Three More Animal Hospitals Join the VetCor Family

Three More Animal Hospitals Join the VetCor Family

February 17, 2021

We're pleased to announce that this week we've added three more practices to our growing network of practices - Clarkston Animal Medical Center of Clarkston, Michigan, Eastside Animal Medical Center of Grayson, Georgia, and Rand Road Animal Hospital of Palatine, Illinois.

Clarkston Animal Medical CenterClarkston Animal Medical Center - Clarkston, Michigan
Originally established in 1976, Clarkston Animal Medical Center has been owned by Drs. John and Robin Krieger since 2008. Located in the suburbs of northwestern Detroit, this full-service animal hospital offers high quality veterinary care to pet owners in Clarkston and the surrounding communities. Drs. Krieger work alongside Drs. Sarah James and Michele Mileki. They're supported by their longtime hospital manager, Mary Wichmann, and a hardworking team of veterinary technicians and receptionists who love what they do.

Eastside Animal Medical CenterEastside Animal Medical Center - Grayson, Georgia
Founded in 2002 by Dr. Celeste Baker, Eastside Animal Medical Center was initially a regular full-service animal hospital. In 2005, the practice added emergency medicine to their services and became a 24/7 operation. Dr. Baker works alongside Drs. Katie Hotop, Cassandra Dyal, Alex MacLean, and Nambiar. The doctors are supported by their hospital manager, Abby Byrd, and an enthusiastic group of veterinary technicians, veterinary assistants, and receptionists who thrive in an emergency setting.

Rand Road Animal HospitalRand Road Animal Hospital - Palatine, Illinois
Established in 1970, Rand Road Animal Hospital has been owned by Dr. Peter "Dr. Pete" Lysakowski for the past 16 years. Conveniently located close to several VetCor sister practices, this full-service animal hospital has been providing exceptional veterinary care to cats and dogs in and around Palatine for over 50 years. Dr. Pete works alongside Dr. Judy Cole. The doctors are supported by their practice leads, Mary and Lisa, and a small but mighty group of veterinary technicians and receptionists who are dedicated to their work.

We're thrilled to have partnered with such wonderful practices and we look forward to working together to make life better. Let's give a big VetCor family welcome to Clarkston Animal Medical Center, Eastside Animal Medical Center, and Rand Road Animal Hospital.