Thankful Thursday: Appreciation All Around

Thankful Thursday: Appreciation All Around

May 18, 2023

Check out these thoughtful notes showing appreciation for those that make our days enjoyable and even fun!

Mandy Billyos from Chico Hospital for Cats, Chico, California, wants to recognize Samet Kaplan, Lead Vet Assistant: "I'm always blown away by the effort you make only for the best works sake.  I know you work hard but you make it look effortless!"

Tessie Sloan from Midlothian Veterinary Clinic, Midlothian, Texas, wants to recognize Dr. Lear, Nemesio, Vet Assistant, and Ashton, PCA: "A team member had a medical emergency and without the fast thinking on these three, the team member could have had a very different outcome. The entire team came together to render aid and get the proper help needed.  The team member is now home and recovering!  We are truly blessed to work with an amazing team!"

Kasandra Pedersen from West Lake Animal Hospital, Taylorsville, Utah, wants to recognize Sierra Bingham, Vet Assistant: "She started as a receptionist and we pulled her back to be an assistant. She has learned so much in a short amount of time. She picks things up quick and never fails to ask questions to always to be learning more!"

Kasandra also wants to recognize Eva Batres-Johnson, Veterinary Technician: "Eva is a great technician. She is very reliable and always willing to jump in where needed. I am so grateful for all her help and happy to call her a friend!"

Last but not least Kasandra wants to recognize Katrina Trimble, Veterinary Technician: "Katrina and I have been her for 10 years. She is in charge of inventory and helps me with so many other things it'd be hard to list. She is a great technician and always making everyone smile."

Crystal Castillo from Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital, Beverly Hills, California, wants to recognize Jackie Zuniga, Receptionist: "Jackie has been with the company for over 15 years and she continues to show dedication to the Hospital and all the clients who know and love her. Jackie is an essential part of the team. She keeps our hospital pharmacy stocked and cared for. Inventory has never looked so good since she has dedicated her self to this new task. Jackie is truly an amazing employee and her presences is noticed when she is not in office. Thank you Jackie for being a great Receptionist and keeping our inventory unto par!"

Brittany Klopp from Central Animal Hospital, Petaluma, California, wants to recognize Addy Larsen, Vet Assistant: "Addy is our newest member to our CAH team and she has been rocking it! She is such a hard worker, catches on quickly and is such a delight to be around!"

Chad Harris DVM, VP Veterinary Leadership, wants to recognize Megan Wittkower, Hospital Manager, North Austin Animal Hospital: "Megan has been an amazing addition to VetCor on all fronts. I appreciate all of her hard work and dedication so much!"

Alannah Labesky from the OPS team wants to recognize the team at Downtown Cat Clinic Toronto: "I just want to send a special shout out to the Downtown Cat Clinic in Toronto! They are a lovely team and are lucky to have Dr. Bonder, COS, and Melanie, their amazing HM!"

Alannah also wants to recognize Shelly Jagers, Hospital Manager, Countryside Veterinary Service: "Shelly has been a rockstar HM!  Always willing to help on the floor with her team, has great team morale all while managing two hospitals.  She has been tested lately with some difficult situations and has handled them well! Great job, Shelly!"

Finally, Alannah wants to recognize Peter Anderson, IT, Jeff Faulkner, IT: "A special Thank You to Peter and Jeff for all their efforts on the continued issues with a group of our locations on the same server.  You've spent a large chunk of time, weekends, evenings working on this project.  Myself, the managers and teams greatly appreciate all your work on this."

Marah Trask from Springboro Veterinary Hospital, Springboro, Ohio, wants to recognize Mckenzie Fuller, Vet Assistant: "Kenz is our new Tech Lead and boy has she stepped up to the plate.  We are a newer clinic owned by VetCor (just this last December) and even on her first week as lead THIS week, she is a superstar.  Mckenzie has had to learn to do weekly counts, orders, and shift management within such a short time frame, but you would have never known. She is quick on her feet and always ready to help anyone in need. She is encouraging the team, making great adjustments in the back, and organizing, all while training TWO new employees.  She is the best and absolutely deserves a shout-out for all her hard work and efforts to take on this new role.  WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU, KENZ!!"

Cristina Valas from The Family Pet Hospital, Ashland, Massachusetts, wants to recognize the whole VetCor Business Develpoment and integration team: “They made the process seamless and comfortable for everyone. It’s good to know we have a competent team around us and I am happy to be part of it. [Thank you] for your professionalism, willingness to make things work and come up with solutions rather than problems."

Mallory Joyner from Ambassador Animal Hospital, Fayetteville, North Carolina, wants to recognize Caitlin McAlister, Vet Assistant: "I appreciate our senior veterinary assistant, Caitlin, because she is doing really well assisting with surgery and providing guidance for the new assistants. She is always super helpful and is so sweet to the patients and clients."

