Thankful Thursday: Appreciation Unparalleled

Thankful Thursday: Appreciation Unparalleled
December 16, 2021

This is one of our biggest months for Thankful Thursday messages! We are grateful that so many people in our network take the time to not only thank their team members and coworkers in person but then also share their appreciation with all of us.

Gabrielle Mello from Associates Animal Hospital, Westborough, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Sabrina Austin, Technician: "Sabrina has gone above and beyond in our transition to new management, she has been there to train new techs and learn new things herself. She is always there to be a friend and an amazing coworker. I am so proud of her and I can’t wait to see what else she is capable of!"

Emily Brown from Fort Plain Animal Hospital, Fort Plain, New York, wants to recognize Dr. Kimberly Weaver, DVM: "Dr. Weaver is a pillar of our hospital. She started here as a kennel attendant, worked her way up to veterinary assistant, then went to vet school to become a DVM. She knows every facet of our hospital and does it all. She always goes above and beyond for her patients, clients, and coworkers. She is loved by all and has such an enormous skill set when it comes to vet med. We really don't know what we'd do without her. Even though we tell her daily how much we love & appreciate her, she deserves to hear it even more!!"

Mariel McCann from Hingham Animal Clinic, Hingham, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Dr. Heather Sacks, DVM: "Dr. Sacks consistently goes above and beyond for her staff and clients. Just one example; We had a client call that was going through a very hard time. Her husband had just passed away and she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. That client called so stressed. She needed to get her lab neutered so she'd be able to keep him. We're booked out for weeks like everyone else right now. When asked, Dr. Sacks quickly said "Anytime you want!" This does so much good for not only the client and community but for the whole staff. It tells everyone that we are here for the right reasons."

Becky Salinger, DVM from Austinburg Veterinary Clinic, Austinburg, Ohio, wants to recognize Bitsy Gascoigne, Receptionist: "This year has brought some significant staffing challenges, leaving our front desk very short-handed. Bitsy has stepped up time and time again—an absolute champ at multi-tasking—do not know what we would have done without her."

Becky Salinger, DVM also wants to recognize Sarah Welser, RVT: "Sarah is simply amazing. There are too many things to thank her for."

Liz Hall from OPS wants to recognize Lucy Smith, Senior Hospital Manager at Creve Coeur Animal Hospital: "Lucy has stepped up as a new Senior HM and is doing a phenomenal job! We have many new practices here in the Midwest and she's such a huge help for me.  Not only is she knowledgeable, but also super-friendly! Thank you, Lucy!"

Lindsey Jones from Devonshire Veterinary Clinic, Anderson, Indiana, wants to recognize Marla Hobbs, Receptionist: "Marla is celebrating 30 years of employment in December.  She is an awesome lady with a huge heart. I'm blessed to have worked with Marla's smiling face and sense of humor. Devonshire Vet Clinic won't be the same without her when she retires next year.”

Lauren Hall from Westminster Veterinary Hospital, Westminster, Maryland, wants to recognize the entire WVH Team: "I would like to recognize my entire team for their continued efforts in these trying times.  My hospital, like many, is down two doctors and this has been the case for the last year.  My team went from three doctors to one and they have continued to work hard to help me keep the days running.  They have picked up extra duties in helping me to keep up with client calls, patient blood work results, and more.  Without them, I could not do my job and I just wanted them to know how much I appreciate each and every one of them. So, thank you to Patty, Kim, Trudy, Kristy, Trish, Kendall, Susan, Vanessa, and Liz for helping me stay afloat and for continuing to offer our community top-notch veterinary care and compassion."

Michelle Skinner from Crofton Veterinary Center, Crofton, Maryland, wants to recognize the team leads: Jocelyn Norris - Lead CCS, & Elizabeth Tegen, RVT - Tech Lead: "First, we have had several new hires in the past month and these two have really done an excellent job showing their new team members the ropes. Both exude patience that I wish more people had! I have yet to hear a complaint from either of them when I ask for a little extra help at times. There were some housekeeping issues when I joined in September, and I set a goal for us to have a particular monumental task completed by December 15. Jocelyn was instrumental in not only making sure her CCS team was working on it, but they completed the task on December 1. I can't thank her enough for this. We have a few assistants/tech students that are learning new tasks, and Elizabeth has taken them under her wing and run with it. I appreciate her enthusiasm for our profession."

