Columbia City Veterinary: The ElleVet Project

Columbia City Veterinary: The ElleVet Project
April 15, 2022

All pets deserve the best love and care. Dr. Katie Rob, a veterinarian at Columbia City Veterinary Hospital in Seattle, WA, spent her day off from the hospital providing free medical care to unhoused animals in the south Seattle community with The ElleVet Project. She got extra kisses from a sweet pup named Girl Girl and many other furry friends.

The ElleVet Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering free veterinary care and supplies to pets of the homeless and street pets who need care. The ElleVet Project was founded in March of 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the dire need for homeless pets and people. Just in the first two months, they helped over 1200 pets. It’s now been over two years since they started, and the number of pets that are helped continues to grow and expand across the country.

Thank you, Dr. Rob, for helping these pets who needed your loving care. If you’re interested in providing vaccinations and basic health checks to pets of the homeless and are in the California, Washington or Montana area, please reach out to The ElleVet Project.