Animal Health Care Clinic Uses Learning Opportunities to Help Techs Grow

Animal Health Care Clinic Uses Learning Opportunities to Help Techs Grow

October 28, 2021

As we extend vet tech appreciation beyond National Veterinary Technician week, we take an inside look at the team at Animal Health Care Clinic in Clearwater, Florida. Hospital Manager, Heather Fripp, explains how the many learning opportunities available at their practice allow their techs to grow professionally.

Tell us about the learning opportunities available to your techs.

Not only do our clientele and their abstract cases challenge our technicians but our unique clinic does as well. Animal Health Care Clinic is combined with our low-cost spay and neuter clinic. Our technicians are able to work in different areas in the hospital on different days of the week, which gives them variety. This means they are challenged to learn two different areas and skillsets on different days.

How do you recognize your techs?

We use immediate verbal praise and praise in team meetings. We also make sure they feel heard. It is important for everyone to feel like they are part of the team and that they can contribute to gain a feeling of ownership.

How have your techs impacted your processes? 

My technicians increase efficiency at the drop of a hat. No matter how limited we are in resources or staff, they find a way to be as efficient as possible with what we have. The technicians are the key to the continuity of care for our patients.  They are THE communicator between the doctor, owner, and the pet to satisfy all needs. We try to integrate everyone to the point where anyone can step in and know what is going on or what is needed in each area. All of our technicians are able to work up front and are more than willing to check clients out or answer phones when other CCS are busy.

While National Veterinary Technician week has come to an end, we recognize and appreciate the abilities of our technicians year-round. We are always impressed with our tech’s adaptability and willingness to learn to help their practice, patients, and each other. Thank you, techs, for all that you do!