Thankful Thursday: Feeling Lucky to have These Team Members

Thankful Thursday: Feeling Lucky to have These Team Members

March 16, 2023

Our dedicated team members are getting some amazing shout-outs this month.  Take a look!

Sean Sornsin from the OPS team wants to recognize Kendall DeAngelo, Finance Manager: "Deep thanks for all you do for everyone in Operations, Kendall.  Kendall is a superb partner on the finance and analysis team. I appreciate her willingness to assist at the drop of a hat and the timeliness of her response to emails and requests for any new or historical report or document.  She has great ideas and it always willing to share her opinion on topics and items that impact our company as a whole.  She is a behind-the-scenes person who does not get enough credit for helping keep the VetCor ship moving forward. Thank you, Kendall.”

Sean also wants to recognize Kelly Norton, Staff Accountant: "Kelly is the ultimate problem solver when an issue arises with A/P on the utilities front.  She's always willing to answer her phone or calls back right away (even though she knows I am calling because we have a problem somewhere!) and immediately gets started on a solution.  She is always kind and understanding in conversations and I know she will always help us get the issue fixed.  She's just a wonderful partner for operations and all the practices coast-to-coast.   I really value having her in Central Support and the accounting team.  Thanks for all you do Kelly!”

Mary Orefice from Torrington Animal Hospital, Torrington, Connecticut, wants to recognize Dr. Zachary Shute: "Want to recognize Dr. Shute for jumping right in and dramatically increasing his case volume/production and doing so without ever a complaint!  Thanks for all of your hard work!”

Tamara A. Sloan, DVM, COS from Cat Care of Rochester Hills, Rochester Hills, Michigan, wants to recognize Paige White, Awesomest Receptionist on the planet: "Paige has been kicking butt and taking names!  She has pitched in tons of extra hours to cover for the 2 full time receptionists we lost in the past 2 months.  She smiles, she doesn't snipe, and she is always good for a joke and a laugh.  I truly think we would've lost our minds if she weren't here!”

Britni Rosala from Roberts and Wednt Animal Hospital, Lake wood, Ohio, wants to recognize Dr. Daleccio: "I want to thank Dr. Daleccio for always being so nice and so kind to everyone in the hospital! She is never in a bad mood and she is always willing to help anyone.”

Bailey Perryman from All Animals Veterinary Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Essence Coles, Veterinary Assistant: "Essence has been a powerhouse in our hospital. She has stuck with us through enormous change and grown from kennel staff to an amazing vet assistant (with eyes on vet school in the future!!!). Everyday, I am impressed by her strength, resiliance, and ridiculous humor which brightens our hospital and makes each day a little bit better. Thanks, E!”

Heaven Williams from Columbus Central Veterinary Hospital, Columbus, New Jersey, wants to recognize Cathee Molnar, Technician: "I would like to thank Cathee for working hard to make sure things are getting done and for assisting a new fellow technician with learning our surgery procedures. Thank you!”

Heaven also wants to recognize Kate Behrend, Technician: "I am thanking Kate for stepping in and stepping up. Our hospital was without an HM for about 2 months. Her willingness to assist and float to other departs was vital in keeping workflow consistent. Since her restart in employment back in June she has shown much improvement and positivity.”

Kim Keil from Countryside Pet Hospital, Conover, North Carolina, wants to recognize Hannah Long, Veterinary Assistant: "All of our employees are so awesome, but I would like to recognize Hannah Long for her hard work, dedication, leadership, and super skills! Hannah started here 22 years ago when she was still in high school. She worked in the kennel after school for a couple of years, then moved up to do reception and assistant. Over the past 22 years, Hannah has proved herself to be such a valuable part of our team! She keeps the lab running, can hit the most impossible vein when no one else can, she is dependable, and is a wonderful mentor and leader to the other staff. Hannah is always willing to fill in and do anything that is asked of her! We appreciate Hannah and want to say thank you for all she does for Countryside Pet Hospital!!”

Gina Svelnis from Kingston Animal Hospital, Kingston, Massachusetts, wants to recognize Jess Campisi, Regional Manager: "Jess is truly committed to her job as Regional Manager.  She works tirelessly to help us in any given situation.  She recognizes that every practice is different and has the insight into what needs to be done to assist the HM and COS to make them successful, which trickles down to the team being happy and the hospital being productive.  We are so very fortunate to have her to be our RM.  A big shout-out of appreciation to you Jess!  Thank you!”

Lucy Smith from the OPS team wants to recognize Jenny Driscoll, Central Support: "Jenny was incredibly helpful with my most recent closing. It was the first closing I had on my own as an RM and Jenny was readily available and patient with all of my questions. The closing was a success - thank you Jenny!”

