Thankful Thursday: A Little Goes a Long Way

Thankful Thursday: A Little Goes a Long Way
Thanking team members
June 16, 2022

Each and every day our team members deliver quality care to their patients and in the process, they build strong bonds with each other and with coworkers across the network.  Thankful Thursday blog posts are an example of how even a small act of support and kindness can go a long way, and a quick note can make someone's day.

Lucy Smith from Creve Coeur Animal Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, wants to recognize the team at Creve Coeur Animal Hospital, especially, Lauren Gonzales, Assistant Hospital Manager: “[Thank you for] keeping the place running while I travel to other VetCor hospitals and allowing me to step away.  Our hospital is lucky to have such a great team!”

Lucy would also like to recognize Matt Campbell, Liz Hall, and Karen Laurinas from the OPS team: "[For] giving me the opportunity to expand my role with VetCor. They all take the time to answer my questions and explain how things work.  I really enjoy working with them and the entire OPS team!”

Emily Adams from Port Cities Animal Hospital, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, wants to recognize our entire team at Port Cities Animal Hospital: "Our team at Port Cities Animal Hospital has been working tirelessly these last few months. There are two clinics in our area that are closing due to retirement and the amount of appointments we’ve been seeing is astronomical. Our team has shown up smiling, puts in hard work and effort, and just continues to amaze me and how well they continue to shine. Their dedication is outstanding and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this clinic family. Great work team, you’re rockstars.”

Jennifer Strattman from Hartfield Animal Hospital, Hartfield, Virginia, wants to recognize Jessica Wilson, LVT: "She is a SuperTech, juggling many things and always has a positive attitude!”

Bailey Perryman from All Animals Veterinary Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina wants to recognize her whole team at All Animals Veterinary Hospital!: "We have a had a really tough year, but these girls stuck it out and fought through the hard times. Luckily now, we are looking at a bright future and a team that is stronger and better than ever. I am SO lucky to be a part of this excellent group of people!”

Trina Gilbert from Animal Care Center at Cherry Way, Gahanna, Ohio, wants to recognize Samanntha Miller, Assistant Hospital Manager: "Samanntha is always jumping in to help no matter what the situation is.  I can count on her to help fill in when we are short staffed, answer phones when they are ringing off the hook, help clients, help hold patients, etc.  She is a very positive, pleasant presence in the practice.  She is a very hard worker and a great team player.  She is truly amazing and I could not do this without her!!!”

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, Ohio, wants to recognize Rhonda Arthur, Receptionist: "Rhonda has been a tremendous help during our paper lite transition and assisting with getting clients checked out in rooms rather than at our front desk to help minimize traffic at the front desk. She is always willing to jump in wherever asked.”

Amy also wants to recognize Dawn Clawson, RVT, Receptionist: "Dawn joined our team as a receptionist as she needed a break from being an RVT. She is a fantastic resource at the front desk for our other receptionists and clients with questions. Although she is mainly a receptionist, she is also willing to jump in and help with some tech duties when we are short staffed. We are so thankful for Dawn!”

Dr. Mary Orefice Wallace, DVM, COS from Torrington Animal Hospital, Torrington, Connecticut, wants to recognize Ed Zamora, Human Resources: "Just wanted to say thank you to Ed for being so professional and kind. He was very pleasant to work with and completed all paperwork in a timely manner but most importantly, he was very kind in his words.  Thank you.”

Kasey Brinkley from Good Hands Veterinary Hospital, Athens, Georgia, wants to recognize the whole hospital staff at Good Hands Veterinary Hospital: "[For] always doing a great job and helping out when needed!”

Dr. Christine Spodnick, DVM, COS from Raritan Animal Hospital, Edison, New Jersey, wants to recognize Lauren DeFreest, Technician: "Lauren has been a rockstar with our hospitalized pets! She organizes all of the patients having ultrasounds each week. She reviews their plans and preps them for their procedures. She has also had to juggle hospitalized pets in addition to the ultrasounds this week! Great job, Lauren!”

Dr. Danielle Perkins, DVM, COS from Indian Walk Veterinary Center, Newtown, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Jennifer Maniscola, Hospital Manager: "Through all of the changes in the past year, Jenn has dealt with each challenge with a positive attitude and channeling her energy into effective problem solving. As practice manager, she not only does her normal roles/expectations but is quick to jump in to help the team as CSR or technician when needed. She’s awesome!”

Angelyn Snyder from Crossroads Animal Hospital, Bastrop, Texas, wants to recognize Dr. Joey Halley, DVM: "Dr. Halley is here every day supporting the clinic, working hard to keep our clients and their fur babies healthy and happy.”

Kaylee Mahon from Pet Shield Veterinary Hospital, North Branford, Connecticut, wants to recognize Stephanie D'Adamo, Technician: "Stephanie just celebrated her 1-year anniversary with us and has been such a wonderful addition to our team. Over the past few months, she has not only taken an interest in posting for our Facebook page but has implemented such wonderful ways to get our clients involved with their pet's health care. She is always willing to help out in all aspects of the hospital and bring in new ideas. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated team member!”

Allyson Mihalko Assistant Hospital Manager/Lead Tech from High Plains Veterinary Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colorado, wants to recognize Karen Frank, Hospital Manager: "I just want to thank Karen for always being there for me as I learn my role as Assistant Hospital Manager.  She is always extremely patient with me and she is always willing to answer all of my questions (and I have a lot of them)!  I bug her constantly on her day off and she is always gracious about helping me!  I know she has a lot on her plate but she always makes time for me!  She is excellent at training and I couldn't ask for a better mentor!!  Karen rocks!!”