Bailey Perryman from All Animals Veterinary Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Diane Dominic, Receptionist: "Diane has been a HUGE help to me over the last 6 months as I learn my role as Hospital Manager! She is always ready to jump in and answer any question I have, help me fix all of my (many) mistakes, and will do anything for any member of our team. AAVH is very lucky to have her on our team and I am very lucky to have had her in my corner! Thanks, Diane!!"

Terina Dobson from Poland Animal Hospital, Poland, Maine, wants to recognize Rachel Poth, Regional Manager: "We are so fortunate to have our RM, Rachel in our corner! I've had to deal with my fair share of HM tasks this year that I would consider "new terrain" for me, and she was there to assist every step of the way. She even brought me flowers when she came to assist me with a particularly difficult situation. She is always quick to respond to my texts, calls, and emails. Her guidance and encouragement are much appreciated. Everybody should have a Rachel!"

Jess Safani-Franko from Agoura Animal Clinic, Agoura Hills, California, wants to recognize Angela Bergevin, Receptionist: "Angela is always professional and positive! She's a great influence on the other team members and is very knowledgeable. She's also helping me with my HUGE goal of going paper-lite in 2022! Thank you, Angela!"

Jodi McDowell from Loyalhanna Veterinary Clinic, Stahlstown, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize the entire staff at Loyalhanna (Lindsey Pritts, Susan Henderson, Jill Lebo, Christina White, Gina Basinger, Halie Keefer, Molly Leech, Courtney Campbell, Cassandra Wilburn, Dr. Croft, Dr. Springer, and Dr. Hutchinson): "We have had an eventful year, having made the transition to VetCor in June 2021. We had 4 employees leave in a very short period of time, and added a new doctor.  With lots of challenges with staffing needs, everyone stepped up and worked together. We are now fully staffed and I am so thankful for everyone’s hard work in keeping our clinic operating and continuing to serve our clients’ needs."

Lisa Adaes from Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, wants to recognize the entire staff at Fresh Pond Animal Hospital: "Very thankful and lucky to have such a great crew at Fresh Pond Animal Hospital. From the Doctor's, The Tech Team, and CCS team they are all wonderful. They have been very patient as I am still learning this HM role. The support from the entire team has made this journey one of the best. I cannot wait to see what our future holds."

Brian Jones from Countryside Animal Clinic, Madison, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Mary Hershberger, CVT and Scot Pownell, CVT: "The two of you have put in countless hours to help out your fellow team members. You have stepped up and filled in positions when a team member has left, and did it without having to be asked.  Without the two of you, this clinic would not be the place that it is. The veterinarians and clients say ‘thank you’ for all that you have done."

Jennifer Jones-Wood from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, Charleston, South Carolina, wants to recognize Kathy Taylor, Technician: "Kathy is truly one of the best employees anyone could ask for. She recently gave up her day off to cover the shift of a co-worker who had to go out of town for family medical reasons. She is an ‘under the radar’ kind of workhorse who is always willing to help with whatever needs to be done. I am truly thankful Kathy is on my team!"

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, Ohio, wants to recognize Laryssa Johnson, Veterinary Assistant: "Laryssa came to us on her externship for vet tech school and was hired within 2 weeks of being here. She has amazing energy and willingness to learn and take on new tasks without hesitation! We are so happy to have Laryssa on our team!"

Also, Amy Klotz wants to recognize the entire team at Douds Veterinary Hospital: "2021 has been a challenging year for our hospital in so many different ways. We have had team members that have experienced individual challenges and have experienced challenges that affected our team as a whole. I am so grateful for this team and their resiliency and ability to support one another and get through this together! 2022- here we come- we got this!!"

Jessica Timmins from Middletown Veterinary Hospital, Middletown, New York, wants to recognize Lauren Scauzillo, CSR: "Lauren is our ONLY CSR for a busy 3 doctor practice. She handles 3 phone lines, checks clients in/out, refills prescriptions, and helps with our social media. She comes to work every day with a smile and a great attitude. She's amazing!"