Amy Klotz, RVT from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, Ohio, wants to recognize Aaron Serrano and Becca Buswell, Kennel Leads: "Aaron and Becca have started putting together how-to videos for the rest of the kennel staff to help with the training process for new kennel assistants. They are going to be an amazing resource once officially completed! 

Amy also wants to recognize Miranda Burnworth, Kennel Attendant: "Miranda has been with us for several months now as a kennel attendant and has recently learned the receptionist position for our Boarding and Grooming department. She is doing an amazing job!”

Crystal Castillo from Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital, Beverly Hills, California, wants to recognize David Argueta, Technician: "David A. is an essential part of our team and has become a great leader and mentor to our staff members. His skills with CATS are unlike any other and his passion for his work shows through every day that he is in the office. He has been with us for over 10 years and we are so lucky to have him. Thank you David for everything you have done for Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital.”

Larissa Housh from Alex-Bell Veterinary Clinic, Centerville, Ohio, wants to recognize Christina Criss, Assistant Hospital Manager: "Thank you for being so helpful my first week and for being such a hard worker! I don't know what I would have done without you!”

Jennifer Crepeau from Zippivet, Kyle, Texas, wants to recognize Megan Wittkower, HM, North Austin Animal Hospital: "I want to thank Megan for always being there whenever any of us at Zippivet need her. She's always there to lend an ear, provide guidance or figure out what on earth happened in Ezyvet this time. I am grateful she has been part of our team during this crazy transition period.”

Brittany Klopp from Central Animal Hospital, Petaluma, California, wants to recognize Kristen VanAggelen, Lead Technician: "Kristen is our amazing technician supervisor. She has an unmatched ability to always be calm and collected. We truly do not know what we would do without her. Thank you Kristen for your dedication and all you do!”

Kitty Nanez from Cross Timbers, McKinney, Texas, wants to recognize Mary Servin, Technician: "She continues to go beyond her job duties as a tech and helps out in Kennel and CSR on her days off!!!!”

Eric Detrick from Pleasant Hills Pet Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Sonia Cruz, Assistant Manager: "Sonia is doing an excellent job as my Assistant Manager. She covers shifts when staff calls off. She is doing a great job with the staff schedule. I gave her scheduling goals and she is right on target. She is always happy to take on new tasks and she never complains. Sonia is a true asset to our hospital.”

Mallory Redman-Joyner from Ambassador Animal Hospital, Fayetteville, North Carolina, wants to recognize Dr. Hayley Schindler: "Dr. Hayley Schindler is one of our veterinarians. She has been with Ambassador for about 8 months now. She is always willing to lend a hand where ever it is needed. She helps the techs out by assisting to complete their daily task list and also restocking things when the techs are busy. She is greatly appreciated!”

Mallory also wants to recognize Bailey Klinger, Veterinary Assistant: "Bailey is one of our veterinary assistants. She has been with Ambassador for about 6 months now. She is very knowledgeable, hard working and helps a lot with maintenance tasks around the hospital. She is the absolute best!”

Lastly, Mallory wants to recognize Isis Basilio, CCS: "Isis is one of our client care specialists. She has been with Ambassador for about 7 months now. She is very personable with the clients and has been dedicating time to helping in other areas of the hospital, especially in the kennel area when we are in need. She is simply awesome!”

Jennifer Driscoll from the OPS team wants to recognize Martine Salamone, Senior AP Specialist, and Kelly Norton, Staff Accountant: "Just wanted to thank you both for always being willing to help out! You are very much appreciated!”

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to recognize Cozy Cat Doctors and staff: "Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done over the last few months while I was gone.  You all stepped up and I really appreciate it. It allowed me to stay at home and take care of my mom at Christmas when she had to go to the hospital and on through her hospice care and having to say goodbye to her.  You helped me to just be able to concentrate on her and be with her. You all were terrific. Thanks again for everything.”

Rebecca Pardue from Red Bank Animal Hospital, Chattanooga, Tennessee, wants to recognize Ariana Vega, CCS: "Ariana is such a blessing to us, She has blown us away with her ability to learn so quickly. She makes us laugh all the time. We love having you on our team.”

Rebecca also wants to recognize Allie Powel, Veterinary Assistant: "Allie is new to our team and is transitioning into a great technician. We are so glad she is part of our family.”

Sherry Thompson from County Line Animal Hospital, Ontario, New York, wants to recognize Janelle DiMartino, LVT: "Janelle welcomed our first new student veterinary technology intern in over 3 years and immediately began making her feel comfortable and patiently began teaching her the essential skills she will need to perform as a technician. Janelle is a strong force in helping our future technicians embrace their passion.”

Shelley Reeves from Grace Animal Hospital, Gastonia, North Carolina, wants to recognize Selena Riffe, CSR: "Selena has been with Grace Animal Hospital for over ten years, and she has become the face of the front desk! She knows our clients so well, she often does not need to ask their names, which lets them know how important they are to us and helps create a family atmosphere in our practice. She is always "on the ball", and she knows how to perform every facet of her job! She is dependable and awesome. 