Mallory also wants to recognize Josie Hale, Groomer: "I wanted to recognize Josie for doing her job wholeheartedly, never complaining and taking whatever is thrown at her. I know she always puts the pets first and she is always willing to do anything to get them taken care of."

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, Ohio, wants to recognize Ellie Kohlenberg, RVT: "Ellie joined our team in March 2023 as a veterinary assistant. She was a licensed tech in Wisconsin prior to moving to Ohio but had let her license lapse due to being a stay at home mom. Not only has Ellie jumped in with both feet and is doing great things at our practice, but she also went the extra mile to get her license reinstated and is now officially an RVT in the State of Ohio. We are so happy to have Ellie on our team!"

Amy also wants to recognize Tori Neeley, Kennel Attendant: "Tori is always happy to help wherever she is needed and with a smile on her face. We appreciate you, Tori!!"

Ali Laing from Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Richmond Heights, Ohio, wants to recognize Kris Adorjan, CSR/scribe: "Kris has recently moved from the desk and is now scribing. She is doing great, the clients love to see her in the rooms now too! I appreciate her dedication to Hillcrest so much and I am so proud of her for expanding her knowledge and leaving her comfort zone! "

Joan McCue, CVPM from Veterinary Services of Aiken, Aiken, South Carolina, wants to recognize Dr. Myron Bratton, Chief of Staff: "Recognizing 10 years of service to our practice!"

Joan also wants to recognize Lynn Nelson, Lead Technician: "For 10 years of service to our practice"

Liz Hall from the OPS team wants to recognize Heather Walker, Hospital Manager, Edwardsville Pet Hospital: "Heather has been managing 2 hospitals and doing a fantastic job!  One of those hospitals has had some real challenges lately, and Heather is always trying to make the best decisions for the team and for the hospital.  She's very devoted to her job and I'm lucky to work with her!"

Liz also wants to recognize Heather Rodgers, Hospital Manager, Advantage Veterinary Center: "Heather at Advantage Vet Center is so devoted to making her practice a great place to work!  She works hard, cares about her staff, and makes sure her hosptial provides top-notch care for their patients. She always makes sure her decisions are thoughtful and fair. She works great with her amazing COS, Dr. Jennifer Haug and they make a great team. Advantage is lucky to have her!"

Abhi Mane from Cross Timbers Veterinary Center, McKinney, Texas, wants to recognize Kitty Nanez, Hospital Manager: "Kitty is a very passionate, caring, and hard-working team-member. Always going above and beyond for each and every staff member. She helps out in all departments and does not complain."

Amy Miller from the OPS team wants to recognize Vanesa Rivera, Procurement Coordinator: "Vanesa Rivera was very helpful when the dental xray at Pittsburgh ACVC went down and was unable to be fixed. She worked very quickly with Barb, the Hospital manager, and they had a new one within a week. Thank you Vanesa for quickly helping us."

Amy also wants to recognize Eric Detrick, Hospital Manager, Pleasant Hills Pet Hospital: "Eric Detrick started as the Hospital Manager in December and has been doing a phenomenal job. He has already accomplished his short-term goals. We are happy to have Eric back with the VetCor Family."

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Dr. Kozue Harada: "Our entire staff would like to recognize Dr. Harada!  She did relief work for us quite often for some time and then we decided we wanted her all to ourselves!  She joined as an official member of our team back in February!  She fit right in with the rest of our amazing staff and we are so thankful to have her!"

Emily Losee from Payroll wants to recognize Emily Towns, Payroll Manager: "Emily always goes above and beyond to make sure her team is taken care of, she always has time for me now matter what I need.  She is a true example of a leader and an amazing friend."

Jerry Johnson from DuPont Veterinary Center, DuPont, Washington, wants to recognize Becky Burnett, Accountant: "I want to thank Becky for helping our team when our heartland terminals failed on us. She reached out promptly after a ticket and then helped me throughout the next 3 days express getting our team on the new scratch system months earlier than anticipated. She was able to walk me through how it works, also ordering the new terminals and letting me know the timeframes. Also, shout out to Taylor Crispin for assisting as well"

Jerry also wants to recognize Dr. Jonathan Baker, Chief of Staff: "I wanted to shout out to Dr. Baker for having our back with a difficult client. The way he treated our staff was unacceptable. Dr. Baker was willing to stick up for his team and show us that we all deserve basic courtesy and respect."

April Yates from Belltowne Veterinary Center, Belfair, Washington, wants to recognize the Belltowne Staff: "You guys rock! This week has been crazy! Even though we have been short-handed, I have seen everyone helping each other out by wearing different hats and with a smile! I love this team!!"

Brian Green from Healthy Pets Animal Hospital, Olympia, Washington, wants to recognize Sam Acuff, Hospital Manager: "Sam has just taken on the role of Practice Manager full time and is rocking it! So proud of her."