Chad Harris, DVM, VP Veterinary Leadership wants to recognize Dr. Matt Klingman, Chief of Staff at Wellington Veterinary Clinic in Wellington, Ohio: "Dr. Matt has recently taken on the role of COS and has gone above and beyond learning about leadership and providing a positive example for our industry.  There are bright things in the future for this team with his guidance and willingness to go the extra step.  Keep on truckin’, Dr. Matt!!!"

Lisa Traweek from Bedford Greenwich Animal Hospital, Bedford, New York, wants to recognize the whole BGAH Team: "Our very short-staffed team of 7 (which includes the doctors) always goes above and beyond.  Supporting, helping each other, and doing any job that needs to be done whether it is "their job" or not.  This busy practice has not skipped a beat because of them! There is no better team."

Deborah Parry from Veterinary Services of Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina, wants to recognize Cassidy Brinson, Pet Care Attendant: "Cassidy has so much energy and is such a hard worker, she will jump in and help anyone at any time and always with an "of course" or "your welcome". She always wants to be the best she can be and is willing and excited to learn. She is a bubble of happy energy that makes us all smile."

Cheryl Good from Dearborn Family Pet Care, Dearborn, Michigan, wants to recognize Cindy Carroll, CVPM: "Cindy has been instrumental in the past few months with our transition into the VetCor family.  She works tirelessly to learn all of the new processes and procedures, supports our team, and has also been working as a tech and front office team player in addition to all of her management duties due to short staffing. I truly don’t know how she gets it all done, but am so very grateful to her for everything!!"

Krista Iacono from Riverside Animal Hospital, Riverside, Rhode Island, wants to recognize her fellow Hospital Manager's from the hive: Allison Jackson, Jane Desrosiers, Alexis Stoll, Kaylee Mahon, Mellisa McAnally, and Michelle Fallon (Meesh): "Because they rock!!!  I love how we support each other for work and EVERYTHING else!! Thanks ladies -K."

Melissa Strycker-Grzeskowiak from Western Veterinary Clinic, South Bend, Indiana, wants to recognize Valery Bagarus, Lead CCS/Inventory: "Valery steps up and helps in every area of the clinic without even being asked. She is a huge advocate for teamwork and supporting her teammates. Her loyalty to WVC is unmatched! We would be lost without Valery!"

Whitney Grisso from Companion Animal Hospital, Spring, Texas, wants to recognize Raven Williams, Receptionist and Technician: "Raven came to us as a technician, Raven wanted to move to reception so she could use more of her excellent communication and people skills. She is requested by name, by our clients, and has truly made a difference for the front desk, and always has a smile on her face. Raven is a true gem for Companion as a receptionist and as Veterinary Technician. We like to call her the animal whisperer because she can make any stressed patient fall in love with her."

Becky Hebert from Brackett Street Veterinary Clinic, Portland, Maine, wants to recognize Rachel Poth, Regional Manager: "I just want to thank my awesome RM, Rachel, for being such a huge support during my first year as a HM with Vetcor.  I would truly be more lost without her.  She has been a huge wealth of knowledge as I continue to get my bearings and is always my best cheerleader for not just myself, but my team as well.  Thank you!"

Nicole Mock from Lake Station Pet Clinic, Lake Station, Indiana, wants to recognize Anna Childers-Smith, Hospital Manager: "Anna is an amazing practice manager and leader for our team. She has handled our recent wave of staff illnesses and call-outs like a champ, and always goes above and beyond to make sure we are all safe. She is a joy to work with."

LeAnne Charles from Mars Hill Animal Hospital, Bogart, Georgia, wants to recognize VetCor: "I want to say thank you to VetCor Corporate for all their support during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I feel blessed to work for a company that was so willing to support its employees. Thankfully we never had to shut down but I know others did. Thank you for helping us stay open and being willing to support us."

Tracy de la Navarre from Animal House of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, wants to recognize Susie O'Tolle-Corbett, Technician (and “Social Media Director”): "I'd like to do a shout out for what an excellent job Susie does with our Facebook and social media posts. She exemplifies team engagement here at AHOC! She captures great "action" photos, takes lots of our exotic pics which always grab attention, devotes time and research to veterinary topics and pieces of information that will educate our client base as well as promote our clinic and team members here. I very much appreciate her diligence in striving to do a great job as our social media director. Good Job Sus!"

