The Facilities Team Makes Ideas a Reality

The Facilities Team Makes Ideas a Reality

August 26, 2022

The numbers don’t lie, the facilities team has been able to understand what our practices need and help them achieve the ideal space for staff, clients, and patients.

Here is how the numbers are stacking up for facility major projects in 2022:

  • 6 projects were started, with 10 more scheduled to start before year-end
  • 12 projects were completed, with at least 12 more expected to be completed by year-end
  • 20 locations are in the process of being evaluated
Norwell Veterinary Hospital

We caught up with Norwell Veterinary Hospital and their location is close to being complete, with their new front desk area already in use! They will have more exam rooms and a new urgent care center when the work is finished at the end of this year. With the major work being done, it is only with the ingenuity of the facilities team along with the nimble staff at Norwell that they have been able to continue providing care through curbside appointments. The project has moved along quickly enough that starting this month they offering limited in-person visits.


One of the projects that was completed this year was Panther Creek Pet Clinic. Since every practice in our network is unique, they all have different needs. Panther Creek had a great location but needed a larger space for their growing practice. With the help and guidance of the facilities team, they were able to relocate completely to a larger unit within the same shopping plaza, and then customize that space. Now, they enjoy more exam space and a welcoming waiting area.

Panther Creek Pet Clinic

Animal Clinic at New Lenox

Some projects are longer than others—the team at Animal Clinic at New Lenox has been working through their major renovation since 2021, but has made some amazing progress. With the knowledge and support of the facilities team, New Lenox will have an overall better workflow that will allow them to function and move more efficiently. They are adding an additional exam room, renovating the surgical suite, and have already expanded the lobby space and seating area.


The facilities team also handles the network's real estate needs. They help manage landlord relations, lease extensions, and the identification of new site options when needed.

We can’t wait to hear about the upcoming projects, we know that there will be no shortage of before and after photos in the near future. To find out more about the facilities team please reach out to your Hospital Manager or Regional Manager.