Thankful Tech Tuesday

Thankful Tech Tuesday

October 11, 2022

Leading up to National Veterinary Technician week we are sharing some touching and heartfelt messages of thanks to our technicians from their teammates. We appreciate all of you!

Ashley McLure from North Shelby County Animal Hospital, Pelham, AL, wants to recognize the following team members: 

  • Leanna Cocke, Lead Tech, "Leanna's photo appears in the dictionary next to the word ‘Dedication’. She gives 100% of herself every day and is always willing to go the extra mile for her patients and coworkers alike.  We LOVE Leanna!"
  • Lauren Crooks, LVT, "Lauren is the best LVT and Hospital Manager any vet team could ask for! She manages to make the tough days more bearable by infusing fun and humor while remaining compassionate and professional. She is rock solid under pressure and a shining example for the staff. Our Hospital truly would not be what we are today without Lauren.”
  • Cathy Ingle, Lead Tech, "Cathy is truly a pillar upon which our practice was built. Her 22 years of experience and commitment to our team is invaluable. The tender love and care she shows her patients provides comfort to even the most stressed pets. Cathy brings a personal touch and a sense of pride in her work every day."
  • Vicki Deason, LVT, "Vicki is such an integral part of our team- we would be lost without her. Her technical knowledge of veterinary medicine makes her an asset to our vets and someone our other team members can truly rely on for support. We LOVE Vicki!"
  • Anna Quick, Vet Assistant, "Anna is one of the hardest working team members in our hospital. She is always willing to help her fellow staff and loves her patients. Her inquisitive nature keeps her learning all the time- she is eager to hone her tech skills and be the best she can be."

Jess Safani-Franko from Agoura Animal Clinic, Agoura Hills, CA, wants to recognize Carolina Hernandez, Vet Assistant: "Carolina is such a pleasure to work with. She's patient, positive, and kind. She's excellent at teaching others and always has the patient's best interest at heart. She communicates honestly and openly about her feelings and her thought process, and is an amazing example to her coworkers! I am so glad that she's a part of our team, and even more glad that I can call her a friend! She's always humming and singing, and that makes all of us smile. Thank you for bringing joy to our clinic, Carolina!"

Allyson Mihalko Hospital Manager from High Plains Veterinary Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO, wants to recognize all their techs and assistants: "I huge shout out to the ENTIRE tech and assistant team!  We have been short-staffed for a couple of weeks and they are all working their rear ends off!  Thanks for being such an awesome team!  Thank you for not screaming and running from the building! And also thank you for staying positive during these insanely busy days!  You guys are all truly AMAZING!!"

Alexa Kayhart from Winsted Hospital for Animals, Barkhamsted, CT, wants to recognize Susan Nichols, Technician: "Susan is the definition of a team player - she always has our team, our hospital, our clients, and our patients at the forefront of her priorities. She tailors every appointment to the specific needs of the client and patient and works hard to satisfy whatever need is presented by the hospital. She is an integral part of our team here at WHFA and we are grateful for her dedication every day, it does not go unnoticed!"

Kaitlyn B. Mikesell from Central Animal Hospital, Savannah, GA, wants to recognize all of the technicians on the team: "The technicians at Central Animal Hospital are a joy to work with and are dedicated to providing the best patient care. They truly treat each patient like it is their own pet. They pour their heart and soul into the care they give and being a technician to them is more than just a "job". I am beyond grateful for all their hard work and constant dedication. THE BEST TEAM AROUND!! Thank you Kassandra, Casie, Lou, Rachelle, and Shari, for all that you do!!"

LeAnne Charles from Mars Hill Animal Hospital, Bogart, GA, wants to recognize Tiffani Adcock, RVT, Jessica Wolford, RVT, and Liz Briscoe, RVT: "These 3 RVTs are the best of the best, they help to make our practice thrive. They get the job done even when it is difficult. They help heal the patients we can heal, and help comfort the patients that we can not. They make it possible for our doctors to treat numerous patients on any given day and we would be lost without them. Happy Tech week to these special ladies."