Nicole Snyder from Elk Creek Animal Hospital-Fisherville Location, Fisherville, Kentucky, wants to recognize Amy Knight, Technician: "I would like to Thank Amy Knight for her amazing work ethic, her no drama mama attitude, and always going above the minimum required whatever she does. She comes to work with a smile on her face ready for the day! Amy is the kindest animal lover you could ever meet! She always goes the extra mile and is the kind of person you would want to handle and be with your pets when you can't. Amy is a gentle spirit, super funny and always ready to help. Thank you so much Amy for being an amazing member of the Elk Creek Team!  We love you and are very Thankful for you!"

Jodi Smoley from Primary Pet Care, Stow, Ohio, wants to recognize Audrey Bowden, Vet Assistant: "When it comes to work ethic and being flexible, Audrey is an all-star example! We appreciate her strengths and quirks every single day. Thank you, Audrey, for setting an example for the team and doing it with a smile and contagious laugh :)"

Shelly Gomulak from Independence Equine and Small Animal Clinic, Gainesville, Texas, wants to recognize the reception staff, Tammy, Dee, and Marlo: "Your diplomacy is invaluable! You make our lives easier every day with your kindness and patience with our clients!”

Sophie Post from Taylor Brook Animal Hospital, Auburn, Maine, wants to recognize Rachel Bray, Assistant Hospital Manager: "Rachel has had my back since I started at Taylor Brook. She is my go-to person for everything and is always willing to go the extra mile to help me out. We are currently going through a lot of changes, and she has never faltered. She takes everything with stride and helps out whenever she can. I don't know what I would do without her and can't wait to see how we continue to grow in the years to come. I can't thank her enough, but I want her to know it has not gone unnoticed."

Elizabeth MacDonald from Norwell Vet Hospital, Norwell, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Sherri Schmidt, Client Care Specialist: "Thank you for helping NVH transition to Purina and scratch pay. She trained everyone individually on using Scratch pay."

Rachel Poth from the OPS team wants to recognize Brook Townsend, Client Care Specialist: "Brook has always been a rockstar but on 12/5 she really went above and beyond to help the Brackett Street team by calling clients to reschedule surgeries and appointments. She saved me hours of work so I could focus on getting surgery ready. We all appreciate you so very much Brook!!!"

Natasha Casper from the OPS team wants to recognize Nicole Frank, Senior Hospital Manager at Cresskill Animal Hospital in Cresskill, New York: "She has hit the ground running in her development into the Senior Hospital Manager Role, Nicole has gone above and beyond to ensure the hospitals received the additional support the Operations team have provided. She has been an asset to the team and we are excited for her future as she continues to work with leadership teams and widen her territory."

Ariane Goerlich from Main Street Veterinary Hospital, Millis, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Carol Preston, Hospital Manager: "For always having our back."

Tiffany McBride from Harris Boulevard Veterinary Clinic, Charlotte, North Carolina, wants to recognize Jenefer Butler-Keul, Technician: "I would like to recognize Butler for her consistency, dependability, and all-around effort within the practice. She does a wonderful job all around but it’s her upbeat personality, constant smiles and willingness to help that really set her apart. Thank you, Butler, for everything you do!"

Kerry Malak from Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Ryan Fox, Veterinary Assistant: "Every year, our clinic hosts Pet Pictures with Santa and our clients love it & look forward to it every year. All of our slots for the day fill up within about 3 hours and we even end up with a wait list. This year, we found out that our Santa tested positive for Covid the day before our event. We were worried we would have to cancel and disappoint all of our families. But Ryan came to the rescue and gave up his Saturday to jump in and help. He did an amazing job as Santa for our event and saved Christmas for us! :-)"

Diana Bruckart from Oxford Veterinary Hospital, Oxford, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Krysta Hilts, CVT: "Krysta came to us again in April 2021.  She is a very caring and compassionate technician always wanting the best for her patients.  We are an AAHA accredited practice.  We had our evaluation today and PASSED again!  Krysta took on this challenge with our whole team supporting her making sure we were up to date on the standards and protocols of AAHA. We just want to thank her for getting so involved."

