Meaningful Connections

Meaningful Connections

September 12, 2023

Our hospital teams make meaningful connections in different ways. The time they spend getting to know their patients leads to a more comfortable visit and sets the stage for future trust and cooperation.


Creature Comforts Animal HospitalCreature Comforts Animal Hospital - Las Vegas, Nevada
Trudy Joon is a very happy patient at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital. Her family is so appreciative of the compassion and dedication of Dr. Espinosa and the whole team that helped Trudy Joon get through her cancer treatment. She is one year out from her last treatment and joins many other dogs, cats, and exotics who have been cared for throughout their cancer recovery by the team.


TLC Veterinary HospitalTLC Veterinary Hospital - Semmes, Alabama
Our hospitals have many connections to their local communities, many team members have grown up close to where they now work. John Shows, a veterinary assistant at TLC Veterinary Hospital, got a very special surprise when his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Samuels, showed up at the hospital. Mrs. Samuels is a well respected teacher its no wonder John became such an amazing vet assistant.


Lexington-Bedford Veterinary HospitalLexington-Bedford Veterinary Hospital - Lexington, Massachusetts
It’s official—there has never been a more photogenic hedgehog at Lexington-Bedford Veterinary Hospital. This new friend to the team, Juliet, was treated like a star and photographed like one, too. Lexington-Bedford sees many exotics like Juliet including bearded dragons, chameleons, and axolotles.


Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital - Scarborough, Maine
When teams make connections with their patients, they are able to deliver next-level care. At Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital, they know their patients just by observing their demeanor. This is sweet Ruby Soho, and by this expression, the team knows she would prefer inside playtime instead of going out in the rain. Either that or she had a case of the Monday’s!


St Charles Veterinary ClinicSt. Charles Veterinary Clinic - St. Charles, Illinois
No wonder Lucy got Puppy of the Week at St. Charles Veterinary Clinic—what a good girl! Dr. Vogel got down on her level during her visit to get to know her better. Lucy had a great time and the team learned that she loves to play fetch with her humans and enjoys many puppy naps. Dr. Vogel can’t wait to see her again.



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