Julie Merritt from PetVet Animal Hospital, Honolulu, HI, wants to recognize the following team members:

  • Dayna Tanaka, Lead Tech, "Dayna is a dedicated team player who always goes above and beyond to help the patients, clients and team!"
  • Cherie Bento, Lead Tech, "Cherie is such a hard worker and always thinking of new ways to improve our hospital. She goes the extra mile to help create resources and improve patient care! Thank you Cherie!"

Julie Merritt also wants to recognize everyone on the technician and assistants teams: "We love our Veterinary Technicians and Assistants Ohana! You are compassionate, caring, dedicated, and always there when we need you. You should be proud of your work, and our hospital would not be what it is today without our superhero Veterinary Nurses and Assistants. Thank you for your service! This week we celebrate you!"

Lindsay Fidder from Bellwood Animal Hospital, Rockford, IL, wants to recognize the whole vet tech team: "Shout out to the entire tech team at BAH!  Each and every one of you plays an important role on the team and you are what makes this an amazing place to work at.  We are so thankful to have a team that works so well together and can laugh and smile each and every day. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your patients. Your coworkers and patients appreciate all that you do!  THANK YOU! Thank You! Thank You!"

Jeremy Litberg from Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital, Niles, IL, wants to recognize Orlando Nieves, Technician: "Orlando is consistently a great technician who has high standards for both patients and clients. He loves helping out whenever he can and always makes clients feel welcome. He is a huge part of our clinic and we love having him here." 

Liz Hall from VetCor OPS, wants to recognize technicians Brittney Valencia from Edwardsville Pet Hospital, Edwardsville, IL, Sara Jones from Clarkson-Wilson Veterinary Clinic, Chesterfield, MO, Kaitlin Schweiss, CVT and Kate Santel, CVT both from Carey's Pet Hospital, Swansea IL: "These ladies are so hard-working and dedicated to their practices!  They are all integral team members and we are lucky to have them!"

Melissa Strycker-Grzeskowiak from Western Vet Clinic, South Bend, IN, wants to recognize the following team members:

  • Melissa Stump, RVT, Lead Tech, "Mel has been with WVC for 23 years and is a dedicated RVT that is our Lead Tech and Surgery Tech. She helps guide and train other staff members, jumps in to help is various areas of the clinic and is part of our Leadership Team! Thank Mel for everything you do for us!"
  • Tara Capeles, RVT, "Tara is an excellent RVT and all around asset to our clinic family since 2008! She helps in so many ways I cannot keep track! Her skills as a tech are incredible and her connection with the animals and their owners are superb! Thank you Tara for everything you do even when people don't see it! You are amazing!"
  • April Karn, RVT, "April, thank you for being such a talented and dedicated RVT! Your attention to detail and careful observation make you an excellent surgery tech and all around great advocate for the patients! Thank you for everything you do for the clinic, whether that be in the surgery room, exam room, helping with treating patients, or even helping at the front desk. You are an immense asset to the WVC family!"
  • Jenn Winters, RVT, "Jenn, what can I say... you are so important to our clinic family! When you joined us in 2019 I knew you would be a force to be reckoned with! Your skills as a technician and your ability to work with all animals (even those little 8-legged friends) are such an asset to our team. You help train others and keep everyone moving. Thank you for all you do and I am so excited to see you training in other areas too!"
  • Ashley Holland, RVT, "Ashley Nichole, thank you for joining our WVC team! I have seen you branch out and learn lots of new things in your short time with us... lots of new species, procedures, and even helping at the front desk. I am excited to continue to see you learn new things and grow in your role as an RVT!"

