Thankful Thursday: Gratitude All Around

Thankful Thursday: Gratitude All Around
July 15, 2021

The summer temperatures are rising, and so is the amount of gratitude we've got to show for one another. 

Enjoy July's VetCor family shout outs below:

Gayle Cefole from the OPS team wants to recognize the entire team at our Tanneberger Veterinary Hospital in St. Albans, VT. "Today I had the pleasure of visiting them again, in person! The moment I walked through the doors, every area of their practice that will be visited by clients when they reopen next week, was spotless! Not that I would ever lick a floor, but you know the saying, you could. The floor shined. No, better yet - sparkled. I asked how they achieved this accomplishment, not just the floor but every client area. I was told that the team pulled together and had a "cleaning party." Even employees who didn't work on the day the party was scheduled came in to help. Every one of them. They had a checklist, got assigned an area, and went to town. When completed, they all were treated to their favorite appetizers from their favorite local restaurant. A good time was had by all. I can tell you, when their clients walk into their building again, they will be greatly impressed!"

She also sent a shout out to her Milton, VT, practice team, saying, "Earlier today I had the pleasure of visiting our Milton, VT location. Again, incredibly impressive how clean, spotless, and sparkling Milton has kept their hospital throughout the pandemic. Milton will be reopening this Saturday. It was humbling to see how much these two hospitals take pride in helping their clients feel safe in an exceptionally clean environment. I look forward to visiting more of my hospitals in person as they plan to reopen, or after they have reopened, to see what safety and disinfection measures they have put in place and to commend them for their efforts!"

Alannah Labesky from the OPS team wants to recognize Amy Miller and Jennifer Weitzel: "I want to thank Amy for being an amazing senior RM, guiding me in my career , and answering all my calls to her. I also want to shout out Jennifer Weitzel for all of her hard work and always having such a positive attitude! I appreciate you both so much and I'm so fortunate to work with you.”

Candice Atkinson from Royston Animal Hospital, Royston, GA, wants to recognize Dr. Bruce Bowen: "38 years of service here at Royston Animal Hospital!!!"

Marilyn Lear from Beach Park Animal Hospital, Beach Park, IL, wants to recognize Jessica Lancia: "I want to recognize Jessica for being awesome! She's always there to help when needed whether it be doing her job as vet tech or helping reception. Always upbeat with a smile on her face and makes everyone's mood happier."

Douglass the clinic cat from Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine, Lewiston, ME, wants to recognize all the staff members at AECM: "Thank you to the entire staff at AECM for stepping in and taking care of me when I was so sick. For some reason, I couldn't pee and I was crying and crying, but you guys took me in when I didn't have anyone to care for me and you made me feel better. Then you gave me SO many toys and so much love. I just can't thank you all enough. I promise to lift your spirits when you have a hard day and drool on you when I am happy, so you know how much I love you all. LOVE Douglass." 

Lisa Adaes from Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, MA, wants to recognize Dr. Kayla Porcelli, Chief of Staff: "Dr. Porcelli is one of the most pleasant doctors I have worked with. She makes my role as hospital manager one of the best decisions I ever made. Dr. Porcelli is very supportive, caring, kind, and very patient. She is amazing with her patients and goes above and beyond for the clients here at Fresh Pond Animal Hospital. Even on her days off, she is always working! Thank you, Dr. Porcelli, for being you!"

Rachel Poth from the OPS team wants to recognize the entire team at the Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine, Lewiston, ME: "There are no words to properly describe what the AECMM team has done over the last 16 months. Every night, their parking lot has been overflowing with cars, each one with an emergency or an issue that their DVM could not see within the next 6-8 weeks. Before the doors opened, they would have a line of at least 20 animals and it did not stop. They worked through each evening and weekend without breaks while sequestered from friends and family to keep their team safe from COVID. I am in awe of their selfless commitment to their patients and the community. AECMM team are all super heroes, each of them."

