A Touching Tale from Shelton Veterinary Clinic of Bunnell

A Touching Tale from Shelton Veterinary Clinic of Bunnell

November 15, 2021

‘Tis the season to be thankful and we love hearing heartwarming stories from our practices. We spoke to veterinary receptionist, Taylor Cousin, who told us the touching tale of how her team at Shelton Veterinary Clinic of Bunnell helped nurse her rescue puppy, Snoopy, back to health.

Snoopy before he was rescuedWhen Taylor saw Snoopy online, she immediately set up a time to adopt him. Upon arrival, the puppy was only three pounds, had fleas and worms, was losing his hair, and was barely able to walk or open his eyes. Taylor knew she had to take care of him.


Snoopy after Taylor adopted himTaylor brought Snoopy to Shelton Veterinary Clinic of Bunnell and both of the doctors took care of him. Dr. Liz and Dr. Stephanie gave him all of the medications and tests he needed. There were many ups and downs with his health, but from the day Taylor brought him in, he became part of the Shelton Veterinary family. The techs took turns taking him out, monitoring him, and even texted Taylor to check on him when he was at home. 


Snoopy's TransformationTaylor says “Snoopy has had the most amazing life turn around and without each and everyone one of them none of it would’ve happened. He is now a big and healthy 22 pounds and still comes to work with me daily thanks to the understanding and love of our hospital manager, Jennifer.”


Taylor and growing SnoopySnoopy is now in the process of training to become a service dog who will visit hospitals/retirement homes to cheer up those in need. He will continue to bring joy and smiles to everyone he meets, both in and out of the clinic.


Taylor has been going to Shelton Veterinary clinic with her pets since she was a little girl, however, she was relatively new to working at the clinic when all of this happened. She is thankful the team was willing to jump in without question to help Snoopy. 

We are so grateful to hear that Snoopy now has a happy, healthy, life thanks to Taylor and the team at Shelton Veterinary Clinic of Bunnell. Thank you for sharing your story with us!