Gina Harrison from Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails Veterinary Hospital, Iowa City, IA, wants to recognize the support team: "BEBT support staff team comes with 153 years of experience combined.  They are an amazing group of fun-loving, professional team players.  Dedicated to Vet Med and they love our patients as if they were their own.  We are so proud of all of them for surviving Covid and still hanging in there.  Happy Vet Tech/Support Staff Week!!"

Amanda Marchesseault from Elk Creek Animal Hospital of Bullitt County, Mt. Washington, KY, wants to recognize Olivia O'Bryant, Technician: "Olivia is a rock star! She's full of knowledge and great at sharing her talents! We're so thankful for her sweetness and kind heart here at ECAH Bullitt County!"

Nicole Snyder from Elk Creek Animal Hospital-Fisherville, Fisherville, KY, wants to recognize the entire team at our practice: “This Fisherville team is the absolute! They are ready for whatever the day brings. They have survived curbside, COVID, and staff (including doctor) changes all this past year! They feel the high demand of today's veterinary world and they keep their spirits up and their skills front and center. They jump in and take care of each other, thinking of what’s next before the other person has to. I have witnessed some of the most compassionate people in this clinic, and they deserve to be shouted about to the stars! They put a lot of sweat and tears, and sometimes blood into what they do, and come back for more tomorrow. The world of working with animals is not always kind or fun, sometimes we have to lift each other to get through the day and I see this team as being the most dedicated and hardworking there is out there.  Thank you to the team at Fishville Elk Creek Animal Hospital,  you are so appreciated and we are so grateful for the talents and skills that you faithfully bring to work every day!”

Karina from Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital, Scarborough, ME, wants to recognize Amanda Boucher, Vet Assistant: "Amanda is an amazing vet assistant whose compassion, work ethic, and positive attitude are unmatched. She always goes the extra mile for our clients, patients, and her fellow teammates. She is a joy to be around and a true team player."

Michelle Skinner from Crofton Veterinary Center, Crofton, MD, wants to recognize the following team members: 

  • Elizabeth Tegen, RVT, "Thank you for being my right hand!"
  • Jocelyn Norris, Lead CCS, "Jocelyn's the glue that holds the front end of the clinic together. A good phrase that describes her would be grace under fire - she maintains a calm, friendly demeanor. In the face of adversity. I also appreciate her "side gig" as our IT person (inside joke).”
  • Shaniah Austin-Taylor, CCS, "I rarely see Shaniah irritated/annoyed - if she is, she doesn’t show it. I'm looking forward to watching her grow as she learns the ropes of being a technician."
  • Stephanie Merli, CCS, "Stephanie offers a fresh perspective for problem-solving and has a positive, can-do attitude. I appreciate that she is always willing to jump in and help anywhere in the hospital."
  • Dawn Dilda, CCS, "Dawn joined us last November and quickly became a huge asset to the practice. She loves learning (and does so quickly!) and offers insight on ways to improve workflows."
  • Amanda Sellers, Technician, "Amanda joined us in May, and she's already an integral part of the team. She's quick to lend a hand and has a peppy attitude."
  • Carina Walters, CCS, "Carina possesses top notch people skills and is unafraid to speak up for others. Excellent collaborator when we work to improve hospital protocols."
  • Cara Ricciuti, Vet Assistant, "I love her upbeat attitude! She is always able to put a smile on my face. The doctors love her efficiency and attention to detail."
  • Hannah Bohn, Vet Assistant, "Hannah is our social butterfly - she's able to communicate with anyone and everyone with ease. I appreciate her creativity, and her ability to use vacutainers."
  • Abbie Hines, Vet Assistant, "Abbie loves being a room tech. I sometimes think that she competes with herself to see how efficient she can be to keep the dr's on time for their appointments. The doctors appreciate this, and so do I - it keeps the stress levels lower in the hospital!"
  • Korina Russell, Vet Assistant, "We're sad that Korina only works part-time, but we appreciate the skills she's learned in specialty and she's shared with us." 
  • Yeni Saavedra, Vet Assistant, "Yeni's time management skills are outstanding. I appreciate her initiative and desire to be the best tech she can be."

