VetLife in 2023: Mentorship & Collaboration

VetLife in 2023: Mentorship & Collaboration

January 31, 2023

As a growing veterinary network, we are dedicated to offering new ways to facilitate connections between our veterinarians. VetLife offers vets the chance to share information, offer advice, and collaborate through their Slack channel and private Facebook group. The VetLife monthly newsletter contains the latest updates from our network, Chief of Staff advisor bio’s, CE event information, and fun ways to stay healthy. 

This year, we are happy to announce some exciting new initiatives. Dr. Elizabeth Hodge, New Grad Program Manager, and Dr. Sara Mey, VP of Veterinary Leadership, host bi-weekly mentorship-focused calls for Chiefs of Staff. This is an interactive forum to pose questions, share experiences, and learn best practices for mentoring.

Dr. Anita Taylor

“It was very good timing for me that Vetcor started these mentorship meetings. This is the first time that I have been responsible for mentoring a brand-new grad. It is helpful to hear how others have approached mentoring in general. In particular, it is useful to learn what the newer generation of vets want from the mentoring relationship and their workplace. I am old enough now that I can definitely feel the generation gap!” -  Dr. Anita Taylor, Chief of Staff, Mentor, Countryside Animal Clinic

Dr. Taylor added, “I do enjoy being a mentor and serving as a resource and sounding board. It reminds me that I have come a long way. There are things that I used to struggle with that just come naturally now. It makes me feel good about all of the work I have put in so far and gives me encouragement to keep going.”

Dr. Patrick Morrison

Dr. Patrick Morrison, Chief of Staff, Atrium Animal Hospital, has also been a part of the COS mentorship calls, “I have enjoyed the mentorship calls. I have not been able to join all of them but I always left with questions to check with our new grad to help her ease into the profession. Both Dr. Mey and Dr. Hodge are extremely approachable. I have emailed them after the meeting when I have questions about being a COS and a mentor myself. They have always given great advice.”

Dr. Hodge also coordinates matching new grad DVMs to peer advisors. There are monthly events including rounds, happy hours, workshops and CE opportunities that are specifically tailored to new grads. It is important to note that mentor relationships can be beneficial to all DVMs and not just those starting their careers. 

Dr. Melissa Sheth

“I like how Dr. Hodge is really good at relating to the excitement and anxieties of being a young vet, and I appreciate how Dr. Mey has always responded enthusiastically to questions regarding challenging cases. However, I think that the most helpful advice I've received from either Dr. Hodge or Dr. Mey has to do with developing my own professional goals. Not only has this provided my first few months of work with structure and a sense of fulfillment, but it also has contributed to my close relationship with Dr. Taylor. We talk about everything from how to handle a difficult conversation with a client to what our favorite teas are—and I don't think this sort of camaraderie would have been so easy if I hadn't already been given practical tips about developing this type of relationship from Dr. Hodge and Dr. Mey.” - Dr. Melissa Sheth, DVM-MPH, Countryside Animal Clinic has been a part of both the mentor calls and the new grad rounds.

VetLife has also kicked off VetLife Days, which offers veterinarians a day per quarter to spend at a nearby VetCor clinic to learn a new skill and connect with a mentor. Dr. Mey is working with Dr. Shoemaker, Chief Veterinary Officer to create a database of "Centers of Excellence '' and VetCor Mentors to make it easier for our veterinarians to take advantage of their VetLife Days.

Reach out to our talent acquisition team for information on our open veterinarian positions and to find out more about the benefits of joining our team.

If you are VetCor veterinarian interested in learning more about VetLife, please reach out to your Regional Manager to connect you with Dr. Sara Mey.