Thankful Thursday: Everyone's Eyes are Smiling

Thankful Thursday: Everyone's Eyes are Smiling

March 17, 2022

Taking time out of their busy days, our team members dedicate notes of appreciation to those that make their days brighter. Read on to see just how much of an impact we have on each other, it is inspiring!

Dr. Dallas Thompson, DVM, COS Hartfield, Virginia, wants to recognize the whole staff at Hartfield Animal Hospital: "Dr. Dallas Thompson would like to recognize the doctors and staff of Hartfield Animal Hospital for doing an outstanding job with our busy schedules and continuing to work around any Covid issues and grumpy clients. Way to go!"

Sherry Thompson from County Line Animal Hospital, Ontario, New York, wants to recognize Kaylyn Whitney, Vet Assistant: "Kaylyn is amazing. She is in constant motion, assisting doctors, techs, receptionists - whoever needs her. When we ask for assistance, she always says yes with a genuine smile on her face. She doesn't wait to be asked, but jumps in and helps when she sees anywhere that she can. Kaylyn is a super positive person that always brightens my day!"

Sherry Thompson would also like to recognize Dr. Wendy Kurtz, VMD, COS: "Dr. Kurtz has been working harder than ever to maintain seeing as many of our patients as possible this winter while she is the only doctor here. She is working in as many as possible each day to be able to maintain our client base and keep up with our patient care while we await the return of a doctor currently on leave. And somehow, she does this cheerfully each day. Thank you Dr. Kurtz!"

Jennifer Perry from Rae-Zor Grooming Boarding Daycare, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Ashley Worledge, PCA/Kennel First Shift Leader: "Ashley is one of a kind. She has a positive attitude and never shies away from a challenge. She has phenomenal organizational skills and is very well versed when helping with clients or social media. She is a rock star on the socials!  Creativity pours out of her brain quicker than she can harness it in. She keeps work lively and never fails to amaze us! We love you Ash!!"

Melissa Chere from Pet Partners Animal Clinic, Sussex, Wisconsin, wants to recognize the entire team at Pet Partners Animal Clinic: "I am thankful for my entire team. I took on the role of hospital manager when we joined VetCor. It was a tremendous compliment that not only did Dr. Hermberg and Dr. Oliver believe in me but the entire team was supportive of me. They all made me believe that I could take on this role and be successful. They have been very supportive, helpful, and encouraging. I would not be able to do this job without their support, humor, comic relief, shoulders to lean on, and belief in me. Alex, Kylie, Sarah, Christy, Steph, Jeanne, Hannah you are amazing and truly appreciated."

Allyson Mihalko from High Plains Veterinary Hospital, Colorado Springs, Colorado, wants to recognize Cheri Walton, CVT: "Cheri has been with High Plains Veterinary Hospital since we opened. She is amazingly dedicated, exceptionally reliable, and always goes above and beyond what is expected. She is a highly talented technician and I have so much respect for her. She doesn't realize how she has helped me to get through some of our more stressful days. Cheri is such a valuable part of our team, High Plains Veterinary Hospital is very lucky to have Cheri!!"

Dr. Michelle Immel, DVM, COS at We Care Animal Hospital, Clintonville, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Joey Pingel, Receptionist: "Joey is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. She rocks the front desk like she's been doing it for 20 years but has been with us less than 1! She is adaptable to new policies and is always willing to lend a hand anywhere in the clinic. I have yet to ask her to jump but I'm sure if I did she would ask how high. Most importantly she empowers her co-workers by providing support and reassurance when needed, allowing those team members to become stronger and more confident."

Lisa Adaes from Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Dr. Erin O'Rear, DVM: "Dr. O'Rear is one of the most organized Vets I have ever met. Her follow-through with clients is very impressive. Dr. O'Rear is truly a pleasure to work with. We love having her at Fresh Pond Animal Hospital."

Dr. Kayla Porcelli, DVM, COS at Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Yaritza Gomez, DVM: "Yari is such a team player, and she is absolutely committed to self-improvement. Once she decides she is going to do something, she sticks with it. It’s great watching her grow as a doctor, and all of our staff are grateful to have her as part of our team."

