that’s exactly what Dr. Schafer received from her patients, Theia and Nyx. This duo is well-loved by the entire Oneonta team and we’ve got no doubt that they know it. Between all the treats and snuggles, how could they not?

Stratford Hills Veterinary Care CenterStratford Hills Veterinary Center - Richmond, Virginia
Whenever Charlie visits Stratford Hills Veterinary Center, everyone’s mood is instantly lifted. During his most recent visit, he was all hugs, kisses, and cuddles. The team considers him one of their favorite patients and, with a smile like that, we can absolutely see why. 


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