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HMLife is the heart and soul of Vetcor's commitment to our incredible hospital managers. This community is a hub for them to connect and collaborate! HMLife gives hospital managers a forum to ask questions and share exciting ideas to boost employee engagement and create a stellar work culture. Hospital managers in our HMLife program also have access to training and development opportunities to keep growing and thriving.

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Compensation & Benefits

  • Competitive compensation and benefits package
  • Merit-based reviews each year
  • Transfer and relocation benefits
  • Earn more with Team Rewards Bonus and HM/COS Incentive Bonus

Skill Development

  • In-depth onboarding training available to all HMs
  • Support from service center departments to help HMs build the skills they need
  • Access to free courses and learning resources through Vetcor University

Career Pathways

  • Transfer opportunities between practices
  • Grow your career and become an area manager, regional manager, or join a corporate team such as acquisitions, recruiting, special projects, and more!

Network & Support

  • Join Vetcor HMLife Facebook Group
  • Attend various virtual office hours and events
  • Visit or work at other Vetcor hospitals
  • Access to various departments, including marketing, payroll, accounts payables, and central support dedicated to supporting hospital’s needs


  • Discounts on services and products at any Vetcor practice1
  • Staff discounts on diets and free product from manufacturers
  • Free reference lab work on eligible tests for your pet

Let's sniff out your next op-paw-tunity!

Open Positions
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Veterinarian - Chesterfield, NJ
Chesterfield Veterinary Clinic
Chesterfield Veterinary Clinic   is looking to grow our team of skilled and compassionate veterinarians! We have been serving the Burlington County and surrounding Greater Philadelphia area with quality care and medicine for over 25 years.    This is a great opportunity for an experienced veterinarian looking for a flexible ...

Veterinarian - Brick NJ
Laurelton Veterinary Hospital
Laurelton Veterinary Hospital  is seeking an experienced veterinarian to join our tenured team where our top priority is fostering our longtime relationships with clients while providing quality care and progressive veterinary medicine.   This is a perfect opportunity for an experienced veterinarian who is passionate about surgery and would like ...

Veterinarian - Brick, NJ
Brick Town Veterinary Hospital
Explore an exciting opportunity at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital! We're seeking a Veterinarian to join our family-oriented practice. As a bustling, full-service, multi-doctor hospital, we specialize in delivering top-notch veterinary care for dogs and cats. Recognized as as a top veterinary practice in Ocean County, we actively engage in social ...

Veterinarian - Brick, NJ
Cedars Veterinary Hospital
Join our team at  Cedars Veterinary Hospital  in Brick, NJ! We're in search of an experienced Veterinarian with a keen interest in surgery and a passion for client communication and education. The right candidate will have the chance to step into a leadership role.   Our Doctors and Support Staff Enjoy: ...

Veterinarian - Bridgewater NJ
Somerset Veterinary Group
Somerset Veterinary Group has an exciting opportunity for a Veterinarian our busy full-service clinic. Our welcoming state-of-the-art facility allows us to offer high-quality and progressive medicine. Our experienced and long-tenured team has built strong ties to the greater Bridgewater community. We offer our clients ultrasound laser therapy orthopedic surgery echocardiography ...

Veterinarian - Cinnaminson, NJ
Cinnaminson Animal Hospital
Cinnaminson Animal Hospital in Cinnaminson, NJ is actively seeking a full-time associate veterinarian to join our experienced team, providing quality veterinary care to the Greater Philadelphia region since 1959!   Our team takes pride in working within a recently updated facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Supported by a knowledgeable and ...

Veterinarian - Cresskill NJ
Cresskill Animal Hospital
Cresskill Animal Hospital , just outside NYC, is thrilled to offer an opportunity for a Veterinarian to join our growing team!   Established in 1989, our multi-doctor hospital is known for delivering top-notch veterinary care and exceptional client service for companion animals. Our modern and welcoming facility, staffed by exceptional ...

Veterinarian - Raritan, NJ
Raritan Animal Hospital
Raritan Animal Hospital , one of the first veterinary hospitals in the US, is seeking a veterinarian to join our established, multi-doctor and AAHA-accredited practice! We strive to provide exceptional medical and surgical care to our patients during their Fear Free visit. We have an incredible team of tenured veterinarians ...

Veterinarian - Hoboken NJ
Hoboken Animal Hospital
Hoboken Animal Hospital is looking for a new graduate or experienced veterinarian to join our growing practice. We are a multi-doctor hospital that provides quality veterinary care for dogs, cats, pocket pets, and exotic pets.   Our doctors enjoy: Practicing in a fully equipped facility that includes laser surgery and electronic medical records. ...

Veterinarian - Newport, NJ
Newport Veterinary Center
Overlooking the NYC Skyline, Newport Animal Hospital is looking for an experienced veterinarian to join their tenured team.   We have been providing quality comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care to the cats and dogs of our community since 1953, along with our satellite location based in   Hoboken , ...

Veterinarian - Ringwood NJ
Ringwood Animal Hospital
Ringwood Animal Hospital has an exciting opportunity for a part-time, experienced veterinarian to join our team. We are a full-service, multi-doctor practice that provides quality veterinary care for dogs, cats, and pocket pets in the Ringwood, NJ area. Our hospital boasts an excellent working environment, advanced diagnostic features, including digital x-rays and ultrasound, and a ...

Veterinarian - Sicklerville NJ
Cedar Brook Animal Hospital
Cedar Brook Animal Hospital is actively seeking a dedicated Veterinarian to join our close-knit, family-oriented practice. As a bustling, full-service, multi-doctor hospital, we take pride in delivering high-quality veterinary care for our cherished canine and feline companions. Our long-tenured and compassionate staff is committed to providing exceptional service to our ...

Veterinarian - Union City NJ
Union City Animal Clinic
Union City Animal Clinic in Union City, NJ is looking for an experienced veterinarian to join our small and bustling practice. As a part of this community since 1980, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and promoting our patient’s overall health and longevity. Most of our staff has been ...

Veterinarian - West Trenton NJ
West Trenton Animal Hospital
West Trenton Animal Hospital is seeking a Veterinarian to join our established, well-rounded practice. We are a full-service, multi-doctor hospital that provides quality veterinary care for dogs, cats, and exotic pets. Our doctors enjoy taking on a variety of interesting cases in a facility equipped with advanced diagnostic features, including digital ...

Veterinarian - Woodbridge NJ
Woodbridge Veterinary Group
Woodbridge Veterinary Group , conveniently located 30-minutes from the Jersey shore, has an exciting opportunity for a Veterinarian to join our progressive, multi-doctor practice. Modern facility featuring advanced ultrasound technology and in-house laboratory equipment No on-call or emergency shifts required! Compassionate and supportive team dedicated to providing quality care and ...