Kimberly from Canup, Shelburne, Vermont, wants to recognize Nicole Curler, Senior Hospital Manager: "The staff at Ark Veterinary was to thank you for everything you've done for the Hospital. You're an amazing coworker and friend. Mostly thank you for being you!!!  We all miss you here."

Kayla Newman from Duval Animal Hospital, Green Valley, Arizona, wants to recognize Ellen Sanders, Lead Veterinary Technician/Supervisor: "Ellen always comes to work with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. She always ensures the schedule is running smoothly and goes above and beyond daily for the clients, their pets and the staff! We are so thankful to have her as part of our leadership team!"

Natalee Davis from Hampstead Animal Hospital, Hampstead, New Hampshire, wants to recognize Kerri Kenher, CCS: "Kerri has done many things to make our stressful jobs much lighter.  She has handed out stress balls, did an Easter egg hunt, and made a pampering station in our break room just to name a few.  Kerri is a bright positive light that I, as well as the rest of the staff, appreciate so very much."

Mary Orefice, DVM from Torrington Animal Hospital, Torrington, Connecticut, wants to recognize Cindy Takeman, PCA: "I would like to thank Cindy for keeping the hospital so well kept, for her quick response anytime she is asked about a clean up, for her reliability, for always being willing to run any errand asked (even if that means visiting her favorite bank;)), and always maintaining a positive attitude.  You appreciated more than you know!!"

Melissa Heavner from Ashburn Veterinary Hospital, Ashburn, Virginia, wants to recognize Franco Milza, OPS team: "We are thankful for Franco being involved in our renovation process.  He has always been so kind and has helped us maneuver through some pretty stressful situations. He is a problem solver and he truly has been a pleasure to work with."

Becky Burnett from Service Center/Central Support, Olympia, Washington, wants to recognize Sean "Fitz" Fitzpatrick in Legal/Business Development: "Sean has been amazing when helping make sure all the vendor forms are filled out correctly by our new partners before he sends them to me! Your extra time to check them before sending to me is AMAZING and I am very thankful :-)"

Dana Hubbard from Ramsey Veterinary Hospital, Ramsey, New Jersey, wants to recognize Dr. Gillian Striano-Kaplan, Chief of Staff, and Nicole Frank, Regional Manager: "I would like to thank both of them for all that they do!"

Amy Morosoff from Animal & Bird Clinic of Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo, California, wants to recognize Susie Sweet, Hospital Manager, and Sarah Sturtevant, Hospital Manager: "I would like to recognize both Susie and Sarah for their hard work and their ability to work as a great team.  Taking on the management task isn't easy, especially splitting up the duties, but they have both taken it in stride and have excelled in every day.  I am so lucky to work with these great ladies."

Sherry Thompson from County Line Animal Hospital, Ontario, New York, wants to recognize Kaylyn Whitney, Lead CCS: "Kaylyn recently took on the position of Team Lead. She is a tremendous help to me, and I appreciate her enthusiasm and willingness to take on the additional duties."

Donna Pelfrey from Airway Animal Clinic, Dayton, Ohio, wants to recognize Dr. Jessica Kinder: "I would like to take time to thank Dr. Kinder.  We are short-staffed, as everyone is, but she is doubling her appts., seeing emergencies, and still takes time to help us with our own babies.  Dr. Kinder still keeps a smile on her face and takes time to ask everyone if they would like a snack or a drink, even on the 15-minute or barely any lunch days.  Thank you Dr. Kinder for all you do!"

Allen Mueller DVM  from Mueller Veterinary Services, Columbia, Illinois, wants to recognize Noelle Miles, DVM: "Dr. Miles took a client animal home to her house over night to whelp out a first time Pomeranian.  The dog delivered 4 healthy pups under her watch and was given medications to keep the whelping on track and prevented the client from having to go to the ER clinic for a C-section.  Over and above is what we call doing that for a client.  The client was very grateful and now there are 4 more pom puppies looking for homes."

Russell Johnston, DVM from Chisholm Ridge Pet Hospital, Saginaw, Texas, wants to recognize Quade Smith, DVM: "Our former employee worked his way up from kennel to tech, and now he has just received his DVM at Texas A&M CVM! (Quade and I are in the photo)"

Paige Stropp from Lewis Veterinary Clinic, Linden, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Jen Rishel, Hospital Manager: "Jen is the glue that holds us all together! All too often, her efforts go unnoticed so it is time to recognize her for all of her hard work. Thanks for being you, Jen! We couldn't do it without you!"

Ashley Willis from Basin Run Animal Hospital, Colora, Maryland, wants to recognize Jane Sewald, CCS: "Jane retired from her full-time position on May 15th after 20+ years of service!  I would like to thank her for being an amazing driving force and anchor for our front desk.  She was amazing at bonding clients to our practice and building rapport with clients and other practices.  She was welcoming to new staff and took them under her wing.  She was everyone's second mom and will be dearly missed!  Thank you for everything you have done over the years and for always working with integrity and giving it your all!  I appreciate and love you more than you know!!"