Thankful Thursday: Kicking off 2022 with Gratitude

Thankful Thursday: Kicking off 2022 with Gratitude

January 20, 2022

Want to know one of our New Year's resolutions? To keep Thankful Thursday going strong! Our network of amazing people is doing just that. Knowing that recognition can mean so much, our community of dedicated staff has once again taken the time to shout out the coworkers they couldn't live without.

Holly Sebba from Good Hands Veterinary Hospital, Athens, Georgia, wants to recognize Nicole Davis, Veterinary Assistant: "Nicole has done an amazing job updating and running our social media platforms! We've had a lot more engagement and the overall look of our social media has been streamlined! Thank you, Nicole!"

Karen April from Norton Animal Hospital, Norton, Massachusetts, wants to recognize the entire Norton Animal Hospital team: "I'm thankful for having a team, that despite all the stress from Covid and increased clients seeking care, can still adapt to the many changes going on at our hospital. They are the reason I come to work every day!"

Rachel Domka from Beach Park Animal Hospital, Beach Park, Illinois, wants to recognize Allison Guerin, Lead Technician: "I would like to recognize Allie with her amazing job at tackling the daunting task of organizing old files! After long hours, and some bloodshed from paper cuts, the old clinic files are now organized appropriately by year. Thank you, Allie!"

Rachel Domka from Beach Park Animal Hospital, Beach Park, Illinois, wants to recognize Bruce Blaine, Kennel Attendant: "I would like to thank Bruce for his tremendous hard work in the kennel over the past few weeks. Through all of the Holiday Mayhem, he kept his spirits and took on extra shifts when needed. Thank you so much, Bruce! We appreciate you always. ".

Nicole Frank from the OPS team wants to recognize Dianne Tamborra, Hospital Manager at Hoboken Animal Hospital: "I have received many calls from the staff asking to put Diane forward for an Award. She is a caring and strong HM who deserves to be recognized ".

Jillian Mesa from Valley Animal Hospital, Merced, California, wants to recognize the entire VAH Team: "Just wanted to give a huge shoutout and thank you to the whole VAH team! We went paper-lite this week and although it's a lot of change, everyone has embraced it, and is doing great!! You guys are rockstars!! Thank you for being patient with management and each other during this time as we figure things out. =)"

Nicole Tellier from Fisherville Animal Hospital, Concord, New Hampshire, wants to recognize Carina Chalfant, Hospital Manager: "Their commitment to complete end of year tasks, work with continuous changes in the practice (especially unhappy or difficult clients), and being fluid with the continued staff call-outs (covering or adjusting schedules)."

Becky Salinger DVM from Austinburg Veterinary Clinic, Austinburg, Ohio, wants to recognize Alannah Labesky, Regional Manager: "The entire Austinburg Veterinary Clinic team is very thankful for all the help that Alannah has given us! We are so happy to have her as part of the AVC family :)"

Rob Mccarthy from Hidden Hills Animal Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida, wants to recognize Heather Meserve - Reception, Sanja Babic - Reception, Amber Davis - Technician, Mary Gaither – Kennel, and Bianca Barker - Technician: "Our hospital is suffering from a bad outbreak of Covid right now. These people have given up days off, lunches, and breaks to make sure no pets had to suffer. They have shown me the true meaning of teamwork.  This week could have been a horrible week, but they made it awesome. I am beyond proud of them.”

Kimberly Makowski, DVM from Cedars Veterinary Hospital, Brick, New Jersey, wants to recognize the entire team at Cedars: "For being my side through two of the most unique and possibly most trying years we have had - your ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape and your resiliency in the face of such challenges has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated - I am thankful each day to work alongside this amazing group."

Jessica Longo from Animal Medical Center West, Beaufort, South Carolina, wants to recognize Jim Helms, Receptionist: "Jim is the calm of our clinic's storm! He presents himself in such a professional manner, so pleasant to our clients and goes above and beyond for our staff. We appreciate Jim's dedication to AMC West and grateful to have him part of our team!"