Amy Miller from the OPS team wants to recognize Anicia Smith, Hospital Manager, Dr. Eric Shaver, DVM, COS, and the entire staff at East Holmes Veterinary Clinic: "I recently was able to attend their open house for their newly renovated building. Everything was beautiful and carefully thought out with a guided tour. Not only did they have snacks, but they had a full petting zoo all provided by the employees. You can tell that the team took great pride in their new facility and great examples were set by Anicia and Dr. Shaver.”

Amy also wants to recognize Taylor Fontana, Hospital Manager from East Animal Hospital: "Taylor is new to our family as a Hospital Manager. Her practice joined us in July 2021. Taylor has soaked up any advice given to her like a sponge, and we have seen improvement in the practice with Taylor's leadership. I am excited to see Taylor's future with the practice and VetCor.”

Lastly, Amy wants to recognize Jess Campisi, RM: "Jess is one of our newer RM's and has exceptionally well navigating through tricky situations and has provided excellent support for her practices. I am lucky to have Jess on my team and am excited to see her future in the role.”

Dr. Kayla Porcelli, DVM, COS, and Lisa Adeas from Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, want to recognize Kara Gilligan, Client Care Specialist: "Dr. Porcelli and Lisa would like to recognize Kara. She is a hard worker, a go getter, and a ray of sunshine! She is always finding ways to better the practice and to self-improve. She is also phenomenal with clients. We are so thankful she is a part of our team!”

Rachel Poth from the OPS team wants to recognize Dr. Nicole King, DVM, COS, Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic: "Dr. King recently deescalated an extremely upset client with such grace and poise, it was a masterclass in how to treat a person with respect while setting boundaries of safety for her team and the patients. The very best part, Dr. King was mentoring a 3rd year vet student who got to witness first-hand how a calm and caring de-escalation is done. The client is returning with appropriate expectations set because of her conversation with Dr. King. We love you NK! Thank you for all you do for us!!” photo

Rachel also would like to recognize Kayla Love, Lead Technician from Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic: "Kayla is amazing. No, she is beyond amazing. Every day we have great conversations where we talk about anesthetic protocols, pain management, general nursing, ect. I have learned so much from working side by side with her. Thank you for all you do KL!!!!” photo

Jess Safani-Franko from Agoura Animal Clinic, Agoura Hills, California, wants to recognize Sergio Ortiz Jr., Veterinary Receptionist: "Sergio is FANTASTIC! I had the pleasure of working with him years ago, and I'm so glad he has returned to our hospital. He has valuable insight and is more familiar than most with our practice management software. He is an excellent communicator and is always extremely professional and courteous with clients and his coworkers! I'm SO thankful for him!"

Dr. Mark Severs, DVM, COS from Eastown Animal Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa, wants to recognize Dr. Stephanie Hoffman, DVM, COS, and Dr. Cheri Aldrich, DVM: "They have been coming in to help us from Village Veterinary Hospital in Johnston while we are short-staffed.  They have both been wonderful!”

Kerry Kornish from Woodside Animal Hospital, Port Orchard, Washington, wants to recognize the entire team at Woodside Animal Hospital!: "I would like our entire team to know how much they are appreciated. We have recently been faced with some significant challenges. Rather than giving up, each and every one of them has chosen to rally together and work through the obstacles. Most staff members have contributed solutions and everyone has been receptive to each other's ideas. Many staff members have even worked off-shift to contribute solutions. What a phenomenal team we have!"

Dr. Ashley Misner, DVM, COS from Stark Animal Hospital, Canton, Ohio, wants to recognize the entire SAH team: "I love how my team works together to make our day go as smoothly as possible. Even when we are short staffed, the team buckles down to get things done as efficiently as possible. Thanks to all of you for your hard work!”

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to recognize Heather Cruz, Vet Assistant: "Heather is a hard worker, compassionate kind and caring with our cats and clients.  She is very knowledgeable and gets great histories on the cats.  She is taking on our Pharmacy to help with inventory.  Our clients love her and she loves taking care of their cats.”

Kellie Wilkinson from Pet Hospital of Willoughby, Willoughby, Ohio, wants to recognize the full staff at Pet Hospital of Willoughby: "We've had a LOT of changes in the past 90 days, from management to processes to products, and they are doing the best job acclimating with positive attitudes!”

Dr. Kelly Stroh, DVM, COS from Herrmann Veterinary Clinic, Noblesville, Indiana, wants to recognize our entire staff at Herrmann Veterinary Clinic: "Our staff is absolutely amazing!  They pull together to help each other out. The care they give our patients and clients goes above and beyond every day!  They have had to encounter a lot of changes in the last year.  These changes could have caused  bitterness and frustration, instead, everyone came together to support each other.”

Keri Garland from Animal Hospital of Gordon County, Calhoun, Georgia, wants to recognize Hailey Gaines, Groomer: "I am thankful for her hard work and dedication.  She has lots of patience and makes all her patients look amazing.  She is always booked a month or so out.  She absolutely does an amazing job.”

Jennifer Perry from RAE-ZOR GBD, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Rae Marks, Groomer: "Marks wears many hats in our company.  She is a leader, a groomer, a teacher, a guidance counselor, a role model, and sometimes a disciplinarian, but most importantly she is the matriarch of RAE-ZOR.  She is the head of our family and the person we look up to the most.  Many of us have the pleasure of calling her a friend.  I count myself as the luckiest because I get to call her Ma.  I am thankful we have been in the dog profession for over 20 years together!”