Facing Challenges Head On

Facing Challenges Head On

July 23, 2020

Every day, our teams face challenges and solve problems in ways that are unique to them and their community. Earlier this month, we shared some of the very well deserved gestures of appreciation they’ve received. Now we want to showcase some of the ways our teams are inspiring future veterinarians and remaining resilient in the face of adversity.

High Ridge Animal Hospital - Stamford, ConnecticutHigh Ridge Animal Hospital - Stamford, Connecticut
Say hello to Louie and Michael. Louie is a friendly 9-week-old Frenchie who visited High Ridge Animal Hospital for his puppy appointment. He’s a new addition to an existing client’s family and now has a 3-year-old brother who’s also a Frenchie. To make Louie comfortable and teach him that going to the vet isn’t half bad, the High Ridge team gave him lots of lovin’ and a handful of treats. 


Falmouth Animal Hospital - East Falmouth, Massachusetts
Falmouth Animal Hospital - East Falmouth, Massachusetts
For many of our practices, summer means welcoming high school interns. Falmouth Animal Hospital is currently working with two enthusiastic interns, Noah and Caitlin. Noah plans to become a surgeon but, in his spare time, he enjoys lobstering and working on cars. This is his second summer interning at the practice. Caitlin is a talented dog handler who has been interning at Falmouth since last fall. In fact, her Golden Doodle, Star, is a very popular therapy dog across several local nursing homes.


Northside Animal Hospital - Waco, TexasNorthside Animal Hospital - Waco, Texas
Dr. Cooper was all smiles after his granddog, Louie, took his puppy shots like a champ at Northside Animal Hospital. At 80 years young, Dr. Cooper recently committed himself to extra shifts to help his team alleviate the latest surge of appointments. As the staff says, Dr. Cooper runs circles around them. He’s the epitome of compassion and we’re lucky he’s part of the VetCor family.



Oneonta Veterinary Hospital - Oneonta NY
Oneonta Veterinary Hospital - Oneonta, New York
The Oneonta Veterinary Hospital team wanted to remind their clients about their commitment to their patients and show their support for other essential employees, so they decided to do so with these signs. They also recruited some of their furry friends to help them out. We’re proud of the staff at Oneonta and all the other members of the VetCor family who are wholeheartedly serving their communities right now. 


Northwest Veterinary Hospital - Austin, TexasNorthwest Veterinary Hospital - Austin, Texas
A lot has changed about the ways our practice teams are conducting appointments but just as much has remained the same. At Northwest Veterinary Hospital, making sure patients are relaxed and comfortable is a top priority but when the team has to multitask, they don’t shy away from getting creative. Luckily, the patients don’t seem to mind at all.


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