Natalie Davis from Springfield Animal Hospital, Springfield, Ohio, wants to recognize Jordan Ballard, Veterinary Assistant: "I have recently taken over as the new hospital manager at our practice. With this new position comes new responsibilities and on top of that we are moving our practice. Throughout this entire process, Jordan has truly stepped up to the plate! She is a very dependable employee who I can trust to, get the job done! Jordan has taken over scheduling which we all know is an enduring task, especially with recent Holidays, vacations and sickness. She excels in organization and time management, making scheduling look like a simple jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces align perfectly. I feel I can truly rely her, even on the craziest of days. The staff depends on her and learns from her daily. Here at Springfield Animal Hospital were are exceedingly grateful for employees like Jordan."

Matthew Campbell from the OPS team wants to recognize Lucy Smith, Hospital Manager at Creve Coeur Animal Hospital: "Lucy has been amazing with onboarding new clinics. We have had a lot of new clinics in a short period of time so I would be lost without her help.  She has a great attitude, personality, and patience which has helped put our new clinics at ease. She is doing a fantastic job and I am very thankful to work with her. Thank you, Lucy!"

Joyce Boston from Countryside Pet Hospital, Conover, North Carolina, wants to recognize Mary Nissley, Veterinary Assistant: "Mary came in and gave it her all despite recovering from oral surgery that did not go smoothly. She was scheduled what should have been enough time off- but ended up having some issued that slowed her healing. Despite that she came in with as much of a smile as she could manage with her mouth! Thank you, Mary!"

Joyce Boston from Countryside Pet Hospital, Conover, North Carolina, wants to recognize Allie Setzer, vet student and Veterinary Assistant: "Allie was home from veterinary school in Grenada for the holiday break and came in to work! We were so excited to welcome her back even for a short time and she always pitches in and helps us get through busy days. We are looking forward to her next break!"

Dr. Chad Harris, VP Veterinary Leadership, wants to recognize Walter Hoge, DVM, COS at Camden Pet Hospital: "Dr. Hoge is such a great person with the most amazing personality.  Everyone should stay as young at heart as he is!"

Diane Tamborra from Hoboken Animal Hospital, Hoboken, New Jersey, wants to recognize the whole team at Hoboken: "They are hardworking and dedicated every day taking care of all of our furry little friends and families during this difficult COVID pandemic still happening almost 2 years later."

Candice Atkinson from Royston Animal Hospital, Royston, Georgia, wants to recognize Shea Sullivan, Pet Care Attendant: "Shea Sullivan works in the boarding area of our hospital. Shea is an exceptional worker, helping out whenever she can.  She is always caring for our boarding pets as if they were her own.  Shea worked through the holiday season when her co-workers were out sick and never complained.  Shea most always has a smile on her face. Thank you, Shea, for all you do for our client’s pets and having a pleasant demeanor while working. We all need a few more Shea's in our hospitals!"

Michelle Grimes from Norwich Regional Animal Hospital, White River Junction, Vermont, wants to recognize Miranda Gish, Veterinary Assistant: "We can't say enough about how much Miranda rocks. She started with us a little over a year ago as an Assistant, fairly "green" with equine experience under her belt and has absolutely blown us away. If you've been in this business for more than 10 years, you'll understand what I mean when I say that she "just has it". Attentive, proactive, anticipatory, and in tune. Miranda will be leaving us later this year as her animal medicine journey continues with Vet school on the horizon. We are sad when we think ahead, but smile knowing her time here at NRAH has been (and will continue to be) well-spent. Miranda is one in a million (in our eyes). We can only hope our mentoring and educational tutorials will come in slightly useful for her in the future. If nothing else, we've been able to show her that along with the tough times we all experience in our daily routines when working in this crazy world we're so passionate about....immense laughter is right around the corner.  (Who doesn't love a good Snapchat filter co-worker selfie from time to time?) We love ya Miranda.  You.Are.aHmazing.”