Liz MacDonald from Norwell Veterinary Hospital, Norwell, MA, wants to recognize Amanda Smith, Lead PCA: "Thank you for always being flexible with your schedule and picking up extra shifts to help out the team! You're always stepping up and helping out with the side projects around the hospital. We appreciate everything that you do for NVH!"

Jessica Geraldo from Burlington Veterinary Hospital, Burlington, MA, wants to recognize Kyla Ferguson, Technician: "Kyla is always super helpful. She works both in the practice and remotely. Clients always appreciate the extra time Kyla takes to explain their pet’s treatment plan either over the phone or by email! The veterinary industry is very lucky to have Kyla!"

Jessica Geraldo from Burlington Veterinary Hospital, Burlington, MA, wants to recognize Leah Kalinoski, Technician: "Being part of the Burlington team for 15+ years Leah is a staple at the hospital. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable in all aspects of veterinary med and fulfilled a goal of accomplishing her CVT this past year. We are extremely proud and lucky to have Leah on our team! Thank you for all you do!"

Thankful for our TechsCindy Moss from Central Animal Hospital, Leominster, MA, wants to recognize all of the techs: "We have been going through a lot of changes in the past few weeks and my techs have stayed positive and been very helpful to our doctors."

Lisa Adaes from Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, MA, and Parkway Veterinary Hospital, West Roxbury, MA, wants to recognize both teams: "I would like to thank the entire team at both hospitals, celebrating tech week is just another week I am grateful for having such an AWESOME team. They all work hard, have huge hearts, and are my Heroes! Thank you all for being such rock stars!!!!"

Melanie Mills from Weymouth Landing Cat Clinic, Weymouth, MA, wants to recognize the full team: "Our team stands in front of charging lions every day without flinching. Ok, they are 14-pound house cats, but they sure do have some lion feels. I cannot express how honored I am to work with the staff of WLCC. They are hard-working, eager to learn, dedicated to our clinic and clients, and dang they are good at wrangling cats and their owners. Every team member works so hard every day to be better and to do the best thing for the cats. Thank you all for making me want to come to work every day."

Frances Warburton from Countryside Veterinary Hospital, Chelmsford, MA, wants to recognize the entire tech team: "The entire team at CVH goes above and beyond. Aimee our hospital manager and amazing technician keeps us on task and timely while always having a good sense of humor. Pat keeps our in-house lab running smoothly and speedily. Kelly manages the tech team and keeps surgery flowing smoothly. Scott runs anesthesia and is an expert phlebotomist. Hollie keeps all pets healing successfully post-op in physical therapy. Cat Wey is also another expert phlebotomist as well as our inventory phenomena. Lindsay F ensures all pets will have blood stocked by organizing our blood donation program and stocking our eye serum inventory. Lindsey L sings to all patients to provide a calm environment. Steph Frost ensures low-stress handling is happening and is our training guru. Abby is always one step ahead in outpatient keeping the doctors on time. Haylee ensures all pets get extra snuggles to ensure a fear-free visit. Daija has a room-warming smile and an upbeat attitude to get us through even the dismal days. Lindsay M our newest CVT has an incredible love for learning and always is asking excellent questions regarding disease processes and treatment options. Sophia is growing her skill set both in PT and the tech hallways. Lastly, but not least Celina our newest member of the tech team is a true roll with the punches technician always expanding her skill set and keeping a calm persona. I also want to shout out Judy and Mary who also pick up tech shifts when needed and always ensure the patient's best interest comes first. This team is the backbone of our hospital and I cannot thank them enough!"

