The Facilities Team is Helping Practices Shine

The Facilities Team is Helping Practices Shine

April 26, 2022

As part of VetCor’s network of practices, we support all of our locations so they can continue to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients and clients. Part of that support involves having a space that is welcoming and can accommodate the latest treatments. That is where our facilities team comes in. Jim Agan - VP of Facilities, Dr. Brian Holub - Chief Medical Officer, Amber Hansen - VP Procurement, Christine Rachwal - Regional Manager, Jessica Shelley - Facility Projects Coordinator, Vanesa Rivera - Procurement Coordinator, and Franco Milza - Practice Support Coordinator are all focused on making our practices shine.

The facilities team handles everything from small projects, such as maintenance and facelifts, to large projects, including full renovations, expansions, and relocations. They also work alongside the OPS team and practice teams to make sure hospitals are maintained and are meeting safety regulations, and are also the go-to team for all lease-related questions.

Just as each of our practices is unique, so too are the design needs of each space. Solomons Veterinary Medical Center in Solomons, Maryland endured a fire and worked hand in hand with the facilities team to reopen just a few short months after the devastation. They will work out of a temporary space as the construction of their new practice takes place.

Norwell Veterinary Hospital in Norwell, Massachusetts is reconfiguring their existing space to add more exam rooms as well as an urgent care center. Other practices, such as Springfield Animal Hospital in Springfield, Ohio, and Columbus Central Veterinary Hospital in Columbus, New Jersey have relocated to fully renovated spaces with the help, guidance, and support of the facilities team.

These are just a few of the many projects the team has tackled. Six major projects were completed in 2021, one of them is Chester Veterinary Clinic in Chester, CT.  Currently, there are 10 projects in process with another eight expected to start in 2022.

Our goal is to provide our practices with the space they need to continue the amazing care they provide their communities. To find out more about the facilities team please reach out to your Regional Manager.