Ashley D’Agostino from Baldwin Harbor Animal Hospital, Baldwin, New York, wants to recognize the whole staff at Baldwin Harbor: "Everyone has really been phenomenal with stepping it up since covid took over and hit our hospital. "

Denise B. Kurtz, DVM from Finger Lakes Animal Hospital, Canandaigua, New York, wants to recognize the entire Finger Lakes Animal Hospital Team: "Everyone at Finger Lakes Animal Hospital is an absolute joy to work with and they are the reason I love coming to work on a daily basis. I see how hard they work every single day and despite all the curve balls that COVID-19 is *still* throwing at them, they rise to the occasion and consistently deliver quality medicine and service to our customers. They have been through A LOT these past two years and the team I have working with me right now is exceptional. I truly appreciate everything they do and I am so proud to call them my colleagues."

Alannah Labesky from the OPS team wants to recognize Alexa Baker, Hospital Manager: "Alexa has done a great job transitioning into the HM role. She has implemented new protocols and is available for the team wherever they need her! Super excited for her future as an HM at Twinbrook!"

Alysia Lehman from St. Francis Animal Hospital, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Dr. Ryan Cleland, DVM: "Dr. Cleland has been with us for only a year and a half, straight out of vet school. Over the past month, our two other doctors had to take time off for vacation and medical issues. He pushed through his own 40+hr workload and stepped up to help finish many other cases so no client/patient was left waiting. His knowledge and dedication is truly admirable and we are so proud of the doctor he has become. The staff and clients can agree he is a major asset to the success of our hospital! Thanks for everything you do for SFAH, Dr Cleland!”

Linda Vogel from Brick Town Veterinary Hospital, Brick, New Jersy, wants to recognize the entire team at Brick Town Vet: "This team has supported neighboring practices VetCor owned and even though being short-staffed due to Covid have found a way to keep our fellow hospitals up and running during difficult times.  We just pay it forward. Our fellow practices had our back a year ago when we needed it. No words to express the appreciation for our staff and the dedication they all feel towards our sister hospitals : )"

Mario Dinucci from Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital, Grass Valley, California, wants to recognize Terri Page, Hospital Manager: "Terri has stepped up big over the past couple of weeks while we have been dealing operation challenges! Her leadership, positive energy, and strong work ethic were huge when we needed it most! Way to go Terri!"

Michelle Immel from We Care Animal Hospital, Clintonville, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Jamie Bernard, Hospital Manager: "Through staff shortages, COS changes, and much staff turnover, she continues to manage our clinic, pick up slack, and grow/change with the clinic. She is molding and modifying our practice on a daily basis."

Jennifer Jones-Wood from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, Charleston, South Carolina, wants to recognize the whole team at All Creatures: "We have been incredibly short-staffed and the entire staff has gone above and beyond in pitching in wherever needed."

LeAnne Charles from Mars Hill Animal Hospital, Bogart, Georgia, wants to recognize Teresa Gordon, Lead PCA: "Teresa is our Lead PCA/Kennel. She has been with us for over 17 years and works extremely hard. She and the other PCAs get to the hospital before anyone else to take care of the overnight/hospitalized and clinic cats. Rain or shine, Hot or Cold, she is outside walking dogs at 6:30 AM. She helps keep our hospital clean and smelling fresh and is an important part of our team."

Ryan Church from Mill Creek Animal Hospital, Shawnee, KS, wants to recognize the entire team at Mill Creek: "The past two years have been a challenge for our practice and its staff members.  From implementing curbside service to the absolute skyrocketing of our patient and client load to transitioning from a single owner to VetCor, so much has been thrown at them, and they haven't missed a beat. No matter the challenges they have continued to work successfully to provide excellent care to our clients and patients. Our practice is a success because of their hard work and dedication and I am so lucky to get to work with them every day!"