Kathleen Koprowicz from Highland Veterinary Hospital, Highland, Michigan, wants to recognize technicians Beth Malafouris, LVT, Amanda Hickman, LVT, Kayla Murphy, LVT Amanda Morgan, Sara Nivala, Christie Teffer and Jensen Borkowski: "There has been so much change in the last couple of months and the have kept their cool through the whole thing. We wouldn't be able to do nearly as much without them working as hard as they do. Making it through curbside and the influx of unhappy clients due to change known of us could control. They are the backbone of this clinic for sure. Dr. Myers and myself appreciate every single thing they do."

Tamara A. Sloan, DVM from Cat Care of Rochester Hills, Rochester Hills, Michigan wants to recognize Vicki Mastny, LVT: "Vicki has been an absolute rock for the last few years.  She has survived several bouts of being the only LVT on staff, and she is the reason I am sane!"

Tamara also wants to recognize Andrew Wroblewski, LVT: "Andrew just rejoined the Cat Care Crew after 3 years at a specialty practice.  We are THRILLED to have him back on our team!!!"

Kathryn Ray from VetSelect Dearborn, Dearborn, Michigan, wants to recognize Christina Torres, Technician: "Christina is such a team player and always willing to step in and help in any way she is able. She has such a big heart for animals and has been such a great asset to our team!"

Marianne Quigley from Cat Care, Rochester Hills, Michigan, wants to recognize Vicki Mastny, LVT: "Vicki works tirelessly every day. She has been an absolute asset to our team. She helps train and answers any questions we might have. Added bonus - she is just a genuinely nice person!"

Kelly Jo Colbjornsen from Corcoran Pet Care Center, Corcoran, Minnesota, wants to recognize Kathleen Smith, Technician: "Kat is a wonderful tech for so many reasons. She is caring, compassionate and reliable! Kat loves every pet as her own and is patient with all owners while sharing all of her knowledge! All of Kat's coworkers enjoy her immensely, our team is so blessed to have Kat on it.”

Heather Rodgers from Advantage Veterinary Center, High Ridge, Missouri, wants to recognize the following team members:

  • Mindy Keller, Technician, "Mindy has been an amazing addition to the Advantage Family. Her energy is released to everyone and makes you have a great day. The care she provides for each patient is phenomenal. We love you Mindy!"
  • Robin Raynor, Lead Tech, "Robin is a great leader for the clinic.  She goes over and beyond on her job duties. Her care for each patient is amazing. She is ALWAYS friendly and positive.  Her technician skills are phenomenal. Thank you Robin for everything you do for us and the clinic!"
  • Sydney Gebel, Technician, "Sydney is always asking to help or expand her skills. Thank you for the extra task you have picked up lately. Sydney customer service skills & Technician skills are amazing! Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Each pet is so lucky to have you as their nurse."

Kai Coll from Creature Comforts Animal Hospital, Las Vegas, NV, wants to recognize the entire tech team in honor of National Vet Tech Week: "The technicians at Creature Comforts uphold our company culture and core values with the patient care they provide. Their standards of compassion and care show in all of their interactions with our clients. Our technicians create an experience for our patients and their family that truly make them feel as if their pet was our own. The synergy of our treatment team allows them to accomplish greatness together. Through education and open communication, our team is growing and developing like never before and this is because of the amazing technicians that make up our family."

Nicole Tellier from Fisherville Animal Hospital, Concord, New Hampshire, wants to recognize Kayla Pomerleau, Lead Tech: "Always watches out for her team members, goes the extra mile to provide help and guidance! Just lucky to have her!!"

Denise Sharpe from Salem Animal Hospital, Salem, New Hampshire, wants to recognize technicians Cilva Tanguay, Lynn Belair, Cheryl Hollis, Lead Tech, Cassie Rios, Krysten Richie, Lissa Castaneda, LVT, Katie Descoteaux, LVT, and Rachel Morneau, Vet Assistant: "This team of technicians are amazing, always going above and beyond to make sure everything runs smoothly. I love them all!"