Morgan Smith from the OPS team wants to recognize the entire team at All Animals Veterinary Hospital: "Congratulations on your Best of Lee County award for Best Veterinarian!!!

Morgan also wants to recognize everyone at Hinkle's Pet Clinic: "Congratulations on your Best of Rutherford County award for Best Veterinarian!!!”

Amanda Martinez from the OPS team wants to recognize Kelli Richards, Hospital Manager, Grogan's Mill Pet Clinic: "Thank you for always going above and beyond and finishing every task in the most precise manner! Your hard work never goes unnoticed!

MacKenzie Fortner from Guilderland Animal Hospital, Altamont, New York, wants to recognize Danielle Morel, Hospital Manager: "Danielle, thank you for all of your hard work these past couple of months. Your ability to stay positive and go above and beyond for your team and hospital is truly amazing. I am super proud of your growth and cannot wait to see what you are able to accomplish in the future!” 

Jennifer Perry from RAE-ZOR Grooming Boarding and Daycare, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Sandra Ruiz, PCA: "Sandra is our weekend warrior.  Sandra brings fun and laughter to everyone she works alongside.  Her heart is dedicated to each dog in her care and they love her just as much.  Facebook is flooded with posts and videos of "Sandra's friends" every week.  Sandra, you have changed RAE-ZOR for the better.  Thank you for being you!  We love you!”

Alannah Labesky from the OPS team wants to recognize Kaci KcHenry, Hospital Manager: "Kaci has been helping me with a nearby practice for almost a year now, and has recently started helping train a new hospital manager. Kaci has been a huge help to not only myself, but her home base hospital and VetCor.  Thank you, Kaci!” 

Alannah also wants to recognize Nickel City Animal Hospital in Buffalo, New York: "I recently visited Nickel City Animal Hospital for my first time. Everyone was so kind and it was great meeting everyone! Looking forward to my next visit!” 

Finally, Allanah wants to recognize Dr.Jenny Dunlap, COS: "A special Congratulations to Dr. Jenny for being promoted to COS for Countryside of Middlefield & Countryside of Garrettsville!” 

Sherry Thompson from County Line Animal Hospital, Ontario, New York, wants to recognize Jim Ellis, Maintenance person at Canandaigua: "After a snow plow took out our mailbox, I asked Jim if he could possibly put it back up for us. He dropped everything and drove out to my hospital to reattach our mailbox that day!”

Marianne Quigley from Cat Care, Rochester Hills, Michigan, wants to recognize Paige White, CCS: "Paige has been going above and beyond the call of duty as we try to find another receptionist. She has been working extra hours - and ALWAYS with a smile!”

Melanie Meyer from the OPS team wants to recognize Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center & Dawn Trimble: "Dawn has put in a tremendous amount of time and effort into the relocation of her practice. Making sure every detail was considered and that the team and clients could have the smoothest transition into the new space. Thank you Dawn for everything that you have done and continue to do! Your team is lucky to have you and VetCor is lucky to have you too!  To the SSAWC team. It was a pleasure getting to spend time with you and help you move into your new location. You all worked so hard to get things in place. Thank you for all that you have done to help the process you are a truly GREAT team!"

Dr. Megan Barnhizer from Animal Hospital, Willoughby Hills, Ohio, wants to recognize Dr. Debbie Dennis, Dr. Jennifer Johnston, Dr. Andrea Carlson, and Dr. Christianne Hanzel: "Their ongoing dedication to the practices, clients, and their pets, providing top-of-the-line care in the most professional manner. There are not enough thank you's!”

Ashley Moski from Russell Veterinary Hospital, Russell, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize Darcy Marek, Veterinary Assistant: "Darcy is a very kind and caring person and goes out of her way to make sure staff, pets and clients are taken care of. Darcy is known for providing lunches to DVM's when they are busy and juggling many tasks. Darcy also volunteers to provide additional client support to their pets when they are hospitalized outside of office hours. Darcy has educated and assisted clients and their pets on her own time to ensure proper care can be provided. Darcy goes above and beyond with her huge heart!”

Ali Laing from Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Richmond Heights, Ohio, wants to recognize Emily Petro, Veterinary Assistant: "Emily works so hard every day. She has taken on numerous responsibilities while we struggle with staffing and I want her to know I could not do this without her help and dedication. She is my right-hand man and I appreciate her more than she knows. She is enrolling in tech school soon and I am so beyond proud of her!!”

Jennifer Weitzel from the OPS team wants to recognize Dr. Misner, COS: "I'm so proud of Dr. Misner for being a proactive, thoughtful, and professional leader. She and her team are so kind and welcoming to all. I am also thankful that she gives time on her days off to help other hospitals in need by lending a hand. Thank you for all you do for your hospital and others, Doc M.”