Week Four: New Ways to Support Our Communities

Week Four: New Ways to Support Our Communities

April 9, 2020

If you haven’t seen last week's blog post yet, we detailed the ways our practice teams showed their appreciation for their communities. They’ve done everything from leaving positive messages written in sidewalk chalk for passersby to donating PPE to local hospitals. They also showed their gratitude for one other with clever and much needed “fairy” gifts (including the rare roll of toilet paper) and handmade masks. 

The stories keep coming in and we’re proud to share them with you. Check out their latest acts of kindness from across the nation here:

MA offices makes COVID-19 masksVetCor Home Office - Norwell, Massachusetts
It’s not just our amazing practice teams that are joining in on the mask making and donating. Our very own Chief People Officer, Al, her husband, and her daughter, Gillian, have also used their skills for good. They donated 30 handmade masks to their local hospital through Rosie Sews and the Masks Now Coalition. As it turns out, their sewing skills have certainly come in handy. Unfortunately, the family’s pug, Lola, wasn’t as dedicated to the cause since she couldn’t nap on her mom’s lap while she sewed. 


NY Veterinary Practice COVID-19 Egg HuntGuilderland Animal Hospital - Altamont, New York
Lightening the mood and keeping in line with social distancing takes both thought and creativity which the Guilderland Animal Hospital team has in spades. They set up an Easter egg hunt that involved dancing, word scrambles, singing, and answering silly questions - all from six feet apart. The exercise they got was just an added bonus to the laughter and stress relief.


MI Distillery donates to MI veterinary practiceNorthern Michigan Veterinary Hospital - Williamsburg, Michigan
Our practice teams are proudly serving their communities right now and so are their clients. A local distillery owned by some awesome clients of Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital (NMVH) has halted production of their regular products to make hand sanitizer for their community. They gifted some to the NMVH team and they’re certainly fan favorites! 


ME veterinary practice builds libraryBethel Animal Hospital - Bethel, Maine
Bethel Animal Hospital’s hospital manager, Amanda, helped her husband and daughter build this Free Little Library for a local park as part of a Girl Scouts project. With the support of Girl Scout Troop #10097, Bethel Animal Hospital has turned it into a free pet food pantry. Renamed the Free Little Pet Food Pantry, they encourage those in need to take and those who have to give. Thanks again to the Girl Scouts for their compassion and generosity!


IN Veterinary Practice COVID-19 pupsWestern Veterinary Clinic - South Bend, Indiana
Staying positive during a time of crisis can be tough but the Western Veterinary Clinic team knows exactly how to make us all feel better. In the midst of all this craziness, they delivered this wonderful litter of fluff into the world. This is precisely why our practices continue to do what they do and we couldn't be more proud of them for it.


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