Jessica Potosky from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, NC, wants to recognize Morgan Asbill, Lead Tech, Heather Corbin, LVT, Tara Gillis, LVT, Brian Bendana, LVT, Kim McLeod, Lead Tech, Dustin Strickland, LVT, and Kathy Daymude, LVT: "Dr. P. wants to recognize all of her amazing technicians! Being a solo full-time doctor for the past three months has been challenging but these guys have had my back and made my job so much easier. Whether it is helping finish medical records or finishing up tasks in exam rooms so I can move to my next appointment, this team has really rallied the past year through a TON of changes. I appreciate their flexibility, amazing attitudes, and of course their out-of-this-world technical skills. They are all so much fun to work with and I truly cannot function without them."

Joyce Boston from Countryside Pet Hospital, Conover, NC, wants to recognize Kathy Knickerbocker, RVT: "Kathy stepped up and offered to help fill in RVT shifts when our other tech left. She has been a great team player when we needed her! She does an awesome job helping mentor our newbies as well. Thanks, Kathy!"

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, NC, wants to recognize Cozy Cat Techs and Assistants: "Thanks for all the hard work over the last month.  We have been short staffed and everyone has stepped up to help and is doing a fantastic job.  Keep up the good work."

Thankful for our Techs 2

Britni Rosala from Roberts And Wendt Animal Hospital, Lakewood, OH, wants to recognize Kaitlin Grocky, RVT: "Kaitlin is always willing to go above and beyond what is asked of her. Kaitlin always helps me by taking tasks off my hands, she will switch shifts or pick up extra shifts to help her team and the hospital. Kaitlin loves to stay organized and she is always finding new projects in the hospital to help keep us all on track. Kaitlin takes pride in her work and it shows every day. I am beyond happy and thankful to have her be a part of our team and to be able to work alongside her. Thank you Kaitlin for not only making our hospital a better place but also reminding us all why we love our careers so much. Happy Vet Tech Week!!"

Kim Fegan from Big Creek Pet Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio, wants to recognize RVTs Michelle Emigh, Sarah Jarzembak, Megan Mosberger, and Jessica Helkowski: "Our 4 RVT's work so well as a team.  All 4 focus on what is the best medicine for our patients and they get it done.  Each of them are compassionate, kind, talented and extremely hard working.  It is truly a privilege to work with Michelle, Sarah, Megan & Jessica and to also watch them grow as leaders here at Big Creek Pet Hospital.  Thank you for kicking butt each and every day!"

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize the entire team of techs and assistants: "We have had 3 different techs out for maternity leave over the last year and the team has really come together to support one another and get the job done! I'm so thankful for each and every one of them and the work that they do every day!"

Becky Salinger and Susan Paulic from Austinburg Veterinary Clinic, Austinburg, OH, want to recognize their whole team including Sarah, Debbie, Shay, Gabby, Katie, Bitsy, and Jen: "It is no secret staffing has been challenging for most veterinary clinics, and we are no exception(somedays it seems the universe is conspiring against us!). Our technicians, our vet assistants, and receptionists have rallied and worked their collective butts off. We could not do what we do without them and we are thankful every day they show up, put on their game faces and power through even the most challenging days. We truly appreciate you."

Alannah Labesky from Austinburg Veterinary Hospital, Austinburg, OH, wants to recognize the whole technician, reception, and assistant team: "The whole team has stepped right up while they have been short-staffed & recruiting for a manager. They've picked up extra shifts, swapped their schedules around, and have kept up a positive attitude! Dr. Salinger, Dr. Paulic, and I appreciate you all!"

Marge Solar, HM, and Rebecca Prada, DVM, COS from Animal Medical Centre of Medina, Medina, OH, wants to recognize the entire tech team: "Thank you to all the hard work and flexibility of the entire AMC of Medina tech team! We are thankful for how the group has come together to learn new things and help one another! We’ve helped a lot of pets receive great care and put many clients' minds at ease. Each member is like family and we love seeing everyone at work and can't imagine our clinic without you!”