Both Dr. Kayla Porcelli and Lisa Adaes from Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, want to recognize Laura Alba, Technician: "Laura has been a great addition to our team. She is a hard worker, takes ownership of what she is doing, and is a team player. She is also a recently minted Certified Veterinary Assistant! Thank you for all you do!"

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, Ohio, wants to recognize Sandy Douds, Hospital Manager: "Sandy is so very helpful to everyone and is very detail-oriented. If she doesn't know the answer, she will find someone who can give us the answer."

Kellie Jones, CVT from Parkside Animal Care Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Michelle Metzner, Hospital Manager: "First, Michelle has been an amazing addition to our clinic since starting this fall. There have been so many fires she's had to put out and still keeps a positive attitude.

Most recently we had a client, find another client's dog. Since it was wearing a Parkside Rabie's tag, the finder called us. We tried reaching out to the owner but no answer, we had the finder drop him off at the clinic for safekeeping. After making several phone calls, Michelle was able to get an updated address of Charlie's owner and went to return Charlie home. When she arrived she found Charlie's owner laying on her front porch. She had fallen out of her wheelchair, the day before, when trying to bring a bag of dog food in. Michelle immediately called 911 and waited with Charlie's owner until the ambulance arrived. Michelle kept Charlie for a few nights while his owner's caseworker worked on arrangements for Charlie and his owner.

In the end, Charlie and his owner were both able to return home together. I am so incredibly proud of Michelle for going above and beyond to help Charlie and his owner. If it wasn't for her, things could have turned out much worse for both of them. Thank you Michelle for being an inspiration for true leadership. <3"

Becky Pardue from Red Bank Animal, Chattanooga, Tennessee, wants to recognize Angela Johnson, Kennel Technician: "Angela is one of our kennel technicians and she has been with us for almost 11 years. We appreciate many things about her but one that sticks out to me the most is her attention to our boarding patients. Her love and care for them during their stay here is exceptional. She even takes the time every night to tell every one of them individually ‘Good Night’ and ‘I Love You’. We are so honored to have her with us as part of our team."

Britni Rosala from Roberts and Wendt Animal Hospital, Lakewood, Ohio, wants to recognize Maggie Kuhn, Hospital Manager: "Maggie has helped me so much as I am getting introduced to my new role. She is always kind and always willing to answer my many questions. Maggie continues to remain respectful and pleasant as I call, text, and email her though out the day. Thank you Maggie for being such a great person! I really appreciate you and everything you have done for me so far! "

Kurt Rossebo from Kaukauna Veterinary Clinic, Kaukauna, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Mariah Stedl, Receptionist: "Mariah dealt with serious health issues with her own dog Dozer, and yet she continued to put on her usual bright cheery demeanor every day!"

Dr. Kathi Gruss, DVM, COS at Earlysville Animal Hospital, Earlysville, Virginia, wants to recognize the entire Earlysville Animal Hospital Team: "We are open as normal during a massive remodel that was carefully planned to inconvenience staff as little as possible. However, not one bit of the plan is working as we hoped so multiple places in the hospital are under construction at the same time. There isn't a finished space yet and the only untouched space is in the waiting room which right now looks like a warehouse because everything is stored there. Our fabulous team is staying focused and has smiles on their faces!

Not only is the team navigating a huge remodel and curbside care but our AAHA evaluation was March 10, so we spent the past 3 months getting ready for that. Under normal circumstances that is rewarding and challenging but the timing this year makes it even more challenging. Kudos to our team for keeping a positive attitude!"

Dr. Chad Harris, DVM, VP Veterinary Leadership, wants to recognize Meg McNair, Recruiter: "Meg has been an amazing addition to our team. She's come in with passion, professionalism, and a great attitude!  Keep on keepin’ on, Meg. You are a rockstar!"

LeAnne Charles from Mars Hill Animal Hospital, Bogart, Georgia, wants to recognize Jennifer Weitzel, Regional Manager: "Jennifer has been so patient and sweet as she walks us through the paper-light process. She is always very encouraging and I appreciate her greatly."

