Thankful Thursday: Big Shout-outs

Thankful Thursday: Big Shout-outs

September 15, 2022

Another round of thoughtful appreciation notes this month to the teammates we rely on each and every day. Thank you all for participating this month!

Alannah Labesky from OPS wants to recognize Kaci McHenry, HM at Greenville Veterinary Clinic: "I want to thank Kaci for all of her assistance with a nearby location. She has been a huge life saver and has gone above and beyond to help. She's continued to manage her own practice and has stepped up immensely. Kaci, I appreciate you!"

Vanesa Rivera from Procurement wants to recognize Amber Hansen, VP of Procurement: "I want to thank Amber for everything she has taught me since joining her department! I have learned so much and continue to learn & grow every day! She is always available to walk me through things that I have not mastered yet or have questions on. Thank you, Amber! You rock!!!"

Michele Hickman from All Creature Features Animal Hospital, LaPorte, Indiana, wants to recognize the entire Help Desk staff: "I feel like I am constantly asking for help on the Help Desk and they are always super helpful! They don't make me feel like an inconvenience, they are always right on top of whatever I need and are always super friendly!! Thank you all so much! You're doing a great job!"

Tracy Gee from Smiths Station Animal Hospital, Smiths Station, Alabama, wants to recognize the entire team: "I would like to thank my entire team for everything that they do! We are recently acquired with me taking over for our previous manager who stepped down just prior to the purchase. - I couldn't ask for a better team! They make work fun and I love my work family! Thank you so much ladies!!"

Cindy Wyma from Two Notch Road Animal Clinic, Columbia, South Carolina, wants to recognize her whole team: "Our clinic has been running without a full time DVM for well over a year now. My team has worked so hard and have done a wonderful job helping me keep us running. They have had to adjust to the different relief vets that have come and gone - and doing it very well! We have been running on a small crew for so long, I know they are all exhausted; however, they just keep pushing through. I am so proud of the team we have! My team, the Two Notch Road Animal Clinic team, is in my eyes, SUPER STARS! I would like to give them all a HUGE shout-out and a BIG THANK YOU!"

Brittany Klopp from Central Animal Hospital, Petaluma, California, wants to recognize Courtney Fairchild, Patient Care Team Lead: "Courtney always goes above and beyond for everyone. She is always there to help with anything!"

Dr. Ashley Misner, DVM, COS from Stark Animal Hospital, Canton, Ohio, wants to recognize Ashley Quinn, HM: "Ashley and I form a great management team and I truly enjoy working with her. Her love for our clients and practice is evident in everything she does. She helps keep the team working efficiently and fills many roles when we are low on staff. Thanks!"

Sean Sornsin from OPS wants to recognize Liz Brooks, RM: "Liz has done an amazing job with VetCor Ops over the last year-plus.  Leading various training sessions for the company and its leaders and taking over as a SHM and now an RM for an area of the country.  She's doing really extraordinary work and her value to VetCor and the OPS team is immense.  Kudos Liz."

Britni Rosala from Roberts and Wendt Animal Hospital, Lakewood, Ohio, wants to recognize Bree Angell, Receptionist and Assistant: "Bree has gone above and beyond since joining our team in May of this year. Bree always offers a helping hand to any pet, associate or client who needs it. Bree brings a positive attitude to work and is always a joy to be around. I am very thankful to have her be apart of our team and I am looking forward to see how she will continue to grow! Thank you Bree!"

Brittany Kommer from Finger Lakes Animal Hospital, Canandaigua, New York, wants to recognize her entire team: "I was on vacation and our server crashed! Everyone jumped in to make sure all the information needed for payments, appointments, and client information was taken down. I know it was a very stressful time for all of them, but everyone did their part and had everything under control when I got back. I cannot thank all of them enough for all the hard work they do and help make my job easier! You all rock!"

Brittany Kommer also wants to recognize Stacy Crippen, LVT: "Our server crashed while I was out on vacation! On top of her regular technician duties, she was on the phone with IT getting a temporary server set up, computer connected to the temporary server, and worked through any computer/printer issues that popped up. She had all the information for all of the computers typed up for me, so when I came back and had to give IT all of the information for the new server it was a breeze!"

Nina Hernandez from Miramar Animal Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida, wants to recognize the full staff: "We were short staffed for a while and on top of that had some girls have been out sick but the team has kept a positive attitude and have really been pushing through and working hard together to make things work!! Really proud of them and they deserve to know!"