Ashley Misner, DVM, COS from Stark Animal Hospital, Canton, OH, wants to recognize Emily Kimball, LVT and Jordan Culbertson, LVT: "Emily does an amazing job keeping things moving in surgery and during appointments. She is currently our only full-time tech and she’s absolutely rocking it! I appreciate her hard work and dedication. Jordan has been helping us part-time as a relief tech while we search for another full-time tech to add to our crew. She is doing an excellent job learning dentals from Emily and I truly appreciate her help to fill in our schedule gaps! Our vet assistants and receptionists are also valuable members of the team. Love my crew!"

Amy Obusek from Pleasant Hills Pet Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, wants to recognize the entire technician team at PHPH: "Our technician team at PHPH is incredible. So many of them are pursuing school and certifications- they are definitely to be admired. Each team member brings something different to the table, and they all work together to provide the best care every single day. I am so proud of each of them for different reasons, and I hope they continue to strive and be all that I know they can be. I am so thankful to them (and all of the staff members) for continuing to work through such a difficult 2.5 years. I hope that they all know how very wonderful they are to me, owners, and our furry patients."

Susan Fallon CVT from Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital, Quakertown, PA, wants to recognize the entire PVAH team: “Happy Vet Tech Week 2022 Shout Out Appreciation and Gratitude to not only our amazing nursing staff but our entire doctor, veterinary, and pet care support team!!! As life continues to throw curve balls to both our personal and professional lives, our team continuously pushes themselves daily; portraying grace, dedication, and compassion to our profession as well as love and support for each other, our patients, and their families. Thank you all for being who you are, doing what you do best, and making PVAH what we are today. I am proud to be a part of this amazing team!!”

Cindy Wyma from Two Notch Road Animal Clinic, Columbia, SC, wants to recognize Megan Brown, Technician: "Megan goes out of her way to educate our clients making her a great advocate for our patients. She is truly a valuable member of our team and is such a pleasure to work with!"

Deborah Parry from Veterinary Services of Aiken, Aiken, SC, wants to recognize Lynn Nelson, Lead Tech: "Lynn is a wonderful asset to the team, she is calm, organized, and efficient. She juggles training, keeping the hospital following, and is the queen of details. We can't tell you how much her hard work and dedication are appreciated by the whole team."

Becky Pardue from Red Bank Animal, Chattanooga, TN, wants to recognize the following team members:

  • Shannon Cody, Vet Assistant, "Shannon is our newest Veterinary Assistant. We are grateful she is part of our team and look forward to moving forward with her.”
  • Michelle Perruso, LVT, "Michelle has been with us for 18 yrs. She is very funny and keeps us laughing most days, especially with all of her facial expressions. I really think she has her own emoji arsenal you never know what expression you are going to get. And you never know what dance move she will do next."
  • Katie Fogus, LVT, "Katie is our only licensed surgery technician. This year she has really stepped up to a leadership role. She is also our local punctuation police, I can not even write a letter without her. Except for this response if I have errors please fix. LOL."
  • Nicole Latham, Vet Assistant, "Nicole has been with us since January. In a nutshell, she is hilarious and keeps us laughing daily.  She is always willing to help in many departments."

Dr. Chad Harris, DVM, VP Veterinary Leadership wants to recognize the following techs and practice teams: 

David Rodriguiez, LVT and Kaleena Salsbury, Hospital Manager from Companion Animal Hospital, "Kaleena and David have done an awesome job navigating a doctor-less practice.  I'm so impressed with their hard work and dedication to the clinic and to the community.  They continue to inspire!!! There is no doubt that they hold the keys to a bright future." 

Crossroads Animal Hospital team, "The CAH team has undergone a tremendous amount of change since 2019 and they've done it with a great attitude and a smile on their faces.  I'm so proud of the accomplishments they've had over the years and I'm lucky to get to work with them!"

