VetLife at VetCor

VetLife at VetCor
Collaborating on exotics and more through VetLife Slack and Facebook groups
July 27, 2022

VetLife has grown since we last checked in at the beginning of the year. With that growth comes the ability to connect more veterinarians across the network. The VetLife Slack group has over 400 members and has eclipsed 5,500 messages touching on many aspects of life as a veterinarian. VetLife also kicked off its own Facebook group, offering yet another convenient way to share knowledge and provide helpful resources. Drs. Sara Mey and Bryan Haag keep both of these channels going with their endless dedication to educating and collaborating with veterinarians. 

VetLife on Slack just wrapped a great “Case Contest” where submissions were posted and voted upon. There were five winners who took home an insulated water bottle and so many others that joined Slack and commented on the cases throughout the contest. Keep an eye out for another contest this fall! 

Aside from fun contests, Slack offers members the ability to receive and provide timely advice, share photos of cases, and celebrate wins with colleagues. Dr. Hirsch, COS at Rehoboth Beach Animal Hospital, recently shared on Slack that she would be performing a spay on a chameleon, something she doesn’t regularly do, and asked any herpetologists to weigh in. Both Dr. Harris, VP Veterinary Leadership, and Dr. Parr, COS at Glenwood Village Pet Hospital traded many comments with Dr. Hirsch containing invaluable guidance (and a confidence boost). After a successful spay, Dr. Hirsch shared, “YOU GUYS! I did it! Thank you guys so much for all the advice.” 

Dr. Stehanie Tarlow, from East Holmes Veterinary Clinic, posted a question about medications prior to a canine neuter procedure on the #medicalcasesupport channel on Slack earlier this month. A total of five VetCor doctors responded with their perspectives and experience with different sedation medications. It is inspiring to see how our network is so generous with their time and willing to share their knowledge.

In the new VetLife Facebook Group, VetCor veterinarians are able to see the latest vendor-sponsored events, resources for mental health, uplifting articles, recommendations for the “Positivity Book Club”, and workplace hacks to try.

If you are VetCor veterinarian interested in learning more about VetLife on Slack and Facebook, please reach out to your Regional Manager to connect you with Dr. Sara Mey.