Dawn Brooks from Littleton Animal Hospital, Littleton, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Allison Jackson, Hospital Manager: "Allison has been amazing this past month- I was first home sick with COVID then away for a family vacation (virtually back-to-back) and kept the hospital running smoothly, managed staff and additional absences (due to COVID), completed end of year tasks and did it all with a positive attitude and a smile. (Note- she was dealing with her own health issues and had surgery in the middle of all of this!). She is truly an amazing human and I couldn’t survive without her!!!"

Dawn Eliot-Johnson from Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid Maine, Lewiston, Maine, wants to recognize Colleen Michel, CCS: "Colleen always steps up when we are short-staffed and fills in on Sundays. she has always been a shining star at the front desk. big Thank you to Colleen for always having our backs. "

Jennifer Weitzel from the OPS team wants to recognize Amelia Mihalik, Remote CCS: "I am so appreciative to have Amelia supporting practices remotely in Ohio. She reduces stress and pressure for several locations by managing hundreds of calls per week. Amelia, thank you for being a big ball of sunshine! You inspire people to shoot for the stars! Thank you for all of your hard work! You are amazing!”

Melisse Schrope DVM, COS from Jamestown Veterinary Hospital, Jamestown, New York, wants to recognize the whole JVH Family: "To say it's been a challenging 2021 and first two weeks of 2022 is an understatement.  They're covering for three different staff member's maternity leaves (yeah babies!!) and other staff's sick time or PTO, but they are hanging in there and getting the job done. I really appreciate them showing up and working hard to be there for our patients, clients, and each other."

Lisa Adaes from Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Rachel MacDonald, Technician: "Rachel has taken on the role as Head Surgical Tech and I could not be more proud of her. Rachel goes above and beyond for all her patients. She is very thorough, loving and caring. The days she is not in surgery she is always willing to help out with any extra duties or on the floor helping the team. We are so glad to have you, Rachel! "

Deborah Parry from Veterinary Services of Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina, wants to recognize Ally Bolton, Veterinary Assistant: "We would like to highlight one of our wonderful Veterinary Assistants, Ally! Ally started with us as a Pet Care Attendant in our Kennel nut moved to the hospital area full time when boarding came to a halt at the beginning of Covid. She shows genuine care and compassion for our patients, clients, and coworkers every day. She is always willing to help out, and is always eager to learn something new! Thank you Ally for all that you do! "

Kayla Porcelli from Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Lisa Adaes, Hospital Manager: "We had an incredibly complicated, seemingly unfixable situation happen with an IHC over the holiday, and Lisa did not rest until a solution was found. The clients, and myself, are incredibly thankful for her success and dedication."

Jennifer Neal from Strawberry Hill Animal Hospital and A Cat’s Place, Norwalk, Connecticut, wants to recognize the entire team at Strawberry Hill: "I am so impressed with the entire team! 2022 started off with staff shortages and technology issues - everyone has been working so hard to take care of our patients and get the job done!"

Nicole Snyder from Elk Creek Animal Hospital-Fisherville, Fisherville, Kentucky, wants to recognize Heather Travis, Technician: "Heather is an outstanding member of our team! She's the person who always comes through, and gets the job done. Heather is an extremely important person in our hospital, she is always willing to work wherever she is needed. Heather is part of our training team, surgical team, technician team, and all-around... a support staff Rockstar!! I'm thankful she has a teaching spirit, and will share her knowledge with us. She's dependable, goes over and above to help her patients and has a heart of gold! (and a mouth like a sailor, but we won't go there since we are lifting her up :) ) I have personally seen Heather work through her lunch, stay late and offer to come in for somebody the next day. She is committed to her work, and I want to tell her how much we appreciate her! Thanks Heather! You are ahhhhmazing. "

Dr. Tamara Sloan from Cat Care of Rochester Hills, Rochester Hills, Michigan, wants to recognize Dawn Conklin, IT Wizard: "Dawn has once again fixed the unfixable, and she always does it with a smile and a chuckle. She is the BEST!"