Dr. Emilia Agrafojo from Linwood Animal Hospital, Lowell, MA, wants to recognize Dr. Dan Rice, Dr. Victoria Vasilakis, and Dr. Rory Dion: "When I suddenly needed to take time off due to a family emergency, these fabulous folks didn’t blink an eye. They stepped up and stepped in, and I never once doubted that they could handle anything that was thrown at them. They make this Chief of Staff so very proud. Thank you, my talented and most wonderful team!"

Amanda Faulkner from Roberts & Wendt Animal Hospital, Lakewood, OH, wants to recognize Brianna Smith, client services representative: "Brianna is always positive no matter what situation comes her way. She is always motivated and eager to help out the rest of the team as well as the clients."

Tammy Clark from Greenville Veterinary Clinic, Greenville, PA, wants to recognize Kaci McHenry, hospital manager: "Kaci has been by my side through the whole transition to VetCor. She has made the change immensely easier than I had ever anticipated. She has stepped up and shouldered and more and more responsibility and does so with humor and grace. She truly cares about each and every team member and works hard to show her gratitude for the job they do."

Anna Childers-Smith from Lake Station Pet Clinic, Lake Station, IN, wants to recognize Tina Fye: "Tina has always been there for me from my very first day as an HM until today. She inspires me, pushes me, and makes me want to be the best I can be. Tina has listened to my HM rants (yes, we hospital managers do that too) and has been nothing but been an amazing mentor. I can only hope to be an amazing regional manager like her someday."

Krista from Pet Shield, North Branford, CT, wants to recognize Kaylee from Pet Shield and Natasha, her RM: "Kaylee was recently promoted to HM and she is going to kill it. Great job! And thank you to Natasha for being so involved in my transition process with Kaylee and making me feel appreciated as a person, not just as an employee."

Dr. Megan Barnhizer from Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Willoughby Hills, and Richmond Heights, OH, wants to recognize the entire team at all of the hospitals she works at: "I just want to recognize the amazing hard work and dedication from our team members - from those at the resort and grooming level to the client care specialists and the treatment and scribe teams and all of the DVMs. Everyone has had to make changes in their lives and schedules and dealing with increased emotions from pet parents, but they have kept these hospitals going through it all. I'm just really proud of all of them. Thank you!"

Becky Hebert from Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic, Portland, ME, wants to recognize our rockstar staff: "The last few months have been crazy (the last year, really) and they have all stepped up in ways I can never thank them enough for. I appreciate them all so much for working so hard. They all kick major butt and I'm super proud of them."

Jim Agan from the VetCor home office wants to recognize his RM team - Gayle Cefole, Matt Campbell, Rachel Poth, Jess Campisi, and Jay Mahon: "I want to thank this team of amazing RMs for pulling together to support their teams and each other as more of my time gets pulled into facilities. Your hospital teams are lucky to have each of you and so am I. Thank you for all that you do every day."

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, NC, wants to recognize the Cozy Cat Staff: "Thanks for all the hard work you have done these past six months and helping us get to the point of reopening for clients. Your hard work is appreciated. Let's get through the next six months and get back to normal. Cozy Cat is lucky to have each and every one of you here."

Rachel Poth from the OPS team wants to recognize Jim, Gayle, Jay, Jess, Matt, and Andy: "Thank you all for being the best support system and providing amazing mentorship through the tough and often odd situations that come up for our practices. I am lucky to have you all!"

Kathy Currlin from Atrium Animal Hospital, Charlotte, NC, wants to recognize Lynne Douyotas: "We are very thankful for our resident cat whisperer, Lynne! She has so many roles that it's hard to choose just one to highlight! Aside from being our cat whisperer, cat wrangler, and fountain of cat knowledge, she is also our surgery technician, doctor technician, treatment technician, comedian, therapist, and resident "mom" to the rest of the team. Lynne is fearless, caring, and always keeps us laughing on a tough day. She has been with our clinic for 23 years, through thick and thin, and we can't imagine our daily life without her!"