Stacy Road Pet Hospital team, "The Stacy Road team has recently gone through a leadership change and has done so with grace and dignity. I'm so excited for their future and look forward to watching them grow. You guys are awesome!"

Dr. Harris also wants to recognize the TechLife team Amber Hansen, Vicky Brown, Cesar Molina, Vanesa Rivera, Sarah Farina, LVT,  Melanie Mills, Kristin Hubbard, Amy Miller, Kelly Buckley: "What an amazing group of individuals.  I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this team and to help do what we can to improve the lives of our technicians.  Each person in this group has a passion for the mission and are some of the most fun people I know.  You guys are awesome and never forget that."

Nicole Curler from Ark Veterinary Hospital, Shelburne, VT, wants to recognize Kirstin Ward, Technician: "Great attitude and work ethic."

Kerry Kornish from Woodside Animal Hospital, Port Orchard, WA, wants to recognize LVT’s Indy Darst, Jamie Seamans, Jessica Hammond, Jon Schumacher, Melissa Rathbun-Hill, and Lexi Schroader: "To each and every one of you, thank you for all that you do each day for our team, our clients and their pets. Your dedication, compassion, and expertise are truly something to be proud of. We could not do this without you!"

Emily Adams from Port Cities Animal Hospital, Manitowoc, WI, wants to recognize the entire team of techs: "I would like to give a shout-out to my team of techs for all the hard work they do. Our clinic has had a lot of changes over the last year and they’ve stayed resilient and got the job done. The compassion this team shows for the patients is outstanding, and I want them to know how much I appreciate them. They rock my world."

Jessica Daniel from Spring Harbor Animal Hospital, Madison, WI, wants to recognize Morgan Buettner, Assistant Hospital Manager: "Morgan has done a phenomenal job taking over the lead technician responsibilities while I have been out on maternity leave. It's a lot to take on and she's been an absolute rockstar!!!"

Amy Murphy from Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic, Wauwatosa, WI, wants to recognize Mary Kermendy, CVT: "I would like to thank Mary for her 32 years of service to the veterinary field and the Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic team.  She is an extremely reliable team member and is always willing to share her knowledge.  Mary cares for each and every one of her patients as if they were her very own pet.  We are so fortunate to have her a part of our team.  Thank you, Mary!"

Dawn Trimble from Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center, Glendale, WI, wants to recognize the entire tech team: "I am shouting out my entire TECH CREW! They advocate the best compassionate care for our patients, they graciously educate and support our pet parents, they give great dedication to our doctors, and they build and carry each other effortlessly. So grateful for ALL of them!!!"

Anita Taylor from Countryside Animal Clinic, Madison, WI, wants to recognize Scot Pownell, Technician, and Brian Jones, Hospital Manager: "I would like to send my heartfelt gratitude to the amazing technicians at CAC, Scot Pownell and Brian Jones. They had to really step up their tech game 4-5 months ago when we lost 2 doctors. Thanks to their excellent skills, dedication, and hard work, we were able to continue providing great care to our patients and clients. Thank you Scot and Brian for helping me keep my sanity (sort of) during this crazy time!"

Melissa from Pet Partners Animal Clinic, Sussex, WI, wants to recognize the whole tech team: "I would like to recognize my entire tech team. Alex Lemanski is a CVT and very knowledgeable. She has a great passion and commitment to helping animals. Whenever I am stuck or need technician help she is my go-to technician. Christy is a CVT as well, she loves animals and demonstrates great patience when dealing with clients and pets. Kylie has moved from assistant to more technician work. She is always willing to take on new tasks, has a great attitude, learns and retains information, and is always willing to give out snuggles to patients and hugs to coworkers that need them. Erica has joined our practice as a technician and is interested in pursuing getting certified. I am so happy she has become part of our team and we are thankful to have her. Her skills, positive attitude, and willingness to go with the flow are great. I am very thankful to have such a great team."

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