Week Five: Continuing to Serve Patients & Pet Owners

Week Five: Continuing to Serve Patients & Pet Owners
April 16, 2020

It’s been five weeks since our practices since our practices took on the challenge of delivering care to their clients in the midst of this pandemic. In last week’s blog post, we shared pictures of a litter of newborn puppies that will melt your heart and talked about how a little library was turned into a pet food exchange for those in need. To our delight, the positive stories keep pouring in and, as always, we can’t wait to share them with you. 

Check out the latest feel good stories from the field here:

Bartel's Pet Hospital COVID-19 response
Bartel’s Pet Hospital - Brecksville, Ohio

Because of coronavirus, our practices have had to change the way they provide care to patients. But what hasn’t changed is the love they have for them. When a client at Bartel’s Pet Hospital had to say goodbye to her cat, Lily, without being able to be there herself, she asked the team if they knew the “Soft Kitty” song. She explained that she used to sing the song to Lily while they snuggled, so Dr. Soinski and veterinary technician, Katlin, sang her over the Rainbow Bridge.


Lucerne Animal Hospital - COVID communications
Lucerne Animal Hospital - Dedham, Maine

In a time where every hour brings on something new, Lucerne Animal Hospital has started using Facebook messenger to amp up their communications within their team. They’ve been relying on their (wonderful) sense of humor to keep stress at bay and it seems to be working. The group, which is rife with funny memes and stories about how school-aged children are getting on at home, has brought the team closer together and strengthened their camaraderie.


Finger Lakes Animal Hospital - helping at risk COVID clients
Finger Lakes Animal Hospital - Canandaigua, New York

In an effort to protect their most at-risk clients, Finger Lakes Animal Hospital came up with a pick-up system that involves leaving medications and other pet products in a box at their door. It allows clients to get what they need without exposing themselves by going inside. Veterinary teams, like the one at Finger Lakes, remind us time and time again of the ways they’re constantly going above and beyond for pets and their people.


Acadia Veterinary Hospital - MDI High makes masks
Acadia Veterinary Hospital - Bar Harbor, Maine

Students at MDI High made mask attachments for the Acadia Veterinary Hospital team, and they couldn’t love them any more than they already do. The attachments allow our team members to take some pressure off their ears after hours of wear which is truly a gift. We love the ways our practice communities are coming up with creative solutions to their problems and helping each other however they can. Keep sending out those good vibes!


Barnstable Animal Clinic - Hyannis, Massachusetts

Our veterinarians don’t just draw the line at real pets, they care for the magical ones too! Last week was National Unicorn Day (trust us, we didn’t know either) and Dr. McCartney’s daughter’s unicorn was in desperate need of medical attention, so the Barnstable Animal Clinic team stepped up to the plate to fix her up. We’re happy to report that the unicorn has made a full recovery and is already back to soaring over rainbows.


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