Dr. Shelly Gomulak from Independence, Gainesville, TX, wants to recognize Dr. Aubrey Eberhart: "She came to the rescue and is filling in to help the animal shelter and taking extra weekend shifts while I am recovering from an illness. I am so thankful for her generosity and kind spirit."

Christine Ward from Norwell Veterinary Hospital, Norwell, MA, wants to recognize Erika Azuma: "I want to thank Erika for jumping back into surgery while expecting and taking on additional responsibilities to help the team - all while continuing to share her smiles every day on the floor. Erika is amazing, and we are so lucky to have her!"

Dr. Meg Connelly from Willard Veterinary Clinic, Quincy, MA, wants to recognize Dr. Emily Peterson, DVM: "Dr. Peterson graduated 2020 from Tufts in the middle of COVID. The school was closed for her last semester and they graduated in June. So, she came to us behind the eight ball a year ago. She is doing great; she has lots more confidence and has proven to be a leader. She was in the thick of it during COVID, managing the work schedule, and SOPs during a very stressful time. She has shown her true colors as a team leader and superb veterinarian. I am very proud to call her colleague and recognize her diligent efforts."

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize Amanda Krzak, client care specialist: "Amanda started out with us as a kennel attendant who also learned the ins and outs of running our boarding front desk. During the pandemic, when our boarding was extremely limited, she moved over to the hospital side of things and kicked it into high gear learning hospital front desk duties. She has done a fantastic job and is a great resource to our new boarding receptionist and in helping to train our new hospital receptionists."

Keri Garland from Animal Hospital of Gordon County, Calhoun, GA, wants to recognize Jesselyn Ozmore, vet tech: "Jesselyn is my right hand person. She does everything (mostly, haha) that is asked of her. She fixes everything I mess up and helps me with all the technology I know nothing about. I couldn't imagine doing my job without her. She is wonderful."

Melanie Mills from Weymouth Landing Cat Clinic, Weymouth, MA, wants to recognize the reception team - Jacqui, Michaela, Valleri, and Kelly: "Clients have been tough lately, and this team of receptionists has fought the good fight of providing excellent customer care while also communicating good expectations and setting our clinic up for success every day. They are all amazing!"

Megan McNeal from Tritt Animal Hospital, Marietta, GA, wants to recognize Cindi Soto: "We are new to the VetCor community and Cindi has been my right hand trying to get some accounts open and helping with the little pop-up challenges that have come along the way. She understands the mind chaos that I have been in and is a great sounding board for me. So wanted to give a big thank you to her for all her help!"

Diana Bradford from Animal Clinic of Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, TX, wants to recognize Elizabeth Dewhirst (HM), Jo King (CSR), and Beth Kossuth (CSR): "Three of our staff members spent a couple of hours working on Avimark appointment training. They were most helpful and answered lots of questions that we had in making our transition from walk in to appointment-only scheduling. I really enjoyed the experience. What a great team you have, Tara Animal Hospital."

Mandie Wehr from Auburn Animal Center, Auburn, ME, wants to recognize Olivia Garant, hospital manager: "Olivia is amazing with clients who are upset or angry regardless of the reason. She takes the time to listen and is incredibly empathetic. We have had several clients remove negative reviews they had posted on social media following a conversation with her."

Amy Miller from the OPS team wants to recognize the entire RM team: "I wanted to take this opportunity to express all my appreciation and honest thanks for the tremendous time and energy you have all spent over the past year between supporting your practices and taking on any special projects. Thank you for giving your best for VetCor and our practices."

She also wants to recognize the team at Pleasant Hills Pet Hospital: "Thank you so much for letting me join your staff meeting and play "What's on your scrubs?" It was great to see the team and watch everyone have fun. Thank you for all your hard work!"