Jim Agan from the Facilities team wants to recognize Jessica Shelley, Christine Rachwal and Franco Milza on the Facilities team: "These 3 individuals work tirelessly to ensure that our hospital locations have all of the support needed to have safe, clean, modern and functional hospitals to work in.  They are responsive, nice, thoughtful and have a mission to make sure that Facilities supports each practice in their time of need. Whether you have a tree that has fallen, safety upgrade needs, a small project, or a large project, they are excited to be helping you.  I'm proud of each of them and the team that we have built.  Thank you Jess, Chris and Franco.  Keep up the great work for our VetCor teams.”

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, Ohio, wants to recognize Aaron Serrano, Kennel Attendant/Lead: "Aaron has recently agreed to take on additional responsibilities as the Kennel Lead- he is also enrolling in veterinary technician courses to further his education and become an RVT. We are so grateful for Aaron's experience and willingness to help training new kennel attendants. His drive to become an RVT makes us very proud of him and we look forward to helping him with the process!"

Amy Klotz, RVT from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize Kim Faulk, Groomer: "Until very recently, Kim has been our only groomer. We recently brought a new groomer in part-time. Kim has been very welcoming to Rebecca (our new groomer) and has greatly assisted in helping her become acclimated."

Brian Jones from Countryside Animal Clinic, Madison, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Tia and Molly CCS/Assistants: "Thank you for taking on the tasks of cleaning up all of the attachments from the recent server change.  It is a very tedious task and a lot of women hours to go through all those documents and make sure that they got reattached to the right patient charts."

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Kris Welton, Receptionist: "We would like to recognize one of our fabulous receptionists, Kris Welton. As we all know, the front desk is not an easy job but Kris handles it all with a good attitude and a great sense of humor! She always keeps us laughing! Kris also has great compassion for our clients and patients. Her heart is huge and we are thankful she is a part of our amazing team!"

Sue-Anne Gentry from OPS wants to recognize Glen Ruby, HM Animal Hospital of Cornelius: "Glen has helped at a neighboring clinic that lost their COS and HM simultaneously.  He kept things moving by working with the remaining staff and helping them to feel valued.  Once a new HM was hired, he has continued to be a support for her and to help her settle into her new role. Thank you Glen for being so willing and humble, we appreciate you greatly across this whole region."

Jenny Driscoll, Central Support wants to recognize Amanda Martinez, Senior HM and the whole Senior HM team: "Hello, I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Senior HM team with the Scratch Rollout. It's great they all participated in our first rollout and have been responsive in groups and with emails. Amanda Martinez has definitely been a champion in their region helping us in Central Support schedule appropriately for their teams. Thank you, all! We appreciate it!"

Kailee Coll from Creature Comforts Animal Hospital, Las Vegas, Nevada, wants to recognize Tiffany Lund, Lead Tech: "Our practice is thankful to have Tiffany Lund as part of our team. Tiffany has recently stepped into the Lead Licensed Veterinary Technician role and the best way to describe her is, SUPERSTAR! Tiffany's legacy at our hospital will be one of diligence, determination, respect and compassion. Tiffany loves teaching and seeing her team grow and develop their skills and excellence in patient care. She strives to do the best she can for all of our patients. Tiffany makes a deep impact with every person and patient she comes in contact with and this dedication sets an example for all."

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to recognize Cozy Cat Staff and Doctors: "I would like to thank the entire staff  Dakota, Heather Katie, Shannon, Elizabeth and Dr. Neri and Dr. Wallace for all their hard work this summer.  We are going through a lot of staff changes and new hires and there have been a lot of hectic days.  But everyone has hung in there and we may be getting over the hump. Thanks for everything you have done and continue to do."

Jennifer Perry from RAE-ZOR GBD, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Lindsey Warren, Receptionist: "Lindsey is a powerhouse!  She brings so much joy to our team.  You cannot have a bad day around Lindsey.  Her happiness and kindness are infectious.  Lindsey spreads the joy all over Facebook.  Go to our page and look at all the promotions for the services we offer, yep that is Lindsey.  Wait there's more:  if you need your heart pumping, Lindsey will kick your butt in boot camp.  She has a degree in Kinesiology, which means she keeps us all in shape. Lindsey, you are amazing, the total package.  Teamwork makes the dream work!  We love you!"