Jennifer Weitzel from the OPS team wants to recognize Dr. Lanz, Melissa, Devinne, and the whole Turkeyfoot Family Pet Center team: "I am so thankful for Dr. Lanz, Melissa, Devinne, and the entire Turkeyfoot team. They have gone above and beyond to assist a sister practice in need. I am beyond appreciative to have their help and support. I am so grateful that they are always kind, patient, hardworking, and find a way to laugh at the end of the day!"

Allison Jackson from Littleton Animal Hospital, Littleton, Massachusetts, wants to recognize the entire Wendell Veterinary Hospital Team: "Thank you to our VetCor family to the north who went above and beyond for our employee, Julie Bradford’s parents. One of the most difficult situations we face sometimes is when we can’t be there for our own family in a pet’s waning moments. The not knowing. The feeling of helplessness being hundreds of miles away. From the first phone call, Julie made explaining her connection to Wendell Veterinary Hospital to the final moments for her parent’s beloved dog, the team went above and beyond on a busy Friday to fit them in, help transport from the car and provide exceptional care. We know they, like so many of us, are overwhelmed and overbooked, and to provide the level of attention, care and compassion were appreciated beyond words. Thank you to the entire WVH team for everything you do!"

Amanda Marchesseault from Elk Creek Animal Hospital of Bullitt Creek, Mt. Washington, Kentucky, wants to recognize the entire amazing staff at Elk Creek Animal Hospital: "We have such a dedicated staff! I'm thankful for each of them! Every person has strengths that are unique to their own character and without them, Elk Creek wouldn't be what it is! We definitely have challenging days in our busy practice, but our team handles each day with unwavering hard work! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Dr. Maria Kenny, COS: "Margie Giles, along with everyone at Sanford Animal Hospital, would like to thank Dr. Maria Kenny, our Chief of Staff.  Dr. Kenny has been handling being chief at 2 hospitals for the last couple of months and has taken on so much but handled it beautifully!  Everyone has had a challenging couple of years and even with all that, she's managed to keep it all together and with a smile on her face.  Dr. Kenny, you're a rockstar and we're all very thankful for you and everything you do!"

Jennifer Weitzel from OPS, wants to recognize Dr. Chad Harris, VP Veterinary Leadership: "I'm so grateful to be able to collaborate with Dr. Harris. Dr. Harris' level of positivity and enthusiasm is inspiring. I'm so thankful for his guidance and humor! He is one of a kind!"

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to recognize Sue Anne Gentry from the OPS team and the whole VetCor Family: "I want to thank VetCor and Sue Anne Gentry for helping us over this last year with the pandemic. They have been standing by us when we needed anything and encouraged us throughout the year. Cozy Cat wishes them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope this next year is great for all and we can get back to seeing all our clients again. We also want to wish all the VetCor Family and hospitals a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."

Ashley Willis from Basin Run Animal Hospital, Colora, Maryland, wants to recognize the Techs and Client Care Specialists: "We were extremely short-staffed with all of our full-time techs out sick, we had a few part-time techs and then assistants and kennel staff.  Several staff members are still within their 90-day probationary period and are not fully trained.  Thank you to each of you for jumping in and getting it done! You stepped up to the plate when we needed you the most and we were able to serve our clients and patients, thank you!!"

Also, Ashley Willis wants to recognize Dr. Muse, Dr. Wilson, and Dr. Denver: "We have been extremely short-staffed on the technical side for the last week and a half.  They have jumped in and helped anywhere and everywhere we needed a hand.  I absolutely love that my doctors are not above helping with cleaning or technical/kennel tasks to keep the day running smoothly and so EVERYONE can get out on time.  They have been techs for each other when needed so we can still serve our clients and patients.  Dr. Wilson has only been with us since October and she has fit right in with the same mentality!"

Meg Connelly from Willard Veterinary Clinic, Medfield, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Pam Daly, Hospital Manager: "Seeing us through a software conversion which took immense patience and perseverance."

Also, Meg Connelly would like to recognize Jessie Campisi, Regional Manager: "Help and patience with recent software conversion. Sacrificed much of her own time to help us adapt to Avimark. She helped it run as smoothly as possible."