Where I'm Meant to Be

April 25, 2018

Julie is the hospital manager at East Towne Veterinary Clinic.

East Towne Veterinary Clinic was one of the first dozen clinics that VetCor acquired. I remember it was a scary time for the support staff when we were transitioning – we had been so well taken care of by Dr. David Tunder and Dr. Frank Schober. It is now about 18 years later, and although we have had many changes, our team has been a stable symbol of the care and compassion that VetCor recognized in us from the beginning.

Julie Roscoe, Hospital Manager at East Towne Vet Clinic, with dog SportWhile Dr. Schober is no longer on the team, Dr. David Tunder, who founded East Towne Veterinary Clinic in 1984, is still practicing with us today as our Chief of Staff. I have also been with the practice for quite some time – for 25 years, to be exact! I started in 1993 as a Customer Care Specialist, and recently got promoted to Hospital Manager, when our previous Manager, Melanie Meyer, was moving on to become a Regional Manager.

Though we have been part of the VetCor family for so long, I really enjoy that our clients still see us as an independent practice instead of a "corporate-run" hospital. VetCor doctors get to practice medicine how they see fit, and can leave the management aspects to the Hospital Managers, Regional Managers, as well as the leaders and support staff at the Home Office. Our doctors are given the freedom to make decisions on what they feel is in the best interest of the patient – not what numbers they need to attain. It’s something that you hear during the acquisition process, but that makes you skeptical that it might be too good to be true. I’m happy to report, it’s not!

We also get to continue doing the things that make our practice unique, like our community outreach. We work closely with a few rescue organizations such as TailWaggers 911, and offer complimentary new adoption exams and discounted spays and neuters, as well as discounted vet visits to Pugs and Hugs rescue. We also foster kittens for the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission, and have found homes for over 100 kittens since 2009. It has always been important to us at East Towne to enrich our community and strengthen our bond with our residents – two and four-legged.

Being a VetCor hospital also means that we have a network of other doctors and clinics if needed, as well as the benefits of having great resources from the Home Office, for advice on equipment, medications and much more. We recently went paperless at East Towne, and it was great to have other practices to visit to see how things were done there!

East Towne Veterinary Clinic has been part of my life for so long, and working here has allowed me the flexibility over the years. As my life evolved, so has my time here. I was able to transition to part-time when we began our family, and the doctors and staff were more than supportive of me. As my kids got older and began school, I returned full-time. I even took a break to pursue an education and career in Medical Assisting, however, after meeting my goal, I realized that East Towne is my family. Although I never regretted my decision to leave and learn another skill, I was welcomed back with open arms.

I feel like I have my own caring and supportive team helping me in my career goals, as well as my family life. I get parenting advice from friends I work with – as well as clients I have known for over 20 years! I believe that East Towne Veterinary Clinic is where I am meant to be.

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