Get Ready, Get Set, Register!

Get Ready, Get Set, Register!
April 2, 2020

Join the Spring Activity Challenge on ahealthyme! The challenge kicks off on Monday, April 6th - May 18th, so be sure to enroll soon.

To successfully complete this challenge and earn 25 Wellbeing Rewards Points, you must log an average of 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week over the course of the 6-week challenge.

It's especially important to stay active during the COVID-19 outbreak both physically and emotionally. Though this challenge aims to help you stay healthy, it will also lift your mood and (hopefully) help you sleep better - both of which reduce stress. At a time like this, exercise is critical to maintaining your overall wellbeing, and we encourage you to work it into your self-care routine as regularly as you can.

You can still get active while complying with shelter in place orders and social distancing recommendations. Here's how:

  • Walking, bicycling, hiking, jogging, or raking the lawn (while observing social distancing)
  • Doing at home workouts, circuit training, yoga, and even household chores and activities

Missing the gym? Need some inspiration to get started? Check out these articles from and to find free or discounted online workouts.

Enrollment Instructions:

Team up with your coworkers (remotely) and take a step toward healthier living today. The team with the highest average number of exercise minutes at the end of the challenge wins. 

  1. Log into ahealthyme and click on "Sign Up" in the challenge widget.
  2. Pick a team or create your own.
  3. Log your activity using the ahealthyme cardio log which you can find right on the ahealthyme homepage. Alternately, you can use the HealthyNow app to log your activity on your mobile device.