Rachel Domka from Beach Park Animal Hospital, Beach Park, Illinois, wants to recognize Cas Griffith, Kennel Attendant/Receptionist: "I would like to recognize the hard work that Cas has been putting forward in not only the kennel, but in training as a receptionist as well. She has done a wonderful job during this transition and is a quick and efficient learner. There have been crazy days where she has had a lot thrown at her, and she has handled them remarkably! Wonderful job, Cas! Keep up the great work."

Jodi Smoley from Primary Pet Care, Stow, Ohio, wants to recognize the Marketing Team: "For helping us navigate the updates and changes to our website and social media!"

Terri Page from Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital, Grass Valley, California, wants to recognize Dr. Mario Dinucci DVM, COS: "Dr. Mario’s hard work and dedication is an example to everyone on our team! He never fails to make everyone’s day better when he is in the hospital! His sense of humor makes coming to work an absolute delight. There is no way we could have made it through last year without him! Thank you for keeping our spirits high Dr.Mario! We appreciate you!"

Marianne Hay from VetSelect Animal Hospital, Novi, Michigan, wants to recognize Terri Palmer, CSR: "Here at VetSelect, we are lucky to have Terri Palmer as a part of our team.  Terri has been a licensed technician for 18 years, but due to back surgery a few years ago, she brings her knowledge and education to the client services desk nowadays. Terri works behind the scenes, too!  She is in charge of our Facebook posts and pictures; produces a yearly fundraiser calendar that benefits local community animal charities; makes memorial photo frames for our client's pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. In short, we are thankful for Terri and the compassion and creativity she brings every day."

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to recognize all of their clients that have said goodbye to their pets: "We would like to say thank you to all of our clients that entrusted us with their cats (family) and have had to say goodbye to them over the last year. We appreciate you all and we have enjoyed taking care of them over the years and watching them grow from tiny kittens to seniors. We will miss them all very much and they will continue to be in our hearts."

Dr. Susan Read, DVM COS at Tara Animal Hospital, Colleyville, Texas, wants to recognize Elizabeth Dewhirst, Hospital Manager: "She will do everything she can to help any member of our staff/team."

Melanie Mills in Weymouth, Massachusetts, wants to recognize the entire support staff at Weymouth Landing Cat Clinic: "Our team (like all the others) have weathered the COVID storm with grace and courage. The past month has been a glimpse of our new normal and I am so proud of everyone. Our reception team is confident and clear with clients. Our experienced technicians are the best around and are training the new team members without a break in stride. Our new team members are enthusiastic, dedicated, and excited to learn. We are breathing again. Way to go team!! You are all amazing."

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Dustin Strickland, Technician: "Dustin has been with us for about 9 years. He started out in the kennel and is now one of our fabulous technicians. Dustin is an amazing tech and so much fun to work with. He has the best attitude and is always happy and just a joy to work with.  If you are having a bad day, Dustin will always put a smile on your face!"

Sue-Anne Gentry from the OPS team wants to recognize Meg McNair, Recruiter: "Wow! Meg has been with us a little over a month as our recruiter and we have been blown away by her. She is considerate and the candidates seem to appreciate their contact with her. We have loved working with you this first month Meg and look forward to many more."

Sue-Anne also would like to recognize Diana Byrne, CMO: "Diana stepped into our recruiting spot when needed (along with all of her other responsibilities) and did a great job of keeping us rolling with candidates. Thank you so much for your diligence and hard work Diana, it is/was much appreciated."

As well as Shannon Sullivan, Corporate Communications Manager: "Shannon spends all of her time lifting up the company profile along with individual profiles with her marketing and "Thankful Thursdays", I wanted to let her know that we are so thankful to her for giving us these moments of gratitude.  It lifts all of our spirits, but I know it makes spirits soar when they see their names. Thank you, Shannon!"

Finally, Sue-Anne wants to recognize Michele Walker, Hospital Manager: "Michele has done an amazing job working on the renovation at her clinic. She has kept us up to date every week and has taken on the local officials for permits were needed to keep it on track.  Thank you so much Michele for your attention to this project and in doing so, lifting it off my shoulders and making things easier for all involved at HQ. I can't wait to see the finished result!"