Marianne Hay from VetSelect Animal Hospital, Novi, Michigan, wants to recognize Lindsay McWatt, Technician: "Lindsay has been great about stepping in when we have lost team members. She has willingly taken over some of their responsibilities or even changed her day off to help cover shifts without question. I appreciate her so very much!!"

Sue-Anne Gentry from the OPS team wants to recognize Deborah Parry, Hospital Manager at Veterinary Services of Aiken: "Deb is ever fearless and a great mentor to new HM's in our region when we have our monthly calls. She is welcoming, considerate, and gives thought to all of our subjects for the call. I think all the HM's in the Carolina's group would agree that Deb is the one that asks the questions everyone else is thinking about and sometimes is willing to tell me when I am wrong. I can't ask more because it helps us all grow and helps us all stay on the same track. Thank you, Deb, for being the brave voice in the room, we love you for it!"

Sue-Anne Gentry also wants to recognize Amy Miller, Senior Regional Manager: "Amy is a GREAT Senior RM. I have had the pleasure of working with her for the last couple of years almost. While we are very different in our approaches to life (she is the happy, easy-going one ;-)), she consistently found ways to help me and to help my clinics when I hit a wall. She is also an awesome friend and caring leader. I could not have asked for better as my introduction to having a Senior RM.  Thank you so very much Amy!"

She also wants to recognize Mandi Johnson, Hospital Manager at Pet Care Clinic of the High Country: "These new clinics joined us as a group of 3 in November. It's probably the worst time of the year to join with the new things to learn and the year-end all pretty much thrown in at the same time.  Mandi has walked through that time with the ability to express her concerns at times and her frustration (all new acquisition HM's have at least a couple of frustrations) in a way that has led to a mutual understanding and respect and for me at least, a sense of excitement for this year and the future with these clinics. Thank you, Mandi, for your grace and your hard work, it is very much appreciated!"

As well as Jennifer Jones-Wood, Hospital Manager at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic: "Jennifer is the second clinic in my area that joined us in November and went through that sharp learning curve and year-end all at the same time! Jennifer is a great person to work with, she is a ""get it done"" kind of person and is very mindful of the best for her clients/patients, and her team - including Doug the bearded dragon. She sends daily pictures to the Acquisition Manager of Doug in his many adventures, of which I am jealous ;-).  Jennifer is a great addition to our Regional team and will I believe be an integral part of this team and lifting people when needed. We are very excited to get to know you (and Doug the Dragon) in the future Jennifer."

Finally, Sue-Anne wants to recognize Kerrin Venaffra and Abby Jessup, Acquisitions: "Kerrin and Abby are my Acquisition partners for my region and they are awesome! They have brought on some amazing clinics for me, and have kept me busy with others over the last 3 years. I realize that I could keep myself busy with as many as I currently have, but I also want to recognize that this acquisition team is the reason my region and in general VetCor keeps growing. We could not do it without you ladies, and I for one love my acquisition partners. Thank you so much."

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize the doctor team- Dr. Balas, Dr. Nicely, Dr. Miesse, and Dr. Keller: "Thank you for always being available to help our staff with their personal pets and questions/issues they may be having. I personally just experienced my pet having seizures for the first time and you guys went above and beyond to help get things under control for her.”

Nicole Goelz from Goosepond Animal Hospital, Monroe, New York, wants to recognize Brittany Stephens and Jennifer Burghardt, CCS: "Brittany and Jen have recently joined our team and were really put to the test as we've been short-staffed, often. These women always have a positive attitude and a friendly smile for our clients and patients. We are very lucky to have them on our team. I'm so proud of their accomplishments thus far and they should be proud too! I can't wait to see the amazing contributions they will make to the practice. Thanks Brittany and Jen!!!"

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, NC, wants to recognize Dr. Jessica Potosky, DVM: "Dr. P is amazing! Not only is she a great vet, she is a great human being! She has been a tremendous asset to our clinic over the last several years and we are so lucky to have her! There isn't anything she can't do! We can't thank her enough for everything she has done and continues to do for us!"